Alpha Zena

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Chapter 36

She spent a long time in that tub, slamming her forehead against the wall and pulling at her hair. She hadn’t been this embarrassed since she had to make a public announcement to her pack and fell in front of 200 werewolves as she walked up the stage. The unfortunate stumble was caused by the classy heels her sister nagged her to wear.

To this day, she still heard the laughter of her pack members in her nightmares.

What was wrong with her? Who shifts in the middle of getting it on?

She was considering puncturing a hole in the ship so that it would sink and take her down with it. She never wanted to see Lukas again.

She hid in the room until late in the afternoon. By 8PM, her stomach was demanding food so she decided it was time for operation sneak out, find food, and get the fuck out of there to commence.

She dressed in her t-shirt. It was still partly wet but it did its job. Since her pants were somewhere in the Atlantic ocean, she grabbed a blanket and tied it around her waist, making a long skirt.

As stealthily as possible, she unlocked the door. She closed her eyes, dedicating all of her concentration to her hearing. Since she couldn’t hear any activity, she took that as the green light to tip-toe to the mini fridge.

She peeled the door open, cringing when it creaked and grabbed the first item she found- a bottle of jelly.

“Since you’re so good with computers, can’t you do anything to help us communicate with the rest of the world?”

Her heart dropped to the pit of her stomach and the jar of jelly followed after- toppling to the floor.

Shit! Shit! Please sink now! Sink!

She bent down to pick up the jar. The sight of her sweet ass being perked up in the air had Lukas’ breath hitching.

“Sure. Let me just connect the boat to wifi. Then we can hop on Facebook and make a status. Does that sound good?” she suggested sarcastically, trying to seem cool and hide the embarrassment that was eating away at her soul.

Lukas ignored her dry humor. “Is that what you majored in? Computer Science?” he asked, remembering how easily she compromised Mountain Hill’s computer systems.

Zena shifted her feet and pretended to read the label of the jar. Couldn’t he just scram and let her hide in her room? How could he be so casual after they had gotten so intimate? Awkwardness was practically radiating off her.

Read the room, Lukas. Read the room!

“No. All self-taught. I didn’t go to college. After my father died I interned at Alpha Hazel’s pack for a couple of months to learn the ropes. Then I took over Red River at 19,” she explained.

Lukas felt pride for her words. Most alphas took over at 21, yet she took on the weight of the pack years earlier than expected. She had done a damn good job at it too without the guidance of the previous alphas.

He had another question burning his thoughts but wasn’t sure if asking it would mean crossing boundaries. Where was her mother? He learned through his research that her parents had infidelity drama. Her mother faded out of the picture around the time her father died.

He decided to ask it anyway. “And... where is your mother?”

She shrugged, not bothered by the question. “Your guess is as good as mine.”

Lukas chuckled. “I really think you chose the wrong profession. You should’ve become a comedian instead of an alpha.”

“Yeah, you made it clear that you’d rather see me be anything but an alpha. A housewife, sure, a comedian, also fine, a woman in power? Nope,” Zena pettily retorted. In all honesty, she didn’t mean the words. Lukas had shown her improvement in his character. He was no longer the thick-skinned sexist he once was. He waved a white flag when he confessed he wanted a second chance and showed his devotion to repairing their relationship by dragging her to his spontaneous dates.

She guessed the aggressive comment was a defense mechanism. She wanted to start an argument so she could storm off and use her anger as an excuse to avoid him. The embarrassment of their earlier... activities was too much to bear. She wasn’t ready to face the face that was shoved between her legs just hours before!

She knew she messed up when Lukas snarled. “You’re right, I’m a sexist bastard. But that didn’t stop you from spreading your legs for me, now did it?”


Her cheeks mirrored the color of the jelly. She walked right into that one.

“Fuck off. Get your face out of my sight,” she lamely threw back, spinning around.

His darkened eyes glared at her. “You sure you don’t want it all over your pussy again?”

Zena growled, feeling completely humiliated. She threw her lunch at him, aiming for his mouth. The bottle of jelly hit his shoulder then popped open and slobbered his neck with the sticky substance.

Lukas stared at her blankly, wondering why she made a habit of throwing items at him. Zena stared right back, cheeks red and eyes as dark as his.

They’re not sure who made the first move. But they were suddenly entangled in each other’s unforgiving hold.

Somewhere below their unyielding egos, demand for supremacy and their utter frustration sat something that had slowly sprouted from their constant fight for dominance. Sexual desire.

Their threats and bickering had proved themselves to be ineffective, so both alphas concerted to a more primal battle.

Their hands were now everywhere, scratching, cupping, pulling in a crazed frenzy.

Zena’s hands grabbed them collar of his shirt and tugged in opposite directions, making the shirt burst open and send buttons flying in all directions. Once his chest was on display, she buried her nails into the flesh. Lukas loved the sting. When he roughly brought his hand down on her backside to return the tinge of pain, she realized that her blanket had fallen off.

