Alpha Zena

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Chapter 4

Zena woke with a start, wildly gasping for air.

She blinked repeatedly, wanting to clear her unfocused vision. A hiss escaped her when her sensitive eyes looked directly into a ray of sunlight and the sight shot a bolt of pain through her head.

She then became aware of the state the rest of her body was in. Her left wrist was burning, announcing its broken state. She noticed that she was having trouble breathing and finally came to terms with her position. She was dangling upside down from her chair and the seatbelt was digging into her stomach.

She reached for the buckle with her uninjured hand and tried to set herself free. After multiple tugs, she realized the metal had bent and was stuck in place.

“Luka... Lukas,” she grit out as loud as the seatbelt that was digging into her abdomen would allow.

“Lukas!” she called out again. She knew he was alive because she could smell his fresh scent. The traitorous snake had underestimated them both. They were too stubborn to die from a plane crash.

Zena looked at her bent wrist and growled with frustration. She met Bella three months ago and the deceitful witch wormed her way into her life with an innocent smile. The psychotic woman went as far as obtaining a pilot license and attacking two packs to assassinate her.

She rolled her eyes arrogantly when she noticed Bella’s fading scent. She didn’t survive the crash.

Sucks to suck, bitch. She thought bitterly, feeling a bit disappointed that she didn’t get the chance to personally decapitate her.

The intrusive sound of shuffling snapped out of her thoughts.

“Rise and shine, asshole. Get me the hell off this” she greeted and looked around for a sign of him.

“Fuck,” Lukas snarled venomously.

She heard him shift rubble aside. “Just wait until I get my hands on you, Zena. I’m going to complete the task the crash failed to do,” he growled before shoving a ripped seat out of his way.

Once he spotted his mate dangling from the ceiling, he stood in front of her and glared spitefully. There was a hint of blood on her forehead and one of her wrists was abnormally bent. He couldn’t find a trace of pain on her face, just annoyance.

“Nice friends you’ve got. This one tried to blow our bodies into oblivion, how kind of her,” he commented sarcastically.

Zena did not appreciate receiving the brunt of the blame. “I never asked you to get on this plane with me. You actually invited yourself.”

He took a step closer to her, announcing his limp. Zena scanned him and found that his leg was bleeding profusely, dotting the metal he stood over with red. That seemed to be his worst injury. He had a busted lip and a deep gash on his left cheekbone but nothing life-threatening.

The overbearing man seemed like he had a lot more to say but held it back. He unbuttoned his suit jacket and reached his arms up. His large palm went to her stomach and pushed her so that her back met the seat.

“Watch it,” she hissed threateningly when his fingertips brushed the base of her breasts.

Lukas’ glare deepened. “Trust me, I’m far more tempted to kill you than screw you right now” he promised and moved his free hand to the seatbelt.

He tugged, breaking the object in half. He then grabbed her hips and deposited her on her feet. She took a step back the second she reached the ground, not liking how his warm and large hands nearly engulfed her waist.

When she held out her distorted wrist, he raised an eyebrow. “Snap it back,” Zena instructed.

Lukas took her hand in his, triggering sparks that made both alphas roll their eyes.

He placed the bone back in its place and Zena gasped from the sensation. She had broken many bones multiple times but there was something different about this instance: The pain was far worse. To add to the list of obscurities, the air was feeling cooler with every waking second. As an alpha, her body was fairly good at emitting heat to battle cold environments. But strangely, the skill seemed to be offline since she had an unnatural urge to rattle with shivers.

She shoved the concerning thoughts away and scanned the ruins of the plane, looking for a way out. Lukas seemed to be doing the same. When she bent to push a pillar out of her way, it felt like she was challenging the weight of a train. Blinking repeatedly, she made sure that Lukas wasn’t watching before trying again with more force and failing a second time. She looked at her hand with confusion.

She was more sensitive to pain, less tolerant of weather, physically weaker.

With slight worry, she closed her eyes and tried to shift into her brown wolf.

“What are you doing?” Lukas asked with irritation once he spotted the crazy woman standing with her eyes closed.

She ignored him, thinking about her current predicament. She couldn’t shift and her abilities were dulling out. With irritation, she came to terms with the situation: She had spent too much time in her half-form, a state that shouldn’t be reckoned with. Werewolves were supposed to share their bodies with both their human and wolf. This was not supposed to be done simultaneously. You either give full control to one form or the other.

If too much time is spent in a half-form, the connection between wolf and human would be momentarily disconnected. This would leave you in either your wolf or human form for an extended period of time. Unfortunately for Zena, she had gotten stuck in her human form.

She shoved a hand into her disheveled hair and tugged angrily. She cursed herself for getting caught up in the panic and losing control. She should’ve kept her shit together. If Lukas found out she had lost her wolf he would mock her to no end and squeeze in a sexist comment or two.

She glanced at him and saw him effortless shove pieces of rubble around, not hindered by his injured leg. He still had his strength meaning that he could still shift.

If he was fine then... she would be fine too. She was going to hide her weakened state from him to spare Lukas any joy of the situation.

“Zena,” she heard him call out. She turned to face him and found him by a hole, staring expectantly. She moved to his side and offered her jaw to the sight before her. “Holy sh*t.”

She bent down and grabbed a fistful of snow before stepping outside. “Oh no,” she grumbled and whipped her head around, looking for any sign of civilization. The only thing her eyes were greeted with was an endless field of snow. The plane had crashed into what appeared to be a mountain. The land claimed no trees. Only rocks, snow, and the bitter cold.

She was stuck in the middle of nowhere with Lukas out of all people.

“I’m gonna scout, I’ll be back in 5,” Lukas grumbled, feeling as pissed off as she did.

He slid his black and ripped jacket off his shoulders before starting to unbutton his shirt. Zena turned to give him privacy. Once he shifted, he trailed into the snow and took off.

Zena snatched his suit jacket and slipped it on, shielding her bare skin from the cold. The clothing obviously dwarfed her figure, reaching mid-thigh, but she couldn’t care less.

She started to rummage through the ruins, looking for anything worth taking. She couldn’t find her purse which contained her phone and hoped Lukas had his even if it probably wouldn’t receive signal.

The only things of value that she found were three bags of potato chips and a water bottle that was half empty.

She moved back to the exit once she heard Lukas approach and spotted him slipping on his shirt.

“Found anything?” she questioned. Lukas turned to look at her and shook his head, not even bothering to ask why she was wearing his jacket. He had already accepted the fact that she was strange.

“Does a frozen river count?”

Zena sighed and moved to the exit, cautiously stepping outside. She was glad she was wearing her shoes and not the unreliable heels Zya insisted she wore.

“Want to bury your best friend?” Lukas suggested, referring to Bella’s body.

“No, let nature take care of that b*tch” Zena muttered and started walking away from the scene with Lukas beside her.

She pulled the jacket closer to her body and glanced at her attire worriedly. Her golden dress now sported droplets of blood and multiple wrinkles. She would only be able to handle 20 minutes in this frozen wasteland before the cold started having its effects on her.

She hoped they found shelter by then. There was no way in the fifth hell that she was going to tell Lukas she was defenseless or complain as he probably expected her to. Zena was a fighter. She was going to get through this in one piece.

If she survived falling 45,000 feet from the sky then she could survive living with her hateful mate in a frosty desert.

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