Alpha Zena

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Chapter 38

The scent of fuel woke her up.

Zena sat up on the bed and searched for either flames or smoke. Lukas was nowhere in sight.

After trying a blanket around herself, she rushed out of the cabin and searched for the source of the smell.

A safe Lukas was found by a small stove, holding what appeared to be a head of cabbage over a pot.

“What in the fifth hell are you doing?” she yelled.

Lukas turned, a bit startled. His gorgeous mate was walking toward him with her messy hair and the glare he had gotten familiar with.

“Cooking, obviously. I got hungry,” he tried to explain.

“Is that cabbage? Why are you hovering it over that pot?” Zena pushed with eyes narrowed.

He was confused with her confusion.“Because I was about to drop it in the pot. I’m making soup.”

“Lukas, are you for real? You can't boil a head of cabbage!” she told him, smacking her forehead at his idiocy.

“But its green. Green means healthy...” he tried to reason.

“Good gracious. Get away from that stove before this boat catches fire." She snatched the cabbage from his hands, saving it from the scorching water the clueless man was about to drench it with.

Lukas groaned when his stomach rolled with hunger. He pulled the fridge open and searched for breakfast.

"You're so pretty to look at but everything that comes out of that mouth is plain ugly," Zena sighed. Her eyes washed over his bare back and her fingertips tingled from the memory of his flesh rolling below them.

Lukas forgot all about the fridge and gave her a lopsided smile."Everything? Including my tongue?"

Zena pondered the question for a few seconds. "Well, I guess that's an exception."

He returned her devious smile before closing the fridge and walking to her. It was time for breakfast.

"Shoo. Get off," Zena ordered Lukas who was crushing her with his weight.

He chuckled. "Want another round?"

She rolled her eyes."No. I want to clean this boat so it no longer looks like a porno shoot. Today is the third day. Eva and Adrian are picking us up. Get up!" she slapped his shoulder.

Lukas groaned but pushed himself off her. As she looked through her own room for clothes, he pulled his pants on.

They spent two hours using limited cleaning supplies they found in a closet. Zena was more than glad to get the embasing scent of sex out of the cramped space. Lukas told her he didn't see what the big deal was but after a stern glare from her he picked up his brush and continued scrubbing the bathtub.

"You know, I'm thinking of buying the boat. We made some good memories here. I grew quite fond of it," he chuckled.

Zena resisted the urge to throw her broom at him. After picking up scattered items and placing them where they belonged, she ran into Eva's letter. She smirked at the bottle of birth control pills and first aid kit that also sat on the table.

Eva knew things would end one way or another. Either with hot sex or lots of injuries. So she made sure to prepare them for both cases.

Zena pocketed the letter.

"I see them!"

She rushed to Lukas' side by the railing. Surely enough, a second yatch was approaching their stationed one.

Zena cracked her knuckles and stretched her legs.

"What are you doing?" Lukas asked amusedly.

"Preparing to hand Adrian his ass," she answered as she rolled her neck.

"...How long do you think it'll take them to reach us? I'm sure we can manage a quicky," the horny wolf proposed.

Zena laughed and jumped away from his reaching hands. She threw her arms in the air and waved at Eva who was frantically waving at them from the approaching boat. Adrian gripped her upper arm, likely scared she would somehow fall overboard.

The two women waved like idiots as the ocean between them minimized.

It took a few minutes for the alphas to safely board the second yacht. Zena faked a stumble and Adrian reached out to help her. Once her hand was in his, she swung with all she had in her. Adrian barely managed to dodge her fist.

"What the hell!" he burst out, taking multiple steps away. His footing came to a halt when arms snaked around him, pinning him to the ground.

"He's all yours," he heard Lukas announce from behind him.

"Lukas you son of a... wait Zena, let's talk it out. Come on, let's be civil and use our words," Adrian tried to reason as he worked to rip Lukas off him.

He tried to twist himself out of the other wolf's grip but Lukas held on tight.

"You kidnapped me," Zena accused. Her hands cupped her hips and her feet rested a foot apart from each other. Lukas felt his pulse quicken and hoped this ended soon. The last thing he needed was his hard dick rubbing all over Adrian's ass and giving the man the wrong impression.

"It was Eva's idea!" he snitched, trying to save his face from her blows.

"I can't hit a pregnant woman. But I can hit a grown werewolf. Lukas, hold him still."

Adrian looked at Eva, searching for some sort of support. She simply shrugged. "I didn't get to hit you for breaking the new table last week. Consider this your punishment," she said.

His jaw dropped but it was quickly put back in place by Zena's vengeful fist. He grunted and slacked against Lukas for a split second before regaining his composure and glaring at both his mate and friend.

Zena straightened herself and smiled. "Great! Let's get back to land!" she clapped.

Lukas released Adrian who immediately made a move to uppercut him. Lukas saw the attack coming and rushed away with a laugh.

Adrian grumbled before reaching into his pocket and throwing a set of keys at him.

Lukas caught the item. "What's this?" he asked.

Adrian's scowl deepened. "You think I want that boat after the shit you two probably did in it? No thanks. She's all yours," he grumbled.

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