Irrevocably His

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Chapter twelve

Arabella’s (POV)

The door bell rang again, I was feeling quite agitated what if it was Dominic again, I won’t be able to face him second time in just a short span of time. I was still yet to recover from what just happened a minute ago. I slowly walked towards the door and looked through the peep hole relieved washed over me when I saw the person standing at the other side of the door. I quickly opened the door and smiled at my best friend; she smiled back and said while walking towards the dining area, “so we had a visitor huh,” giving me that knowing look.

We both occupied the chairs at the dining area, “yes Dominic dropped by. Did you meet him in the hallway?” I said glancing at her.

Stretching her hands upwards in a lazy way,” Yes I did and I gave him that talk, that “if you hurt her I’ll hurt you talk.” She deadpanned.

I let out a soft laugh when she said that, that’s Jemi for you ever the protective about me and yes of course I’ll do the same for her too, “do you want me to fix breakfast for you?“I asked.

“Nah I’m fine, I enjoyed breakfast in bed with Robin, “she gave me a wicked mischievous smile.

“Oooh someone had fun,” I teased and we both laughed.

“So tell me what happened between the two of you, tell me all the details. Gosh!!You know what I’m not surprise he found out our home address, Ell I am positive he won’t stop till he gets you. Okay enough of it tell me what happened?” she asked curiously resting her right hand on her chin.

I told her everything starting from my embarrassing moment while opening the door and yes of course the rather rough kiss we shared....“I don’t know why he had to kiss me, it’s becoming more and more complicated, and yes you are right I don’t think he is going to go away any time soon. I don’t trust him Jemi, but then again it’s not him that is the problem here actually, it’s me, I am sacred to trust guys right now, I know I shouldn’t generalize like this but, beginning they all act like they would even give you the moon if they could but once they manage to warm your heart towards them, they back stab you very badly and I don’t want to go through it again, it’s just so painful. I am tired of the heart ache the humiliation, crying myself to sleep.” My cracked and tears suddenly found its way down my cheek. I was so tired and frustrated but this time the frustration the pain was not because of Richard but it was because of Dominic.

Why is that the person I met just some few days ago could affect me this much, the hurtful feelings I got through Richard is still there but it’s not that raw any more. Instead it is replaced with something else and I am afraid to acknowledge it, because I strongly feel I have to protect myself.

Jemi reached out her hand towards me giving my hand a gentle squeeze in a reassuring way,” We will get through this together Ell, time heal everything. But I just want you to at least give Dominic a chance to prove himself, no I am not telling you to be in a relationship with him right away, take your time. What I am saying is don’t cut him off completely like you did last time.”

“I don’t know Jemi.” I mumbled looking down.

Leaning her back on the chair stretching her leg and folding her arms over her chest, she eyed me seriously, “please be honest with me, are you attracted to Dominic just answer with a yes or no, remember we belong to the no judgment club.”

I nodded and with all honesty,” Yes,” I confessed fiddling with my fingers which were rested on the table.

“See its simple as that, Ell there is nothing wrong in being attracted to someone. Yes it is true you had a bad break up with Richard and yes it was a long relationship six years of getting used to someone, being close, that person becoming a part of your life and then suddenly not having that person in your life I get that, but come on do you honestly plan on torturing yourself like this crying and moping about a milk that has already been spilled?” She said.

" You are right Jemi I have to really try to move on and find happiness but to be honest I was sort of embarrassed of how quickly I got attracted to Dominic not long after everything fell apart with Richard.” I confessed my truth gaining some clarity and assurance from her words.

“Oh come on Ell there is no reason for you to be embarrassed about, you are human after all. Dominic came into your life when you were in a bad place you were betrayed by the person you trusted and here he was giving you all his attention, his antics, the length he goes in making you feel very special, who wouldn’t get attracted and to top that he is so good looking I mean if we have to include that department too of why you are attracted to him. Don’t be too hard on yourself.” She admonished.

I nodded in agreement,” Thanks Jemi for understanding, you are right I have nothing to be embarrassed about and yes Dominic did make me feel very special the attention he bestows on me, I never got that from Richard now come to think of it. I wonder how come I allowed myself to be treated as a second priority in his life all those years; it was like I had to adjust everything for him.” I was having an epiphany from all my circumstances. And it was a bitter sweet.

Throwing her hands on the air in a thank God way, “See that’s what I have been trying to tell you and make you see all those years, it’s okay now he is gone out of your life, just dust it off and think and concentrate on moving forward.”

“Yes I will, I’ll do just that after all everything happens for our own good right.” I stated smiling at her. This was said more to me than to her. Yes indeed everything whether it is good or bad at the end of the day everything does happen for our own good and even if it doesn’t; You still dig a away to make it good, make the best of everything.

She smiled back,” It is Ell; it is, just give...“our conversation was interrupted by the ringing of the door bell. Jemi got up from the chair and moved towards the door murmuring “who could that be,” as she opened the door, I heard a voice of a man saying, “I have a delivery for Miss Arabella Dickens, are you her?”

“No I’m not, hey Ell come over here please.” Jemi called out.

I stood up from the chair and walked towards the door and there he was standing with a big bouquet of red roses. I wasn’t curious as to who it was from, I knew for sure it was from Dominic. Jemi took the flower from him and the small package too as I signed the received section of the notepad which the delivery person handed to me.

