Our Barbie Dream House

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Chapter Six


Everyone knows everyone in this small town called Seeder Grove, and with small towns always comes gossip. Rumors are always spread like wildfire across town, which doesn’t ever surprise me since this small town is basically nothing but elderly who apparently have nothing better to do than to spread rumors about whoever. But guess who is officially the topic of the week. Yeah, you guessed it right. Me.

I hear the Baker’s daughter has gone nuts in the head.

Or my personal favorite: Did you know the Baker’s daughter spent a year in the mental wellness center the town over?

They couldn’t be more wrong.

But maybe I have gone nuts in the head, since old Mabel would never pull a stunt like this one. Old Mabel Baker would never have bought two cans of spray paint from the local hardware store. Old Mabel Baker would never have had such a chaotic idea in the first place. But I wish she would have, because all of this is too exhilarating, and head rushing not to.

I should have been like this before, I should have been completely angst, and carefree, and rebellious. Because maybe if I were, then maybe I could’ve seen the signs of Hayden cheating on me a lot sooner. Maybe I could have dated someone completely different, someone that wasn’t him.

Old Mabel Elizabeth Baker never would have climbed up the side of a large, blue house to the balcony on the second floor with a backpack on her back full of spray paint.

Nope. Old Mabel never would have done that, but I’m doing it now. I’m climbing up to Hayden’s bedroom window with Riley just below, laughing like the maniac she is. Sure, I may be taking things a bit out of proportion, but where’s the fun in that if I don’t. I want to make him pay for cheating on me, for thinking I would let him get by with it. Kicking him in the balls earlier isn’t enough for me, I want more.

“Mabel, hurry up! I’m getting tired of looking at your ass.” Riley groans beneath me.

I find myself wiggling my butt in her face, successfully managing to stifle my laughter just in case Hayden might hear. But Riley on the other hand does not. She giggles loudly, causing the happy sound to echo off the side of his house, and spread across the large, empty property.

“You love my ass.” I say back, smacking my butt with my hand for effect.

Her giggles become barks of wild laughter, which she doesn’t even try to contain.

“What ass?” She says in between breaths, causing me to gasp in response.

Rolling my eyes, I climb a bit higher, being careful not to use my injured hand too much. Riley continues on with her laughter as she follows up behind me, and part of me wants to let this backpack fall onto her, but I’m a good friend.

“If you don’t shut up, I’ll fart in your face.” I hiss when I get closer up to the window.

This gets her to shut up instantly, which has a victorious smile spreading across my face. Hoisting myself up, I swing my leg over the railing of Hayden’s balcony, swiftly landing on my feet. Without waiting for Riley to hurry her ass up, I quietly, and slowly pull open the glass balcony doors. The lights are out in his room, full sized bed unmade with an abundance of pillows littering the mattress. I remember all the times I had came over to Hayden’s house when his parents weren’t home, just lying in his bed. Back then I thought those were the best moments of my life, but now I realize that I was so damn wrong. So damn naive.

Tears spring to my eyes at the memories we had, reliving every single one of them in my mind. I don’t allow myself to cry though, I force the dreaded tears down, clearing my throat. I walk further into his large room, notice the hundreds of framed pictures that are hung on his dark blue walls. There’s a photo of the two of us, sitting in the green grass of a field on the night of the Fourth of July from two years ago. I was so happy then– happy with him.

“Are we gonna get this show on the road, or what?” Riley’s excited voice nearly makes me jump.

I turn to look at my best friend after plastering a smile on my face, nod my head before dropping the black backpack to the carpeted floor. Bending down, I unzip my bag, and toss a can of black spray paint to Riley. Of course the girl catches it since she has reflexes for days.

“Go at it, sister.” I chuckle, pulling out my own spray paint can.

Thankfully no one is home to see us vandalizing Hayden Myers’ bedroom, or us both Riley, and I would be in deep shit that I doubt either of us would be able to get ourselves out of. Shaking my can of spray paint, I begin to paint the walls of Hayden’s room, painting the word ‘cheater’ onto the blue surface.




My cell phone rings, and I groan loudly. Riley laughs from behind me, but continues on with her oh so beautiful painting. By that I mean spray painting huge dicks onto his walls, if this isn’t best friend goals, then I don’t know what is, people. Pulling my phone out of my back pocket, I press the answer button before cradling my phone between my shoulder, and ear.

“Hello.” I chirp, spray painting a large heart onto the wall.

I slash across it with black spray paint.

“Mabel?” My dad’s voice is worried, but I can tell he’s trying his best to stifle it. “Where are you? What are you doing?”

I chuckle into the phone. My father must be surprised by my happy attitude right now, since I’m sure he heard me wreaking havoc over my bedroom earlier. But completely destroying my ex-boyfriend’s bedroom brings up my spirits, how can it now? Dropping the spray can when it runs out of paint, I twist around to take a look at Riley’s work, though I’m shocked when I see her pulling down her skinny jeans.

‘What are you doing?!’ I mouth to her, but the only response I get is a evil smile before she takes a seat on his bed.

Holy shit.

“Oh you know, just some remodeling.” I reply into the phone.

My dad huffs out a breath, shuffling feet the only thing I can really hear on the other end. I can’t help but laugh loudly when Riley begins to release her bladder onto Hayden’s blankets, and mattress.

Yup, this is friendship goals.

“I saw you ‘remodeled’ your room,” he chuckles into the phone. “So I guess that means your definition of remodeling is a hell of a lot different than mine.”

