Alpha Zena

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Chapter 40

They returned to Adrian’s territory the next day with matching necks- red and mangled with teeth marks.

Adrian, not too eager to sell his house, forbade them from “getting it on” under the roof of his house. He crudely suggested that they use his backyard if the newly marked mates needed to... scratch an itch.

Lukas was currently on the phone, trying to explain to a none-too-happy council why he had been avoiding them for so long. Vance grunted that the two were trying to drive him insane.

Zena sat between his legs with a laptop on her own as she checked the status of her investments.

When he laughed, her back absorbed the vibrations. “I know, Vance.”

The digits on the top right of her screen announced that it was 11PM. She shut down the machine, figuring it was about time she slept.

Her mark was nearly healed but at this rate, the wound would probably reopen if Lukas wouldn’t keep his hand off her shoulder. He was enthralled with the solid evidence that she was his. It was as if he couldn’t believe it.

Zena didn’t mind his touch, so she let him caress the skin near the lesion. After she shut down the laptop, his free hand fell to her waist.

The proximity of the large hand to her stomach reminded her of the pregnancy tests she snatched on her way back. In all honesty, she doubted she was carrying Lukas’ child. She had been safe and used birth control specifically made for werewolves. But she figured she might as well check to be certain.

She slipped off the bed and grabbed her purse. A few minutes later in the bathroom, she was staring at three negative tests.

The following three months were spent figuring out how to merge Red River and Mountain Hill.

Most of that time was spent arguing over the name. They had debated Red Mountain, Red Hill, Mountain River, and many other titles. At the end, they decided to simply go with “Red River and Mountain Hill.” Not only did this pack become the largest in North America, but it also had the longest and most ridiculous name. It took a while to get Vance and the rest of the council to go with it.

As for the Alpha, the throne was split cleanly down the middle. Both of their leadership accounted for 50%.

It would take a year or two for the pack life to resume normally. The construction needed to unite the massive territories would be challenging. They would have to buy out human establishments to get them out of the way and re-instate roles among the pack’s population. This included the beta position.

Lukas’ had never given his parents a reason to feel disappointed. This was until he signed over 50% of Mountain Hill to a woman. His father was livid. Lukas, though? Lukas was having the time of his life.

His father ragged on that the reputation of the Clarks was stained but his words fell on deaf ears. Whenever Lukas looked at the man, he felt disgust dig its claws into him. Mere chapters ago, Lukas was a carbon copy of his father. Hateful and domineering. And the sad part of it was that he was convinced life couldn’t get better.

“Zena! Zena help me!” Adrian’s panicked voice cried.

Lukas looked away from his notebook. Adrian was rushing toward his mate, missing a shirt and his usual cool expression.

Eva gave birth a few months ago to a healthy baby boy. A curious little thing that was currently trying to detach patches of hair from his father’s scalp.

Zena laughed when Adrian came to her side, holding up Sean and whining with pain. The baby was chanting nonsense. His little legs dangled in front of Adrian’s face.

“Hurry! His diaper is full and he stinks!”

After snapping a picture, she aided the poor sleep-deprived werewolf.

Sean was only months old but his strength matched one of a ten-year old. She carefully placed a hand on his bottom and the other under his little arm.

“Come to aunty. Daddy is a loser,” she cooed.

Lukas rolled his eyes. “Why don’t we stick to calling him Adrian?”

Adrian laughed at this. “Really? You’re jealous of a mated man with a newborn child?”

Lukas glared. “Keep talking and I’ll attach Sean back to your head,” he warned.

Adrian chuckled and turned to the fridge.

“Look at your pretty eyes! You’re such a cutie. Got blessed with aunty Zena’s genes, didn’t you?” Zena asked the giggling baby as she rocked him gently.

“That’s not how genetics work, Zena” Adrian informed her.

“Shut it!” she threw back.

He laughed again and returned to her side. “Come on, little nightmare. Time for bed,” he tells Sean.

“Kick daddy in the face next time, okay?” she instructed and then carefully placed the small creature back in his father’s waiting arms.

“Stop calling him that!” Lukas exclaimed.

Now it was Zena’s turn to roll her eyes. “Where were we? Oh yeah, the tomatoes.”

She turned back to the counter and washed her hands in the sink. “So you’re going to want to use at least three slices,” she told him as she picked up the knife.

Lukas picked up his pen and continued his notes.

Class no.12
Ingredients needed:
1) Water
2) Salt
3) That purple dick emoji thing
4) Tomatoes

After he nearly poisoned her weeks ago, she decided to spend her free time teaching him how to cook FDA approved foods.

“Okay but I still don’t see what’s wrong with boiling cabbage,” he argued.

-- 2 years later --

Life was good.

Adrian wasn’t bald, but Sean was determined to get him there.

Zena and Lukas were officially the alphas of “Red River and Mountain Hill”- yeah, that was a mouthful.

And they had an heir on the way.

She was over four months pregnant. And for four months she and Lukas slowly drove a newly mated Zya insane with their bickering. They constantly debated the baby’s gender, even though they switched sides at least three times per week.

While Zena chanted that she was carrying the baby so she had a better idea, Lukas told her he “knew his sperm.”

The only thing saving Zena from getting thrown off another balcony by her sister was the baby. Today, Zya reached her limit.

She packed the two arguing children into her car, then drove them to the pack’s clinic to determine the gender.

“It’s a girl,” Lukas told her as he stared at the white-black screen.

“No. It’s a boy! I had a dream!” Zena threw back.

“What does that have to do with anything?” he demanded.

“I googled it!”

“Google isnt-”

“It’s a girl, congratulations” the doctor cut in. She looked as stressed as Zya.

“I knew it!” Lukas cheered.

“Finally!” Zya cried.

Zena glared. “Okay but your very first guess was a boy.”

“No it wasn’t!” he shook his head.

“Yes, it was!”

“No!!!” Zya cried out to the heavens when the two discovered another baby-related debate.

Ignoring her sobbing sister, she pulled out her phone and prepared a message for the group chat the Millers, Zya, Evan, and Phoebe were in

It’s a girl. Lukas was right :( -Zena.

That brat is going to be so rich she’ll be born holding two bricks of gold -Evan

Evan, I need a new phone -Adrian

Evan replied with a series of knives and angry emojis.

Congrats! -Eva

Yay! -Phoebe

Thanks. In other news, I still don’t see what wrong with boiling cabbage. -Lukas.

Zena laughed. When she walked to his side, he locked her in his arms. She pressed her back to his chest and smiled at the picture of the sonogram in his hand.

Lukas buried a kiss in her hair. “What will we name her?”

Zena stared at her baby girl. Four strange shadows near her head appeared to mimic a crown. Not much thought power was needed for her conclusion- “Artemis.”

“Artemis,” Lukas tested. “A goddess. Just like her momma.”

The name was fitting, as the little girl would derive an iron will of her fiery parents. She will be something the earth has never seen before.

He smiled at the image of a dark-haired little flame running about, burning everything in her wake with her energy.

Lukas pulled his undoing and salvation closer to his chest.

He’d never thought he’d be glad to fall 45,000 feet out of the sky. Yet here he was, appreciating the gravity that had him falling from the sky, a window, a boat, and straight into love.

END - Artemis now has her own book. The book is called The Legend of Wrath

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