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Chapter Two


What do you do when you find out your boyfriend you thought was so perfect was actually cheating on you? You call your best friend of course. And what do you do when your best friend who is a ‘bad bitch’ says she will be picking you up at one in the morning? You get ready before she arrives at one in the morning.

Seeder Grove’s golden girl never would have climbed out her bedroom window at ten till one. Mabel Baker, the straight A student never would have snuck out when there is college to go to at eight in the morning. But I am no longer that girl, I’m a new Mabel Baker. Which means when I climbed out my bedroom window to meet up with my best friend down the block, I had the most insane adrenaline rush. It was the type of adrenaline rush that brought tears to my eyes, the type of adrenaline rush that made me forget about the heartbreak Hayden Myers had caused me.

And now, lying in the back of my pickup truck with Riley beside me, I feel nothing, not even my broken, barely beating heart.

“Since when does Ms. Perfect sneak out?” Riley voices after a moment of silence.

I sigh in frustration, taking the bag of candy from her before popping a sour gummy worm in my mouth. Running a hand through my brunette hair, I sit up, my back aching from lying on metal.

“Since now, damn it.” I groan, rubbing at my watery eyes.

I blame the welling tears on the sour gummy worms, chewing on another delicious sour candy. I have always resulted to eating when I’m stressed, which will eventually not be a good thing for my body since I’m always stressed.

“Ooh, and she cusses too.” Riley smiles. “My little angel isn’t much of an angel after all.”

I throw a colorful candy at her, hitting the girl right between her doe-like eyes. Being with Riley makes me forget about the pain, I feel numb, but content in this moment with her. She has always had that kind of power over me, she has always been able to make me feel the way I want to feel when I’m with her. She makes me forget about the past, and live in the present.

“You can thank Hayden fucking Myers for that.” I snap, chomping on my candy angrily.

Her dark eyebrows furrow as her lips turn into a deep frown, a scowl making itself welcome on her beautiful face. I wish I was born naturally beautiful like Riley. No matter what she always looks her best, even when her brown hair is frizzy on the days the weather is the most humid, even with the millions of freckles that litter her cheeks, and nose like stardust. She’s so beautiful, and so independent, and brave, I just wish I could be like her. But I’m Mabel Baker, the girl with annoyingly straight brown hair, the too pale girl with the too perfect family, the good girl who everyone expects so much from me. What if I don’t want to be good anymore? What if I don’t want people to expect me to be rainbows and unicorns all the time? What if I want to be bad?

“Damn, baby, you got a mouth on you.” She cackles, rubbing her hands together to add affect to her evil laughter. “Welcome to the dark side, Mabel, we’ve got booze, and sour gummy worms.”

I smile despite the ache in my heart, popping a red gummy worm into my mouth.

“Mmm,” I say to her. “My favorite mix. Booze, and candy.”

Riley laughs, dropping her hand into the bag of sour candy before dropping a handful of colorful worms into her mouth. She chews loudly. There’s silence that stretches over us, the kind of silence that is filled with crickets, and the cool breeze of Fall, and the smell of fresh cut grass.

“Riley,” I whisper my best friend’s name, staring up at the beautiful stars in the one in the morning sky. “I don’t want to be the golden girl anymore.”

Riley wipes an invisible tear off her sun-kissed cheek, faking sniffles. I can’t help but groan, rolling my blue eyes at my dramatic best friend. She has always been one for dramatics.

“My little girl is growing up so fast.” She fake sniffles, trying to suppress the smile from growing wider on her face, but she fails miserably.

I narrow my eyes at the bubbly girl, cross my arms over my chest. How she can always find humor in the most serious of situations is something way beyond me. She has always been the funny, crazy type of girl that guys practically drool over, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a heartbreaker herself. If someone were to search up the definition of ‘bad’ on Google, Riley’s picture is most definitely the first thing they will find. Riley Juvers is the epitome of bad, and she isn’t afraid to let anyone, and everyone who walks her way know it. How we managed to become such close friends is something way beyond me since I’m the complete opposite of this bad girl. But not for long.

“I’m being serious, Riley.” I say with a heavy sigh. “I’m sick of being the good girl. The good girl always gets hurt, the good girl is a follower, not a leader. But not me, not anymore. I want to be a damn leader, and I want you to guide me in the right direction.”

This causes a brilliantly bright smile to spread across Riley’s face like butter on toast. She quickly sits up in the bed of my truck, sitting cross legged in front of me with another bag of candy sitting in her lap.

