Irrevocably His

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Chapter ten


I was in Ell’s office sitting behind her desk unusually psyched and impatient as well to open the package before me but I know it won’t be nice to do that because it was Ell’s and not mine. Finally after three days we got the whole message of that mysterious letter “I” with the red rose bouquet it was "I WANT YOU" .The second day the letter WANT came with four bouquet of the same red rose, each letter stuck to each bouquet and the next day the same drill with the letter YOU.

We still don’t know who it was from, but my gut said it was Dominic King for sure, when I told Ell, no insisted more likely that it was him she just shrugged nervously that she wish it wasn’t him. She told me it might be some creepy stalker, but me being me wanting all the goodness for her I told her not to be so negative. I truly wish it was Dominic; she deserves the best, after what that spineless man did to her, if you guys are confused I am referring to her no good ex Richard.

I really didn’t like the guy, and thanks to God he is permanently out of her life. Ell is very soft hearted, very sincere and kind hearted person and sometimes a bit too gullible too for her own good. And Richard knew that, he had issues with his parents so he used Ell as his emotional therapist for comfort and company, the nerve of him. It was like Ell was the giver in the relationship and he was there because he needed her.

I met Richard the other day outside a cafe near central park I was there to meet a client. He had the audacity to ask how Ell was so I told him it was none of his concern and we argued for a bit and my anger got the better of me I punched him squarely on his pretty face, I am not a violent person but I could not control myself in front of him. That felt really good actually, it was my way of taking out my years of pinned up anger I had for him for the countless times he made my friend cry.

Ell is not just my friend but she is like a sister to me she is my family and I feel so protective of her, I have this big sisterly protectiveness when it comes to her. I just hope this guy Dominic is not using her just for fun, because I know Ell denies it so much but I know for sure she is attracted to him, otherwise she would never ever sleep with someone she just met. Oh hell she just lost her virginity to that spineless man just three years back and also they were not that active anyway. In case you are wondering we talk about everything so I know these things.

Arabella is quite conservative compared to me, that’s the reason why she was so adamant on sticking with Richard even though she was the one who struggled a lot to keep their relationship working, it was like for her “Richard is my first boyfriend and I lost my virginity to him so I’ll do my best to make the relationship work and marry him”, I thought it was ridiculous of her to think that way but that’s just her.

I lost mine when I was 19 and since then I had lot of lovers after that, this romance Prince charming happily ever after is not my thing. Casual is always cool with me and it is going to stay that way for a long time unless someone changes my mind but even if I don’t find that someone I’ll be fine too. But Ell is just the opposite of how I think in this department she is a hopeless romantic.

My mind is once again diverted towards that package sitting on the table before me and yes the bouquet of red rose is also present too, I’m itching to find out who the person is and what the package contains too, yesterday we were told by the delivery man that the owner of the flowers would reveal his identity today. Ell went out to meet her client actually make that ours because I am assisting her too for this case. Just when I thought I would call her and find out when she would be coming back she stomped into the office with a scowl on her face.

Sitting behind the table on her chair,“I swear Jemi this Mr. Steward is going to make our life a living hell if Linda does not agree to settle it outside court, he is building false acquisitions towards her and to top that threatening her, we need to really study and investigate this man thoroughly before the case starts, also insure Linda’s safety.”

Clearly my friend was so engrossed with the case because she haven’t even given a glance at the large bouquet and the package on the table, I decided to take the initiative to declare it to her of its presence the discussion of the case can wait for a bit, “Ell don’t worry we have handled far worse people, it will be fine, hmm so today is the fourth day Ell care to check out the package before you?” I gestured my hand towards the package.

Ell finally gave her full attention towards the package, her eyes widen at the package and the flower before her,“Ah! I completely forgot about it, I am scared to know who it will be at least the suspense of not knowing who it was made me less anxious and now I’ll know who it will be and I won’t know how I would deal with that person,” saying that she lifted the package from the desk and unwrapped the package, it was a black velvet square box.

She gasped as she opened the box and took out the contains of the box it was a jeweled vintage looking hair comb accessory,″my goodness Dominic he didn’t,” saying that she dropped the hair comb accessory back in the box and rummage through the bouquet for the note and as she read the note, her eyes widen and she was blushing profusely her cheeks turning crimson.

I could not take the suspense anymore so I took the note from her hand and read the note out loud,” My Arabella, waking up alone on the bed and reading your message that it was just a one time between us with no strings attached, made me go crazy baby. But I understand, maybe I rushed you too fast, I still feel the warmness of your body and miss those lips which I long to kiss senselessly. I want you baby and I always get what I want, you can run and hide and avoid me but you can’t hide from me forever. I intend to have you whole body, mind and heart and I’ll have you because you belong to me. I’ll see you soon. DOMINIC KING."

