Alpha Zena

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Chapter 37

Zena only managed to take two gulps of water before the cup was ripped from her hands and her mouth invaded once more by Lukas’.

She felt her top get tugged upward. He pulled his mouth from hers for a second to remove her shirt and safely discard it somewhere.

Zena chuckled. “It’s a.... shame your clothes... didn’t meet the same fate mine did,” she heaved.

Lukas laughed as he guided their bodies to the nearest surface.

“I’ll avenge them by doing what you did to them to your body,” he assured her.

“What’s that?” she challenged, hands gripping his shoulders when she blindly tripped over an object.

Lukas palmed her ass and pulled her off the floor, urging her to wrap her legs around him.

A masculine growl vibrated from him. “Tear you apart.”

Zena moaned in response. “Oh fuck.”

He lowered their bodies onto a rather small couch, turning her around and descending his hungry mouth onto the small of her back. He dipped his tongue into each of her dimples as he had envisioned doing multiple frustrating and lonely nights.

Zena was troubled. As much as she was enjoying their skin warming each other, her core was quite literally weeping with desperation. Her eyes would follow suit if he didn’t give her the orgasm she knew his hot, hard, pulsing, charged dick could give her. The throbbing between her legs worsened at the thought of release.

She felt his lips move north, still sweet and tortuously slow. At this point, she wasn’t sure if he was taking his time because he wanted to enjoy her or if he was simply trying to get her to beg him to fuck her unconscious.

When his lips reached her shoulder blades, she spun around, connecting her right nipple with his lips. Lukas immediately rolled her into his mouth, not standing a chance against the hard nub.

Zena sputtered randomness, not at all expecting the gratification that came from her breast scraping his tongue and the roof of his mouth.

Lukas decided he loved the soft globes almost as much as he loved her full ass. Zena noticed that his sucking and licking became more frantic; the need to be between her cheeks becoming incapacitating.

He grasped her hips and spun her around, prompting an “oof” from Zena when her stomach met a pillow. A grunt followed when her hips were propelled up. As she remained on her knees, her face rested on the couch.

She felt one of his hands get lost in her hair and the other between her legs as he rubbed his head against her eager heat.

Zena unexpectedly laughed, much to his confusion.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, still massaging her entrance.

As distracting as her wetness mixing with his precum was, she managed a snort. “You’re not about to fuck me like some common dog,” she replied, referring to their position.

Lukas chuckled. “Are you sure about that?”

She was about to ask what he meant, when she realized that she had begun rocking against him, trying to wiggle him inside.

Frustrated, she swung a leg, maneuvering herself so that she was seated on his lap.

“That’s better,” she smiled and began grinding herself onto him.

Lukas’ jaw was painfully tight. Every time her warm and wet pussy drove up and down his length, he inched toward an explosion.

“I think... I liked the other position better,” he ground out.

It was comical how they fought over the most trivial of things. Even sex wasn’t enough to pause their pettiness.

“That’s too bad...” she moaned, equally drowned in the waves of pleasure.

Lukas moved his hands back to her hips with the intention of returning her to her knees and bending her over to regain his dominant position.

Before he could carry out his plan, Zena grabbed his cock and positioned him below her before plopping down; roughly driving him inside her.

Lukas threw his head back and growled. Her hand’s grip couldn’t compare to her inner walls. They were so tight around him he was sure her pussy was trying to strangle his dick.

He forgave her rebellious move for now. If she didn’t start stroking him he would probably die from the sexual frustration. Zena’s thoughts matched his. She raised herself up, leaving his tip inside, then swallowed him whole once more. Two strokes later she was off, riding him with enough speed to have the ship slightly rocking.

The sight of her tits bouncing and dangling in front of Lukas’ face eventually became too much of a temptation. He pulled a breast back where it belonged- in his mouth.

He felt Zena slow down slightly when he tended to her chest. He displayed his disapproval with the slow pace by slapping her ass; missing the delicious friction her slick muscles offered.

Zena stilled completely, leaving the crown of his penis at her entrance. “Will you look at that... I won,” she taunted, referring to their position.

Lukas looked up at her with furrowed eyebrows, still sucking on her tit. Without bothering to reply, he moved his hands to her thighs and slammed her back down, making her eat all of him. Zena cried out with pleasure when he reached the deepest part of her. As she began to ride him again, Lukas slid an arm around her and stood up.

He pushed one of her legs down to the floor and held the other up with his hand to keep her wide open for him. He then began to thrust into her, balls slapping her every time he slid inside.

The sound of her little moans and the sobering between them had him inching toward his undoing. Zena was holding onto his shoulders, eyes closed and eyebrows knitted with confusion and concentration. She struggled to comprehend how a mortal man could offer such heavenly sensations.

Lukas stared at her sweet mouth as melodic moans flied out. He couldn’t ever get tired of looking at those dark eyebrows, hair, small nose and pouty lips. She was beautiful. When she was angry, happy, high off the pleasure his dick brought her... she was always beautiful.

Unable to contain himself, he kissed her. Zena hooked her leg around his back, closing all the space between them. He moved his palms back to her ass, still shoving himself into her as he dug around for both of their orgasms.

Zena’s came first. With a thunderous growl, she began to convulse in his arms. Like a drop of liquid landing on a napkin, her orgasm started in her core and spread its wake across the rest of her body. Lukas held her up but continued to penetrate her, extending her orgasm and preventing it from dying out.

