Alpha Zena

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Chapter 35

Zena gawked at the surface of the water that Lukas’ head disappeared under. Her body seemed to have lost all of the strength that came with being a fierce alpha werewolf. Her skin was now as tender as one of a babe’s.

A warm kiss on her lower stomach disrupted the chill of the ocean water. The kiss planted a seed that bloomed within milliseconds and spread its roots all over her body. Blunt and desperate want entangled around her, awarding sensations she hadn’t felt since she was a teenager.

When he pulled his mouth away from her stomach, there was a pause. Zena tried to open her eyes only to find that they were glued shut. She felt odly lightheaded and overheated.

Anticipation made her body grow tense. What was he doing? What was he waiting for? What was going through his min-

Her hips jerked violently and a growl thundered out when Lukas’ lips descended on hers. He licked her, and the welcomed intrusion bought forth her squirming. While Lukas’ large hands gripped her trembling thighs to still them, her own dipped into the dented metal behind her to hold her body up.

A sensual groan followed her growl when Lukas shoved his face between her legs, placing her knees on his shoulders. His hands moved to her hips, keeping her in place. Sparks like never before were electrifying her in the most exhilarating way possible.

She glanced at her body to make sure that she wasn’t actually engulfed in flames. Her wet shirt clung to her body but everything below her belly button was only visible to the ocean’s eyes, including Lukas.

He had been underwater for over 40 seconds now, never stopping to breathe. His own body seemed to be convinced that Zena was all it needed to survive. He ate her roughly, rapidly massaging her folds. He hated that he couldn’t tell what she really tasted like due to the salty waters he was submerged under, but he wasn’t about to complain.

Zena’s head rolled backward. Her mouth was wide but for the first time, it wasn’t to complain or scold but to scream with pleasure. Lukas zeroed his lips in and did something he hadn’t before- he sucked. His mate’s hips bucked from the shudder that struck her.

Zena’s eyes snapped open, but it was already too late to stop what was coming. Her body lost its current form and she shifted into her wolf.

Lukas broke the surface with a throaty laugh. Zena, still in her wolfish state, didn’t turn to face him.

How embarrassing! She got so caught up in her lust that she lost control of her body and triggered a shift!

She could hear Lukas laughing behind her as she paddled her paws to move around the ship. He was no doubt feeling cocky over the fact that he had such an effect on her.

Way to ruin the moment, Zena... speaking of which...

They just had oral sex!


Zena turned her wolfish head around to check if Lukas was looking. When she saw that the coast was clear, she shifted back to human and climbed up the metal stairs attached to the side of the ship. She then scrambled to the room she had woken up in and locked the door like a coward.

She rushed into the bathroom that was thankfully attached to the room and washed the ocean’s touch off her body. She rested her head on the multicolored tiles and groaned. She had reached a base with Lukas that she had never reached before. This meant trouble.

Did she regret it? No. She was a grown woman who had sex before so this wasn’t a huge deal for her.

If she doesn’t regret it, then why is she shamefully hanging her head in a shower?

Zena sighed. Because I’m afraid I want more.

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