Alpha Zena

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Chapter 7

Lukas stared at the snow that was quickly accumulating outside. The storm was descending its fury with apocalyptic strength. The wind’s speed had doubled and the sunlight was long gone.

His stomach rumbled from hunger and he rolled his eyes with irritation.

He had been sprawled on the stiff ground for hours with his unmoving mate laying on his chest.

Lukas unclasped an arm from Zena’s waist and skimmed his fingers along her forehead to check her temperature. She was successfully absorbing his body heat but she was still a long way from recovery.

He glared at her dark wet locks. She was the sole reason why they were in this situation in the first place.

“You better not fucking die,” he ordered the unconscious woman sternly.

Zena was his token to Red River. He needed the nutjob alive or else he would lose his claim on the land. While she was also the only woman capable of carrying his children, he didn’t need an heir. He had a 10-year-old brother who could take over the alpha position once he came of age.

Two days ago, he was determined to tame her and transform her into a woman worthy of standing by his side. Now, he wasn’t so sure if she was worth the time and effort. She was more stubborn than what he originally estimated.

All he needed was Red River. He didn’t need the fire-breathing female alpha by his side. There were plenty of less irritating women out there for him if she chose to walk away.

He didn’t care what she did with her life after he obtained her pack. She could reject him, mark another male, and Lukas wouldn’t bat an eye. If for whatever reason she chose to stay, she would have to fix her god-awful attitude because they were currently polar opposites. Someone had to give in to the other and Lukas would castrate himself before he changed for any woman.

Red River would be a great asset. Its net worth was valued at a couple of hundred thousand dollars. The land neighbored his pack and it was thick with lavish wilderness. It had a colossal river that inspired the name so many respected. He didn’t know much about the pack’s history; only that it had obtained plenty of allies that would become his own once he took over it.

He figured that Zena’s father earned Red River the notoriety it had before passing it onto his undeserving daughter. Zena was only 21 so she couldn’t have been alpha for long. Lukas was sure that the little girl had no clue of what she was doing.

He was set on proving to the council that she wasn’t fit to be an alpha and rip Red River from her hands. He planned on using their current situation to support his case. Zena had shown her gullibility by trusting Bella- a woman she barely knew and nearly getting herself killed. How was she supposed to keep her pack safe when she could barely keep herself alive?

She was a hopeless halfwit who could easily get taken advantage of. Lukas would be doing the world a favor by stripping her of her alpha title.

Convincing the council wouldn’t be too challenging. He had the evidence, money, influence, and connections to make it happen.

He broke away from his thoughts when his empty stomach made its presence known again with a groan. Lukas shifted his eyes from the rocky roof to the entrance of the cave. The storm didn’t look like it planned on ending anytime soon.

He pulled his shirt off Zena’s back and set it on the ground. Then, he placed a hand on the back of her head and the other behind her thighs. He turned to his left and placed her body on the ground before covering her with his shirt.

He stood up and snatched his trousers off the floor and slipped them on. With a final look at Zena, he grabbed his shoes and made his way to the exit.

It was cold.

The wind lashed out at the figure trying to make its way across the clearing, trying to push it in the opposite direction.

Particles of rain and snow slammed into Lukas’ bare chest with enough force to leave a stinging feeling behind.

The scowl he usually carried on his face had deepened considerably. He was hungry, cold, and burdened with Zena’s health.

If she told him that she lost her wolf then he would’ve made arrangements to ensure her safety. He could have shifted and carried her on her back. If the ice gave out, he could've swum them to shore.

Instead of telling him, she decided that nearly getting herself killed was a smarter idea.

With a growl, he stepped into the ominous dark trees in search of wood.

When he returned, he was surprised to find Zena on her side. She had changed her position in his absence.

He deposited the wood he collected on the ground and moved to her. He reached a hand out and pushed a lock of hair behind her ear to get a look at her expression. Once he touched her face, a spark sizzled his fingertips.

Her response to his touch was a clear indication that she was regaining consciousness. Lukas moved his hand to her forehead and found that her temperature had gotten colder.

He rose to his feet and moved to the pile of wood he collected. After re-arranging the sticks, he grabbed his jacket and retrieved Zena’s knife.

Starting a fire with wet wood was harder than it sounded. It took the agitated alpha a whole 20 minutes to bring the flames to life.

He moved to Zena and pulled her into his arms. He laid her body on the ground by the fire to keep her warm and shifted his shirt to cover her chest.

He then collected her wet dress, shoes, his jacket, and laid them on round boulders located near the fire to help them dry. He found a metal container and a bag of chips in the jacket. He quickly devoured the potato chips and then popped open the bottle. Once he discovered that it carried water, he placed it by the fire for a couple of minutes to warm and hopefully disinfect it.

He needed to check her wound and clean it. The last thing they needed was for it to get infected.

After the water began to boil, he set it aside to cool.

He untied the make-shift bandage, noticing that the cloth had darkened from her blood. The tingles that went off every time his skin met hers both irritated and relieved him. The sooner she recovered, the sooner they could make their way off the mountain and back to the states.

He had no idea how much damage Bella had done to Mountain Hill and Red River but he needed to find out. Packs didn’t last long without alphas. He had to get home.

The three red gashes stared back at him, trickling blood. He sighed, not liking what he was seeing. After pouring the warm liquid on the wound, he ripped another strip from her dress and cleansed it with the remaining water. He carefully wrapped the cloth around her leg and then sat beside her.

Lukas glanced at Zena once she shifted slightly. She had been moving around continuously, seemingly uncomfortable. He figured she would find his chest more comfortable than the ruthlessly hard ground but he wasn’t too keen of being used as a mattress so he left her on the ground.

He stared at the flickering flames for a long time before he laid on his back and closed his eyes.

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