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"You look like hell." I tell him. "I feel like it." He admits, popping his pale knuckles. "I feel like hell too."

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Chapter One


Picture this: you have a perfect, golden boyfriend. A boyfriend that brings you delicious hot chocolate when you’re at work in the dead of winter. A boyfriend who always smiles lovingly at you even in the most serious of times. A boyfriend who will come over in the late hours of the night just to hold you close, and asking about your day.

Sounds dreamy, does it not? That is exactly the type of boyfriend mine is. He’s the one with the perfect blond hair that looks almost gold when the sun hits it at just the right angle. He’s the one with the clear, celestial blue eyes that look like endless beautiful oceans. He’s the one who has just entered the room with a breathtakingly brilliant smile on his angelic, but he hasn’t seen me just yet.

A smile makes itself known on my face when the handsome, glowing man begins to walk in my direction, making his way through the crowd of people. He’s in a rush for reasons I don’t know, practically jumping up and down on the balls of his feet with excitement. Even though it’s only been a matter of hours, I still can’t help but feel like it’s been days since I’ve last seen him. Let me just say, he looks more than sexy in that perfectly fitted suit of his, and my knees nearly buckle at the sight of him in all his golden glory.

Three years of our relationship, and he still has this insane effect on me. We’ve been together since our Sophomore year of high school, and now with us being Freshmen in college we are still going strong, no matter what obstacles get in our way.

Or that’s what I thought when I turn to find him with another woman. Kissing her like there’s no tomorrow.

I gape at him with his hands tangled in her perfectly curled blonde hair, my heart plummeting to the deepest part of my stomach before shattering into a million sharp shards. My fingers curl around the drink in my hand, salty tears stinging my eyes, but I refuse to let them fall.

He kissed me like that.

But now he has his tongue down some dumb blonde’s throat, and I feel like nothing but his trash he has just thrown over his shoulder like I meant nothing to him. Did I even mean anything to begin with? My heart doesn’t seem to be beating any longer when he pulls away from the girl, a bright smile on his face that once upon a time I would have fallen for, now it just makes me sick to my stomach. My dress suddenly feels suffocatingly tight, my hands becoming clammy, and I’m surprised I haven’t shattered the drinking glass in my hand just yet.

He quickly kisses the woman again before looking around frantically, almost as if he’s looking for me to make sure I haven’t seen what just took place.

That’s so cute.

Before I realize it, I’m turning my back to him, plastering a smile on my face to hide the heartbreak that I currently feel. I told my parents I never wanted to come to this stupid banquet to begin with, and here I am, just witnessing the mayor’s son, my boyfriend, get all hot and heavy with another female. Hurt is the only thing I can possibly feel at the moment, but I know soon enough rage will follow.

“Mable?” I hear his beautiful voice call out to me as I take a sip from the spiked drink in my hand.

I turn to look at him, my fingers curling into a tight fist at my side, and I smile brightly at him. He’s a cheater, he’s a slimy leech hidden beneath perfect hair, and a beautiful smile.

“Hey, Hayden.” My voice is dripping with so much forced kindness. “You look so handsome in that suit.”

He smiles his breathtaking smile again, the same smile he always looks at me with, the same smile he just flashed to that beautiful blonde. The thought causes bile to rise up in my throat, but I force it down, not wanting to give away the fact that I know about his affair just yet.

“You look ravishing yourself, love.” He says, stepping towards me.

His term of endearment only makes me want to puke up what I had just eaten for dinner. He has always called me that, but what about that blonde over there? How many times has he called her ‘love’? How many other girls has he called ‘love’?

“I know.” I spit out hostilely.

It’s the first time in my life I have ever used such a tone, and I’m shocked with myself. Even Hayden seems surprised with my harsh tone towards him, he’s never heard me talk in such away. I’m normally so calm, and down to earth, and overly sweet. But now this cheater has brought out the worst in me.

“I know I look ‘ravishing’.” I snap, gripping the drink in my hand impossibly tighter. “But how ‘ravishing’ does that blonde look over there? How ‘ravishing’ does she kiss? Huh? Because it looks to me like you two were getting pretty wild.”

His blue eyes widen, those perfect lips that I used to kiss parting in shock. If I weren’t so heartbroken at the moment I would probably smile at the shocked expression on his godly face, but the hurt I feel prevents me from feeling victorious. Because right now I feel anything other than victorious, I feel betrayed, I feel broken.

“Mable, love, it’s not what-”

“It’s not what it looks like?” I cut him off, and for the first time in my entire existence there is venom in my voice. “Because it looks to me like you had your slimy tongue down her throat.”

Hayden winces visibly, but there’s no emotion in his eyes. He looks as if this whole thing isn’t hurting him in the slightest, but it’s killing me. Three years of our relationship, three years down the drain all because he’s a slimy bastard.

“Riddle me this, Hayden,” I snap, a beautiful idea coming to mind, and it’s almost exhilarating, but I’m too hurt to care. “What does this look like?”

Before he can utter a single pathetic reply, I pour my crimson beverage onto his perfect hair, watching as it soaks his golden hair, red liquid pooling down his face. He gapes at me with wide eyes, jaw dropped open in surprise before he runs a hand down his soaked face.

“It looks like a dramatic scene.” He says back with deadly calmness.