“You think you’ve got what it takes to be a bad girl, Mabel Baker?” She questions with a challenging smile in her amber eyes.

Even in the dark her eyes seem to have that little mischievous sparkle to them. I want that, I want to have that confident aura, not this. I stare my best friend straight in the eye, chewing on yet another piece of sour candy.

“Indeed I do, missy.” I reply, and she laughs at my odd use of words.

She leans back, looking cocky, and smug when she cross her arms over her chest with a smirk on her face.

“Alright, Mabel dearest,” Riley smiles. “Show me how bad you can be.”

Oh Riley, you don’t have the slightest clue how bad I can get.

Trekking across campus just before eight in the morning when I only got four hours of sleep last night is the hardest thing I could ever do. Not only was I going to be late for my English class, but I didn’t get to have a single drop of coffee before running off to school. The worst part is, my parents caught me trying to sneak back into the house during the early hours of the morning, and neither of them are pleased with me.

Even though I am a nineteen year old female in college, neither of them seem to understand the fact that I’m a grown adult, and I am legally allowed to stay out for as long as I please. But apparently since I still live under their roof I have a curfew, and after the way I acted towards them after the town banquet didn’t seem to help my case either. Now that I think about it, I should have chosen to stay in the college dorms when I was given the choice. But the old Mabel Baker was a daddy’s girl, and I just wasn’t ready to leave the nest yet. Plus, I’m still not able to afford certain things on my own just yet, but I’m getting there, and hopefully I can find a better paying job soon enough.

Dressed in a completely different attire than old Mabel would have worn, I step into one of the handful of buildings on the large college campus. I’m instantly met with the warm temperature of the building, my chilled fingers grateful for the warmth. But a certain someone has my heart plummeting to the oblivion, and I beg for it to come back. Not now, nope, nada, zilch.

He stares at me like I’m fresh meat, and he’s a starving, rabid dog. I was planning on avoiding him today, but I guess my plans, and my hopes just went flying out the nearest window on their own accord. Screw you, false hopes. Hayden rushes towards me in his usual attire, a blue flannel with the first three buttons undone, which makes his bright eyes impossibly brighter, dark jeans hugging his hips. I freeze in my tracks when he’s nothing but one stride away from me, fear, and hurt, and heartbreak filling up the hollow space in my chest. I internally scorn myself for showing my pain, old Mabel would have done that, not the new Mabel Elizabeth Baker. Not me.

“Love, I’m so sorry.” Hayden weakly apologizes to me, reaching out for my arm.

I narrow my eyes at the godly boy, hating myself for semi-wanting to hear his explanation for this. He stuck his tongue into a snake’s mouth, but it turns out he is a slippery snake also. Damn, they would make a good couple.

“That’s neat.” I deadpan before brushing past him.

He grips onto my forearm, his smooth fingers brushing across my bare skin.

“I said I’m sorry.” His voice is pleading, but I won’t forgive him, I can’t forgive him.

I yank my arm from his grasp, glaring at his too perfect face. Why can’t he be ugly? This all would be so much easier now if he had an overbite, or a too big nose. But no, he’s perfect in every way, except the boyfriend department, of course.

“And I said that’s neat.” I spit.

I begin to stride away again, everyone’s shocked eyes on me. I guess they all are still a little surprised that Mabel Baker is a good girl no more. The sound of Hayden’s running footsteps has me turning around again. Rolling my eyes, I come face to face with him again. Does he seriously not know when to leave a girl alone? Apparently not.

“Mabel, please.” Hayden begs, reaching out for me again.

But before he has the slightest chance to lay a single finger on me, my leg shoots up, my boot colliding with his groin. The students gasp in shock when Hayden hunkers forward, groaning out in obvious pain. Even I’m shocked with myself, I’ve never been one for violence, yet I just kicked the man in the nuts. Oops.

“Lets see how well you can stick that in some dumb blonde now.” I find myself spitting out before turning on my boot heel, and storming away.

Many of the students have their phones out, clearly they have just recorded the scene that had just unfolded, but I could care less. All this anger, and violence is quite exhilarating to be quite frank. The moment I hear everyone’s hushed whispers I can’t help but throw up my middle finger, not meeting anyone’s gaze as I stare ahead. Without another word, I stomp down the English hallway, the fluorescent lights flickering above me.

Hayden Myers will regret ever cheating on me.

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