A cry left her. Her insides felt raw and sensitive, needing recovery. Part of her wanted him to stop because the pleasure was unbearable and the other wanted him to continue and never stop.

A throb from her walls finished him. He burst while being balls-deep inside her, coating her with his warm seed.

Zena’s eyes stared into his own as his load continued to pump into her. Her breaths were deep and beads of sweat trickled down her neck. Lukas stared back, feeling his throat burn though he was unsure why.

Say it. A voice which wasn’t his own urged. He knew it was his wolf. He hadn’t heard words from the beast in years as wolves preferred to communicate with their human side through animalistic sounds- growls, whimpers, and things of that nature. It felt odd to speak because that was a human practice.

He knew what the wolf wanted. He knew what the words were.

But he couldn’t say them. It didn’t feel like the right time.

He lowered his head slightly and kissed her. As she began to kiss him back, he pulled out of her.

Zena ended the kiss and placed her leg back on the ground. She cleared her throat. “Well... I think I’m going to go shower.”

Lukas stiffly nodded and placed his arms back by his side. They blinked awkwardly, not stepping away.

Now that lust wasn’t fueling them, they had to bear with the consequences of their sexual intimacy. This included a lot of confusion regarding their relationship.

Zena turned away and started in the direction of the bathroom. Her forehead tingled, already expecting to be slammed against the tiles again. She figured the regret of having Lukas fuck her hard enough to have her struggling to walk straight would kick in after a while. Because right now she was feeling none of it.

Or maybe... it wouldn’t?

Zena stopped walking. She didn’t have to feel ashamed or regretful. After all.. who was she betraying by laying with him?

“Do you... want to come in with me?” she inquired.

Lukas’ flaccid dick instantly went hard, ready to satisfy her. He looked down at his enlarged member with disbelief. Desperate bastard.

Though, could he blame it? Not really.

“Are you sure? I’ll probably lose control...” he offered her a chance to retreat.

He saw the sensual vixen bend down and chuckle. “Oops, I dropped something.”

He stopped breathing. He stared at the perfection the moon goddess blessed him with. At that instant, some of his cum started to trickle down her pink folds and drip down the back of her thigh.

The sight had him leaping across the room a second time that day.

“Where are you going?”

The question came from Lukas, who sensed Zena trying to escape his arms in the dead of night. The day wasn’t very productive. All the horny wolves had done was sexually tease and explore each other. They had taken each other on the couch, in the bathroom, on the floor, against the walls... needless to say, Adrian’s boat now reeked of sex.

Zena sat up, pulling the blanket around her shoulders. “To my room. Today was... fun? Uh, thanks?” she struggled. What the hell do you say to someone you just slept with?

“What?” Lukas roared, making her cringe when the loud growl hurt her eardrums.

“If you seriously want to keep going at it then I suggest you visit a doctor. Honestly, how do you still have energy? I’m exhausted,” she argued. She was being completely truthful, as her body ached everywhere.

“No, Zena! I’m asking why you think it’s necessary to sleep in a different bed!” Lukas clarified.

“Well... that’s a bit... unnecessary. I mean, the sex was great but I don’t see why we should proceed to cuddle. We’re not a thing" she bid in.

“Lady... I just fucked you in more positions than I have fingers and you’re going to sit here and tell me there was nothing to it? Lay the fuck down and go to sleep, Zena. I’m too tired for this bullshit!” Lukas commanded in his usual angry tone.

Her eyes widened.


She was speechless. He did have a point. She should’ve clarified that all she wanted was sex with no strings attached. Of course, continuing the mate bond meant a lot more to him than it did for her. He has been chasing after her for goddess knows how long.

“I can’t...” she continued. Memories of his humiliating words mixed with his apologetic ones made her head spin. She was in the middle of a tug-o-war between trusting him and walking away from him.

He made her feel explosive physically. His hands and mouth were capable of sinful things that dwindled her down to a brainless woman only capable of begging for more. Their clashing personalities were responsible for making another thing explosive- her tempter. But although they were arguing and trying to dominate the other most of the time, when his playful side came out he became much more tolerable.

Zena groaned. She knew she was risking heartbreak by letting him enter her life but she had to make things right.

“One chance, Lukas. Just one more,” she nodded.

Lukas gave a smile that got blocked by the darkness of the room.

He laid back on the bed and pulled her down with a sharp tug on her shoulder. She laid on her side and turned her back to him, pulling the silky blanket over her body. Lukas carelessly threw an arm around her, dragging her closer.

Although he had showered, she could still smell a hint of the ocean on him. She loved the scent and used any excuse during their... exercise to bury her face in his neck to catch a whiff.

As she was drifting to sleep, she felt his rough hand kneading one of her breasts.

Zena groaned. “No more... I’m tired, sleep.”

Lukas chuckled and pressed his face into her short and uncombed hair, welcoming the scent of whatever soap she had used. “I bet Sylas’ performance can’t hold a light to mine.”

Zena rumbled with laughter. “Are you really thinking of another man while sharing a bed with a naked woman? Is there something you want to tell me?”

He growled, annoyed with her jab.

“Goodnight Luke,” she yawned.

There was a pause.

“Goodnight, mate.”

He dropped a kiss on her shoulder before proceeding to fall asleep.

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