Our Barbie Dream House

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Chapter Three


I wonder what my parents will have to say when they find out I kicked my ex-boyfriend in the nuts, aka the Seeder Grove’s Mayor’s son. There’s no if’s, and’s, or but’s about them finding out, because they will. Parents find out everything, which means it’s impossible to hide anything from them. They still don’t have the slightest clue about what took place at the banquet last night, but once they get word of the scene I caused today it won’t take them long to put the pieces together.

My mother isn’t happy with me for going to college to be an English major. Mom and I never have had the best relationship since my Freshman year of high school, I was always the angsty teen from hell when it came to her. But I’ve always been a daddy’s girl, the reason behind it is because he couldn’t give two shits about what I did in life, as long as I was happy then he was happy. That being said, my mother will be the one to overreact about the whole ‘Hayden and I’ situation.

Cursing under my breath when I walk into the room, all eyes are on me, even the professor’s. Thanks to a certain someone I am now late to English, which means Dr. Chauncey will more than likely target me the whole damn time. I grip my bag strap, quickly walking to the empty seat in the far corner. The professor goes right back to his teaching, but of course the students don’t turn their attention back to him, they’re all watching me like I’m some ticking time-bomb.

“How much anger do you think is held up in that tight little body of hers?” I hear a male whisper to his buddy.

I stop dead in my tracks just when I was about to take my seat, dropping my bag to the floor, causing papers, and pencils to scatter across the ground. The room goes silent at the sudden noise I’ve made, yet another scene slowly beginning to unfold. Maybe I really am a ticking time-bomb. But that sick bastard has it coming.

“Want to repeat that?” I spit. “I don’t think I heard you correctly, Josh.”

The male smiles, throwing his arm over the back of his chair nonchalantly. Even the teacher has stopped talking, he’s watching closely with his marker raised towards the whiteboard. Some of the students are murmuring quietly amongst each, more than likely gossiping about me, the girl who used to be so kind, and down to earth. But Hayden Myers is the reason behind my self destruction.

“I don’t know, I’m positive you heard me correctly.” He chuckles, clearly thinking he’s all that.

I glare at him, not caring that I have everyone’s eyes on me. I’ve already had many people watch me cause two scenes already, I have no shame in causing another.

“How positive? H.I.V positive?”

This causes Josh to gape at me, his eyes wide, chapped lips slightly parted. Good, I’ve hit a nerve. The whole lecture hall seems to chuckle at that, clearly they’re enjoying the show. But Josh is quick to collect himself, narrowing his dark eyes at me.

“You would know.” He fires back.

Before I can fully comprehend what I’m doing, I lunge forward, just about to jump over the rows of seats at him, but someone grabs me, pulling me back by my arm. I hiss in pain, my brown hair whipping me in the face as I snap my head around at the person who is preventing me from attacking. I nearly choke on nothing when I come face to face with him, my mouth open in shock.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Pooh Bear.” He chuckles lowly.

I gape at him, at my neighbor, at the male who has seen me in my Winnie the Pooh bra, the bra I’m seriously considering burning now that his green eyes have seen it. I glare into the wide orbs of my attractive neighborhood, digging my recently painted black nails into his hand that grips ahold of me. He doesn’t show any sign of pain even though I’m almost positive I have already drawn blood, his grip only tightening more.

“Sit.” He demands gruffly, pulling on my arm for me to sit in the empty seat beside his.

I chuckle dryly. Old Mabel would have obeyed without a second thought, old Mabel wouldn’t have even started anything in the first place. But the new Mabel, well, that’s a totally different, and very thrilling story. Why was I never like this before? It’s exhilarating.

“I think I’m good, but thanks for the offer.” I force an innocent smile, but I know the anger in my eyes gave it all away.

The man sighs, rubbing his jaw that is covered with dark stubble. Why can’t most men be ugly? Like, damn, can puberty not get to you in all the right places, or?

“Fine.” Green Eyes says, a ghost of a smile on his face.

Fine what? Fine he is. Great, now nerdy Mabel is back with the Yoda fetish.

Before I can snap back at him, he’s lifting me up, and dropping me down into the seat, painfully. The new, angry part of me wants to kick him between the legs just like I had with Hayden, but the old Mabel, the good girl I’m trying my best to bury wants to ask this handsome piece of cow shit his name. But I’m being too stubborn right now to crack open my mouth.

“Stay.” He demands with his low, rough voice.

I sigh, crossing my arms over my chest before rolling my eyes in aggravation. When he sits back down in the empty seat beside me I can’t help but scoot a little away from him, huffing out a breath. He’s too attractive for his own good, and some part of me feels like even he knows he’s good looking. Looks like Jesus spent a lot of time on this one.

“I’m not a damn dog.” I fire back lowly when the professor continues on with his lesson.

A low chuckle rumbles from his chest, his broad, muscled shoulder shaking with silent laughter. He kicks me in the ankle painfully with his mud covered work boots, causing a wince to make itself welcome on my face.

“You sure about that, Pooh Bear?”

For what seems like the thousandth time in just under a minute, I scowl at him, crossing my legs. Green Eyes here is about to see a side of me that even Hayden hasn’t seen, and boy wouldn’t that be a sight for sore eyes.

“Don’t call me that.” I kick him in the ankle, payback.

Again, he doesn’t show any sign of pain, which only seems to fluster me more. I kick him in the ankle again, this time harder, hard enough to even hurt my own foot. The only hint that gives away the pain I have caused him is his large, callused fingers curl around the armrest of his chair. I smile.

“By the way,” he whispers huskily in my ear after a moment of silence from the both of us. “Nice bra, Pooh Bear.”