Arabella’s ( POV )

Reading it on my mind was different but hearing it out loud send shivers all over my body, there were butterflies on my stomach and I felt so suffocated I could not breathe. Somehow at the back of my mind I wanted it to be Dominic but now that it has actually been confirmed I was even more confused with the mixed feeling I had ,I was excited, annoyed and scared at the same time, the rainbow of emotions going through me was suffocating me, I was lost for words.

“What did I tell you Ell? I told you it was Dominic. My he is sexy this guy is kind of like a bad ass romantic, he is crazy about you Ell judging by the note, I don’t think you can avoid him you need to confront him and settle whatever this is going on between you guys.”

Sighing deeply, “No I won’t meet him; I’ll send him back the package. This hair comb accessory is massively expensive; I saw this in a boutique we went. I never knew he saw me admiring it, at least I was hoping he didn’t.”

“Aw that’s so sweet of him Ell. See he was attentive towards you, that show he is really interested in you; I’m not into romance as you know but this guy sure knows how to romance making me rethink of romance all over again. Oh crap! Forget I said that still not interested in romance but what’s all said and done Ell I think you should seriously think of giving him a chance.”

“I don’t know Jemi, and I don’t want to figure out too, I’m too confused about my feelings right now, I just broke up with Richard and now Dominic. It’s just too much, I need space and time to think,” I glanced at the hair accessory before me. So he did witness my Gollum moment then, I smiled at the thought.

“So tell him that instead of just pushing him away,” urged Jemi.

“I don’t think I can face him,” I sighed tugging my hair behind my ears.

“Okay fine don’t meet him face to face until you are ready then. But you can at least send him a note or message him, you still have his number right?”

“Yes I have, but I blocked him the moment I send him the message. Jemi as much as I want this hair accessory I can’t have it, do you know it cost some $5000 for this small thing?“I said shaking my head in disbelieve.

“It will be rude Ell but I get it, send it along with a note then, tell him you need space and time to think, but make sure you emphasize on telling him that you will get back to him once you are done thinking.”

“Okay I’ll do that.” I replied half half-heartedly.

“Good, so anyways Michael called me earlier to go clubbing later. Let’s go yea? It’s been long I want to get wasted and hook up with some guy this all work and no play is making me age more.”

I chuckled and rolled my eyes at her statement. “Sure his usual hang out right?”

“Yep, Cloud 9 his cousin’s.” Getting up from the chair,” Fine then let’s move out from here by 5, I told him we will be there by 7,” with that Jemi moved out of my office leaving me with my thoughts on Dominic. I started writing the note and once I was done I told Alex to make arrangements to send the package to Dominic’s office, which I found the address through Google. Still with his message lingering on my mind I buried myself in work.


There was a knock on the door, Dominic was just preparing himself for the board meeting with his share holders which he was about to attain to in 20 minutes he said to come in without glancing up from his Mac book.

“Sir a package arrived for you just now “said the soft warm voice, Dominic finally glanced up and focused on the person before him, it was his long time PA Mrs. Janis Wilson. She walked towards him and left the package on the desk and walked out not before reminding him about the board meeting with his share holders in ten minutes.

Dominic unwrap the package before him which had a small note and a familiar looking black velvet box, not bothering to open the box he kept the box on the desk and diverted his attention towards the note.

He began reading it, ”Dominic, Hi thank you for the flowers they were beautiful and I am sorry I cannot accept this hair accessory, you know why but thank you for the generous gesture. I am sorry if I have hurt you in any way it was not my intention, right now I’m going through some things, let’s just say it’s complicated. I need time and space to think to regroup myself and I don’t expect you to wait for me too. I hope you understand. It was a onetime thing and I hope we both move on from here with no bitterness. Take care. Arabella."

Anger boiled up in him he could not believe how stubborn she was about her feelings. He lean his head on the chair closing his eyes thinking to himself, “I get that she wants space and time but telling me to move on, well that’s not going to happen Arabella, you are mine and like I said I’ll have you by any means, I think its time I pay a little visit to you baby, “he smirked. His mind remembering her kissable lips, the scent of her body the feel of her beside him that made him aroused just thinking about her.

“Tomorrow baby I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said out loud.

Just then his PA knocked and informed him that it was time for the meeting with his shareholders. He stood up from his chair, deposited the note and the box in the mahogany desk door and straightened his slim fit dark grey Armani blazer buttoning it which fitted his perfectly sculpted body and walked out of his office for the meeting.