While his large hands explored the curves of her ass, their mouths continued to mold into each other. Zena groaned when he grabbed a fistful of her hair and angled her head backward to gain better access. One of her hands traveled up the planes of his chest toward the nape of his neck. She felt a sticky material and it took her hazy brain a second to register that it was jelly.

Lukas took a step back when he felt her lips pull away from his and link to his neck. Her tongue traveled from his jaw to his adam’s apple, leaving a trail of fire in its trajectory. A second step back followed the first when he felt her stomach gently rocking against the bulge in his pants.

Little did Zena know the extent of his excitement. His cock painfully strained against his zipper to a degree that surprised him. No one had managed to elicit such a quick and intense reaction out of this part of his anatomy before. All Zena had done was roll out her tongue and he was done for- throbbing torturously.

Lukas knew that if they didn’t draw attention away from his dick he could very well cum in his jeans. This wasn’t something that had ever happened before and for the sake of his masculinity, he hoped it never did. With another rough smack to her voluptuous cheek, he spun her around.

Zena tried to turn back around, not done licking his skin free of the sweet treat. He fought her, tightening his arms around her torso to keep her in place. All of her movements came to a shocked halt when his fingers began skimming up her bare thigh. Lukas didn’t seem to be in a rush. He leisurely moved his hand toward her awaiting core while tuning into the sound of her abnormal heartbeat.

He loved the sound. Loved knowing that he had this effect on her. She wanted him as badly as he wanted her.

Zena didn’t have the patience for him to take his time enjoying her body. She needed him. Now. Reaching down, she took his wrist and placed his hand where she needed it to be. She bolted upwards when they made contact, taken off guard by the pulsing that came from her clitoris.

“You’re bad,” Lukas rumbled into her ear. Zena was only able to offer a gasp when his hand possessively cupped her sex. He rubbed her with all of his fingers, pleased to find her coated with liquid desire.

“You’re really bad,” he chuckled when he realized how wet she was.

“You talk too much,” she retorted.

“That’s only because-”

She grabbed his head and brought it down, swallowing the rest of his reply. Lukas tasted jelly on her lips and the flavor only worsened his erection. His hand continued to massage her drenched heat, but his fingers never penetrated her.

He felt her free hand travel around her back and work on the button of his pants. Frustrated with the contraption, the tugged and destroyed yet another article of clothing.

His breath struggled to remain steady. The feeling of her lips, the warmth between her legs, and the ghostly feel of her fingers skimming down his pants awakened a desperate and sinful desire that disabled nearly all of his bodily functions. All except his cock.

He felt her hand slip under the waistband of his boxers. A chocked moan left her when his hand picked up its pace and pressed into her harder. Zena mirrored his aggressiveness and fully invaded his pants, gripping his dick tightly. The second she touched him, Lukas shoved his middle finger into her, prompting a sharp gasp.

They simultaneously began to pleasure one another; Zena stroking his length and Lukas losing his finger inside of her.

Zena couldn’t tell which moan belong to who. Both of them were grunting out wild noises. Her hand was slobbered with his warm and thick precum and her legs trembled at the thought of having his hardness inside of her.

Lukas felt his high coming. He badly wanted to spend himself inside her but wasn’t going to push her into anything past this.

When he inserted a second finger inside her and hooked them, Zena’s knees gave out. He held her up by his two fingers, continuously suffocating them by shoving them into her.

His free hand moved to her breasts, which were still covered by her shirt. Zena’s grip tightened on his manhood. She was tempted to turn and get a look at him- all of him, but that could wait. For now, all he needed was his hand.

She arched her back, feeling rolls of pleasure riding up her body. She knew she was about to explode. With the little self-control that she had remaining, she gripped his wrist and pulled him out of her, whimpering when the pleasure started to end. When she released his cock, the organ twitched, searching for attention.

He didn’t understand why she pulled away. Did he hurt her?

“What... do you want to stop?” Lukas asked. His voice was barely recognizable, too dark and husky.

One of his hands remained on her heaving breast while the other had moved to her naked hip. His hands fell to her waist when she turned to face him. Her beautiful brown orbs which had darkened with lust stared directly into his.

She was amazing. And strong. And his.

Zena palmed his chest. “No... I don’t,” she finally answered.

Lukas looked at her with confusion. If she didn’t want to stop, why did she pull away? What did she want him to do?

His questions doubled when Zena shoved him with enough strength to have him flying across the room. He bounced against a wall and had to take a few steps to stabilize himself. Zena watched with a smirk, eyes on his generous cock as it swayed from the motion.

Lukas looked up to glare at her but the anger dissipated when his eyes locked on her bare ass. Zena suppressed a giggle, knowing exactly what he was staring at. She dug through the manilla envelope Eva had left the letter in; searching for the object she knew was in there.

Ger heart palpitated in her chest. Did she want this?

Hell. Yes.

Lukas watched the temptress turn, now looking smug. She stuck her tongue out, revealing a single white pill dotting her tongue.

He shuddered with excitement when he realized what it was.

Werewolf birth control.

He kicked off his shoes and pants then launched himself across the room; fully naked and fully ready to become one with her in both body and soul.

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