Oh boy.

Thankfully, I get through the rest of the day without causing yet another scene, or running into Hayden, or even Green Eyes for that matter. I don’t know what I would have done if I happened to run into either of the two, both of them just manage to piss me off with nothing but their presence. Maybe I do have this whole ‘bad girl’ thing down pat, right? Or maybe I’m just a dumb brunette with boyfriend issues. The world may never know.

Walking out to the parking lot where I had parked my shitty truck, the cold air nips at my flustered cheeks when the wind picks up, causing the bare tree branches to blow in the breeze. They have always kept it pretty warm in the college, which means by the end of the day I’m all flustered, and too hot to be comfortable. I’m truly grateful for the cold, December weather that cools my heated skin. When I come just a few parking spaces down from my baby blue pick up, I stop abruptly, nearly dropping the textbooks in my hand. Speak of the fucking devil.

There he is, leaning against the bed of my truck. How he knows it’s mine, I don’t know, but there he is, staring at me with his bright green eyes, a smug, knowing smirk on his attractive face. He looks so rough, and as much as I hate to admit it, he does look like an overly edgy bastard. This is great, just great. The denim jacket he wears is slightly baggy, even for him, the sleeves rolled up to his forearms to show off the veins, and a single tattoo. God, I hate how he’s so different from Hayden, I hate how he holds himself so damn confidently. Now that I can see him in better lighting, I take note of the small scar that stretches over his left eyebrow, which is quirked when he catches me staring.

I was just observing. Nothing else.

“Hey, Pooh Bear.” He’s the first to break through the silence with his rough, husky voice.

I narrow my eyes at him, hitching my bag higher up on my shoulder. He’s so... dark, I hate it. Crossing my arms over my chest, I pop out a hip, glaring at him through my long lashes. Green Eyes here is about to be on the receiving end of my anger if he doesn’t get off my truck, and walk in the opposite direction, preferably off a cliff.

“Don’t call me that.” I growl, yanking the truck’s keys out of my back pocket.

The corners of his lips tug into a small smirk, his lip piercing glinting in the sun’s light. I’m in a sudden rush to get away from Green Eyes here, and I quickly scurry to the driver’s side, jamming the keys into the lock. I jerk my hand to the side, the cold metal biting into the tips of my fingers as I unlock my truck quickly. Slipping my backpack off my shoulders, I yank the door open, but just before I can hop in Green Eyes’ hand reaches out, slamming it shut. My heart hammers in my chest, my eyes wide as I gape at his large hand splayed against my truck door, a few small, pale scars littering his fingers.

“You’re funny.” He chuckles, flicking his tongue against his lip ring.

Please God, have mercy.

I scowl at him before pushing his hand off my vehicle, gripping the metal handle to the driver’s side door again. I don’t make eye contact with Green Eyes, because if I do, I just might not be able to stop making eye contact. Just when I’m about to open the door again his rough, callused hand grips my bare wrist, preventing me from getting in my own car.

“And you’re annoying.” I shoot back, yanking my arm from his grasp.

He grunts unattractively, dark eyebrows knitting together in a scowl that only seems to make him all the more attractive. Curse his godly looks, and confident aura. After a few moments of tense silence, and us glaring at one another, Green Eyes leans against my truck again, crossing his arms over his broad chest. He’s a strange male, even the way he dresses is odd to me. Denim jacket unbuttoned to show a solid black undershirt, dark jeans, and a pair of dirty, muddy brown work boots. Only one word can describe him, and that is none other than: strange.

“I need a ride.” He say after a long period of silence.

I roll my eyes.

“Sorry, buddy, but I’m not a taxi, I’m not your Uber driver, and I’m sure as hell not your friend. Hope it doesn’t decide to snow, because it looks to me like you’ll be walking.” I instantly find myself firing back, shocking myself, and Green Eyes.

He runs a hand through his black hair, looking at me with his dangerous green eyes. Can he stop looking so attractive? Even for a split second? My question is answered with a quick no the moment he wets his lips with his pink tongue, stuffing his cold-bitten fingers into the pockets of his denim jacket for slight warmth. Green Eyes pushes himself off the side of my truck using his shoulder for momentum, his boots kicking up gravel.

“I saved you from getting yourself into a lot of trouble in there, so I think I should get something in return.” He responds.

Great, now I’m apparently in debt with Satan’s child.

Narrowing my eyes at him, I shake my head, crossing my arms over my chest again. He’s funny if he actually thinks I will fall for his stupid little tricks, and games. Without saying a word to him, I pop my door open, jumping in. I grip the keys in my frozen hands before forcing it into the truck’s ignition, starting it up. I roll down the window instantly, being blasted with cold air once again, and it only causes me to shiver. That, and the challenging look in his eyes.

“I don’t owe you shit.” I state matter-of-factly.

He smiles boyishly, revealing perfect dimples in his cheeks that only seem to make him all the more attractive.

“Just you wait, Pooh Bear, just you wait.” The chuckle that escapes his lips is deep, almost booming laughter.

I turn up the heat instantly, placing my icy fingers in front of the heaters in hopes they will warm up soon. It seems to have gotten colder in the short hours that I was in school, which is one thing I’m not quite happy about. I’ve never been a huge fan of the cold, though I do enjoy wearing baggy sweaters, and boots. But it’s just so damn cold for my liking.

“Don’t call me that.” I grumble before backing out of my parking space, and speeding out of the parking lot.

Looking in the rear view mirror, I watch as Green Eyes continues to stand in the parking lot, his figure growing smaller the more I drive in the opposite direction, and that alone brings a smile to my face.

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