Arabella’s ( POV )

“Hey angels this way” shouted Michael Coban from the entry of the club, “Ooh look at you two, dressed to tempt the devil,” said Michael eyeing both of us up and down with great interest.

“Thanks bitch, get me drunk and help me hunt a hunk,” Jemi called out making me chuckle.

“Sure Jemi my bitch. Ah ha someone’s dressed quite not like her today, “Michael gave me a sly smile enveloping me in a bear hug. He was a hugely build guy 6 feet tall with jade black hair and a boyishly handsome face.

“Thanks Mic, now let us to the bar I am in a mood for red snapper.” I returned.

“I like this version of you, Greece was a good call,” Holding my hand he led us towards the bar.

“Will order shots too, three shots each per person what say,” Jemi suggested eyeing both of us.

“Bring it on and Ell you are joining us too, “Michael enthusiastically chimed in rubbing his palms together.

I lifted both my hands in defeat,” Fine but I’m having my red snapper too.”

Once we were done with the shots, Jemi suggested we go hit the dance floor. After dancing for like good 20 minutes or so I decided to get a drink. I went to the bar and ordered a red snapper; sipping on the drink I diverted my gaze towards the dance floor. I saw Jemi with a tall blond guy and Michael with his boyfriend Dan, dancing very intimately.

I smiled looking at them. Jemi is a beautiful woman with her curvaceous body and pixie cut blond hair and hazel eyes she always looked gorgeous and hot. Guys never failed to notice her. She is a confident woman; I feel her confidence is an inborn thing. Before coming to the club I had to play a little bit of dug of war with her on what to wear, she won’t take no for an answer for the dress I was wearing. The dress belongs to her.

Finally defeated I reluctantly wore the black halter backless body con dress, I tied my hair up in a messy bun and except for the silver enter linked zircon bracelet I wore no jewellery and completed the whole look with my silver Eloise cross over strap stiletto heels and a black clutch.

“Red snapper, that’s a good choice, “said a deep voice next to my right. I tilted my head towards the voice to see who the person was, his blue eyes and his handsome features got my attention, he was a very good looking man, and he had that easy charm about him not like the dark brooding handsome devil may care looks of Dominic, since I didn’t make a move to say anything. He continued,” saw you dancing earlier, you are a good dancer, mind if I have a dance beautiful?”

He is a smooth talker I thought, “I am done for tonight.” I smiled at him

“My bad, should have make my move when I saw you earlier,” Blue eyes fixed on mine and then my lips.” You are very beautiful.”

I muttered a small thank you blushing at his bold comment.

His eyes still fixed on me, “since I’m denied the dance, how about I buy you your next drink.”

Glancing down at my nearly empty drink,” Sure. Thanks.”

After ordering our drinks he gave his full attention towards me once again, he stretched his right hand towards,” I am Sebastian Collins and what’s yours beautiful?”

I acknowledged the hand gesture,” Arabella Dickens” I smiled. I realized I was smiling too much, obviously the affect of alcohol.

Still holding my hand,” beautiful name for a beauty, but I’m going to call you beautiful,” he winked at me, what a flirt I thought in my head. Taking my hand back from his grasp I just smiled at him and took a sip of my drink.

“How about I take you out for dinner tomorrow.”

Before I could answer him, a familiar male voice from behind me answered for me, “sure she would love to hunky,” I turned and of course it was my best friend Michael.

I glared at him for saying that but he just ignored it and walked towards Sebastian, “Give me your phone hunky,” both Sebastian and I gave a confused look at him.

Dramatically rolling his eyes,” well hello you would need her number right to take her out for dinner?”

“MIC” I thundered at him.

Sebastian chuckled and handed his phone to Michael, he took it and saved my number,” there I saved it and saved it as beautiful.”

Saying that he dragged me down from the bar stool and shouted, “I hope you don’t go around calling every girl you meet beautiful, but I tell you my friend is one of a kind,” he winked at Sebastian.

Sebastian chuckled and eyes fixed at me, “yes she is.”

“Hunky I’m sorry but I have to take her away, you can meet her tomorrow.”

“Mic I am standing right here.” I glared at him, obviously very annoyed.

He rolled his eyes shaking his head, “bye hunky, it was nice meeting you,” He called out as he led me towards the exit of the club.

Before we headed towards the exit, I glanced back one last time towards the bar; blue eyes were still fixed on me. I gave a small smile at him expecting him to smile back how stupid of me to think that because he puckered his lips at me blowing an air kiss minus the open palm. My eyes widen at that and he just smirked. I quickly turned away from him and walked towards the exit and out of the club.

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