Despite my breaking heart, I smile innocently at him, my ex-boyfriend. There are hundreds of eyes on us now, their chatter simmering to a dull whisper when they see the mayor’s son soaked with the free punch.

“No, darling,” I slap him across the cheek, his head whipping to the side. “It looks like you’ll be needing a shower when you get home. Don’t want you smelling like embarrassment, and cheap punch, now do we?”

With that, I turn on my heel, striding out of the banquet room. My high heels click against the linoleum flooring as I make my exit, the sound is the only thing louder than my heartbeat. I have never been that hostile in my whole life, I’m always so kind to everyone, so sweet. Now I guess everyone in our small little town has just seen a side of me I never even knew existed. I’ve always been known as Seeder Grove’s golden girl, not the villainous queen straight from a fairytale. I wonder what my parents will think of this, I wonder if they will be angry with me for the way I acted towards the mayor’s son. But right now I couldn’t care less, he cheated on me.

Hayden Myers cheated on me.

When I walk out into the parking lot, my feet are already aching from how long I’ve been wearing these dreaded heels. Without another thought, I rip them off my feet, throwing them into the oblivion. Tears sting my eyes, my throat’s closing from me holding in my cries, and my heart feels just as painful as the bottoms of my feet. I don’t want to allow the tears to fall, but the salty drops escape my eyes without my say so. A sob escapes my lips, my trembling hand coming up to swipe away the snot from my nose angrily. The wind blows around my deep blue dress, the color making me hunker over, and puke up the remnants of my supper. Using my shaking, clammy hand to brace myself against a random car, I cry as I begin to feel queasy from sudden dehydration.

This is what a good girl gets for falling in love, this is what a good girl gets for trying. I loved him, I loved him so much, but he turned his back on me, he cheated on me. Was I not pretty enough? Did I not give him what he really wanted?

The tears come harder now as I stand upright, walking across the parking lot on bare feet. I wipe my mouth with my fist, spitting onto the concrete in hopes the bad taste in my mouth will vanish, but I have no luck. My fingers are trembling by the time I reach my run down pickup truck, quickly unlocking the door, and swinging it open. I jump into the driver’s seat, jamming the keys into the ignition before speeding out of the parking lot. I’ve always been one to go the speed limit, to not break any laws, but right now I don’t seem to be myself.

I don’t want to be Hayden Myers’ perfect girlfriend any longer. I don’t want to be Mabel Baker, the girl with the perfect attitude, and the perfect life any longer. I don’t want to be Seeder Grove’s golden girl any longer.

These are my insane thoughts when I speed down the road, nearly flooring the gas pedal with a bare, aching foot. The tears flowing down my cheeks are angry now, my mascara running, and leaving dark circles under my eyes. I know I must look completely crazy by the time I pull into the driveway of my house, slamming on the breaks before I ram into the garage door. My tires skid, throwing gravel into the lawn, but the ability to care is long gone. I jump out of the truck, wincing when the sharp gravel digs into the soles of my feet, but I welcome the pain like an old friend as I stomp up towards the house. The living room lights are still on, signaling that my parents are still awake, probably waiting for me to get back.

Well, I’m home now bitches.

I stomp up the front porch steps, swinging the front door open with so much force I’m surprised I don’t rip it off its hinges. Their heads snap in my direction, worried expressions on their aging faces.

“How was the banquet, honey?” My mother questions in her normal sweet tone, oblivious to the tears that stain my cheeks as she turns her attention back to the book she was reading.

I scowl at them, making my way towards the wooden stairs that lead up to the second floor of the house. Gripping the railing as tight as human possible, I glance over my shoulder at them, my body tense.

“Fan-fucking-tastic.” I snarl.

My mother gasps. My father’s green eyes widening in shock. I’ve never used such language, not even around my closest friends. I used to be a saint, Mabel Baker, the golden girl never cursed, or went over the speed limit, or was hostile. Never. But I’m not Seeder Grove’s golden girl anymore. That girl is long gone, along with her cheating ex-boyfriend.

“Mabel Elizabeth Baker! You watch your mouth, young lady.” My father scolds, pointing his finger at me.

Watch my mouth? Seriously? I’m a grown woman! I may be living in their house for the time being, yes, but that still doesn’t give them the right to control me.

“It’s called freedom of speech, dad,” I wipe away my tears, feeling nothing but rage. “Look it up. It’s the First Amendment.”

My parents gape at me when I stifle a sob, quickly turning around, and stomping up the stairs. I don’t stop to apologize when they call out for me, I just race into my room, slamming the door shut behind me. Forgetting that I left my curtains open before the banquet, I rip the dress from my body, blue fabric shredding.

Hayden had bought me that dress.

I turn around in nothing but my undergarments, my Winnie the Pooh bra on full display for the boy next door to see. My eyes widen in shock when I see him sitting at his desk in the room just opposite of mine, staring into my room with an intent smile on his face. My heart seems to have stopped beating. Gasping, I cover my chest with an arm before sending him the bird as I rush to my window to close the curtains. Tears are still pouring down my cheeks by the time my pink satin curtains fall shut, my sniffles, and cries the only sounds being heard in the house. I collapse to the floor, my whole body shaking when I press my back to the foot of my bed, crying into my hands.

I, Mabel Elizabeth Baker, have officially hit rock bottom.

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