I smile despite the fact that he can’t see me, shaking my head in silent laughter. Riley stands upright, finally pulling up her ripped skinny jeans, and makes her way towards the wall that is covered in different photos. She takes a picture from the wall, the picture of Hayden, and I, and she drops it onto the floor. Riley glances over at me to see my expression, but I don’t allow myself to show any emotion as she lifts up her foot, stomping onto the picture with her boot. The sound of glass shattering is louder than my breaking heart.

“I have reasons for all of this, daddy,” I tell my father, tears forming in my eyes. “Please don’t be disappointed in me.”

Walking over to the picture wall, I knock off a picture, joining Riley in crushing the ones of Hayden, and me. He broke our relationship, he completely ruined something that was so good. He completely ruined me, and now I’m not the same Mabel Baker anymore. One picture catches my eye, a small photo of the day that meant so much to me. In the photo I’m beaming at the camera, smiling widely with my cap, and gown on, diploma in hand. But the thing that makes me pause the most is that Hayden’s arm is slung over my shoulder, but he isn’t looking at me. No, he’s looking at a beautiful blonde off to the side, his blue eyes glinting with something. I don’t remember him ever looking at me like that, with all the love in the world. And the thing that hurts the most is that it was the same girl from the Mayor’s banquet, the same blonde female he kissed.

“I could never be disappointed in you,” I completely forgot I was on the phone with my father until he speaks. “You’re my beautiful, and independent daughter.”

I palm the tears out of my eyes before hitting the picture off the wall, stomping on it the same exact way Hayden Myers stomped on my heart with his two hundred dollar shoes.

It’s late at night when I finally make it back to my neighborhood. Riley had offered to give me a ride, but I instantly declined since I wanted to be alone. After seeing all those pictures, all the memories we shared, I just completely lost all of my energy. I just completely lost my ability to hold back the tears, so I cried my whole walk home. It’s pathetic, I know, but there’s still some small part of me that loves Hayden, even after he cheated on me. Hayden Myers meant everything to me, I loved him more than I loved myself, but apparently the feelings weren’t mutual.

The street lights flicker above me when I come to a stop in front of my house, the cold wind blowing through my hair. Part of me doesn’t even want to go back home, I don’t want to see my destroyed room, or hear my mother yelling. I just want to go somewhere, anywhere, to forget about the events that have been taking place in my life. But I have nowhere to go since my only friend is Riley Juvers, and that’s the way it has always been. Without thinking, I plop down painfully on the cement curb, stuffing my fists into the pockets of my baggy sweatshirt.

My hand still hurts from my rampage.

I know I must look a bit unsettling since after all I am sitting on the side of the street at half past midnight in the freezing cold. I honestly don’t know what part is the saddest. The fact that I don’t have anyone else other than my only friend Riley, or the fact that I don’t have a single fucking clue how to solve my own problems. Probably both.

“Sitting on the side of the road in dark clothes just might kill you, you know.” Someone says matter-of-factly from behind me.

Looking over my shoulder quickly, I’m met with none other than Green Eyes in all his dark, and mysterious glory. The poor man still looks like he’s been to hell, and back, his skin an unhealthy pale, and dark, enlarged pupils. There’s a new piercing on his face, one I didn’t see earlier today. Damn, he looks good with a septum piercing. But the thing I notice most about him is the thin white smoking stick he has balanced between two fingers. I scoff at him.

“Cigarettes just might kill you, you know.” I respond, an edge to my tone.

He smiles.

It’s a smile that seems forced, one that seems practiced, but it’s still beautiful. Green Eyes toys with his lip ring with the tip of his pink tongue before shrugging his shoulders, and he takes a long drag from the cancer stick. He puffs out the smoke from his nose, takes a single step closer.

“I just might kill myself before I’m even remotely affected by lung cancer.” He responds without a single hint of emotion in his voice, or on his face for that matter. “So I don’t really see the big deal.”

My lips part in surprise at his words. I’m not quite sure how to respond to that, so the only thing I can think of is to shuffle my feet awkwardly. I kick a rock out into the street with my converse, glance down at the cracked cement in silent thought. Without a single word, Green Eyes takes a seat on the curb beside me, taking another drag from his cigarette. I find myself glancing over at the man, watching intently as he runs a hand through his messy dark hair, the light from the street lamp hitting the metal piercing just under his nose. He looks over at me.

“What are you doing out here?” He questions.

Thinking about my failed relationship.

“I don’t want to go home.” I mutter. “What about you?”

The man nods, seeming as if he understands, but I’m not quite sure how he would. He’s silent a while, finishing off his cigarette before tossing it onto the cold ground. Smoke floats up into my nostrils from the small bud, and I watch as he grinds it into the cement with his boot. The green eyed man lets out a heavy sigh before flickering his gaze to the ground.

“Relishing in suicidal thoughts, and regret.”

Again, I’m not quite sure how to respond, so I just nod my head. The cold wind slowly begins to pick up, blowing through my brunette hair, and causing it to flow behind me. I don’t know how he isn’t freezing since he’s in nothing but a Slipknot t-shirt, and dark washed jeans, while I’m in a sweatshirt, and leggings, yet I’m still shivering my ass off.

“You look like hell.” I tell him.

He laughs a breathy laugh, nodding his head. Everything about this man seems so closed off, so cold, and dead. He looks like he wants to be dead, looks like he’s never been living in the first place. A small part of me begins to wonder what goes on in the mind of the man with green eyes, but I know I’d never be given the slightest chance to find out since he’s practically a total stranger to me.

“I feel like it.” He admits, popping his pale knuckles.

“I feel like hell too.”

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