Closing the door behind I walked towards the dining area where Jemi was already seated and sat myself down too and opened the package it was the familiar black velvet box and I knew instantly what it was, I didn’t need to open it to confirm me of its contents, it was attached with a note that said.

“Baby this hair accessory should graze only your hair and no one else’s please accept this. I miss you already; please meet me for dinner tonight? Or you tell me when, I’ll wait for it but please don’t ignore me. It will be of no use because I am not going anywhere, I am crazy about you and it’s driving me insane. And baby please unblock me from your phone, you know I can contact you from different number right. See you soon my Arabella. “I smiled as I finished reading the note, lost in my thought about him that I forgot Jemi was seating across me. I was brought back from my thoughts of him by Jemi’s voice, “anything special on the note?“She asked curiously.

I handed the note to her and once she was done reading she was smiling too, “See I told you he is not going anywhere, Ell give him a chance. Take it slow and sees where it let you guys.”

“Yes I think I’ll do that, I’ll message him now and thank him for the flowers and the hair accessory, “saying that I went to my room to get my phone, once I settled myself in the chair, I unblocked him and messaged him, ”hey Dominic thank you so much for the flowers and the hair accessory I love it, about dinner can we take some time for that. I am comfortable just messaging and talking on the phone for now.”I pressed the send button and placed the phone on the table, while ignoring the message from the guy from the bar from last night, Sebastian Collins.

“By the way, Jemi are we still meeting your Aunt for lunch?”

“Yep, she told us to meet her at her bar at 12 which leaves us only an hour, I think we should get ready, “she said absentmindedly scrolling her phone, she was laughing at whatever she saw on the phone.

“Okay let’s get ready then, and Jemi what say we catch up on a movie at the theatre later in the evening? We can call Michael too to join us.” I suggested.

Keeping her phone down on the table she said grinning, “Sorry Ell, I have a date with Robin later in the evening.”

“Interesting, how is he? Now it’s your turn to spill everything.” I returned eagerly.

“Well, how should I start? Hm he is definitely good in the sack, excellent lo...”

“Jemi, not the bedroom details please, “I interrupted her laughing.

“What!! That’s one of the reason I agreed to meet him again, boring under the sack is a big NO for me you know that, speaking of which you never told me how Dominic was under the sack,” She wiggled her brows giving me a sly smile.

I blushed crimson, she may be comfortable in divulging all the details about her sex life but I keep it in the minimal, I am so shy to talk about it in detail even though she is my best friend, “shut up!! Jezz,“I rolled my eyes, “we are not talking about me, we are talking about Robin and you tell me more about him apart from the sex.”

“Okay if you want to be shy I’ll stop, “she laughed lifting her hands in surrender still not letting go without having a go at teasing me. She knows how I am about these things but she always manages to tease me for it.

I pressed my lips tightly together raising a brow waiting for her to stop laughing and start talking.

Finally she stopped laughing and continued speaking, “Well Robin is an artist he has a studio here in Brooklyn. He is also into casual dating which is very cool for me because you know I do the same and he is easy to get along with. We decided to get to know each other better and spend time together with no sealed commitment, we are free to date others too, I like him Ell, and so I want to get to know him.”

“That’s great Jemi, but you are sure about it right? About being casual because If you start liking him so much and didn’t want it to be a casual thing and want something more and he doesn’t, you might get hurt, “I know Jemi’s idle way of dating but I can’t help feeling concern about her.

“I understand where you are getting at Ell, if it does happen it’s okay I’ll be fine, at least we both clear on what we want right now, we are not pressuring nor expecting any sort of commitment from each other. We enjoy each other’s company and that’s the only thing I want to think about right now,” after a good few second pause she continued,” and besides Ell you know how your friend is, I do this kind of relationships this is my thing, I’ll be fine don’t worry.” She shrugged.

“Okay if you say so Jemi. You must introduce me to him then,”

“Sure no worries, in fact, I was going to do just that only, next week he has an exhibition. I was thinking of dragging you there and introduce you to him.”

“Oh cool.”

Looking at the time on the phone she said, “we better get ready Ell, otherwise will be late, you know how aunt is about timings “saying that she got up from the chair and went towards the fridge and took out a bottle of apple juice to drink.

I quickly check the message from Sebastian before getting up to get ready for the lunch. The message said, ”hey beautiful silent treatment huh, but I am also persistent and determined too, I always go for what I want and right now I want to get to know you. You owe me a dinner date😉, and I intend to have that date with you, “I snorted at that and said out loud unconsciously, “Yea right, like I would?”

“Huh? What happened Ell,“Jemi asked while throwing the apple juice bottle in the trash can.

“Michael happened!“I deadpanned frowning.

“What has he done now, prank you again?“She laughed.

“He gave my number to a random guy whom I wasn’t even planning to know him pass the club bar and now that guy has been messaging me since this morning asking for a dinner date.”

“I am not surprised only Michael would do something like that, by the way, I remember him telling me he is on a mission to get a guy for you.”

Shaking my head, “Unbelievable! Time to roast our dear friend alive.”

“Leave me out of the war, I am neutral,” she said raising both her hands in surrender and burst out laughing.

Laughing is contiguous they say and despite my annoyance, I burst out laughing too, in between laughs I said, “Let’s get ready and push off.”

Jemi nodded in agreement and walked towards her room and I did the same too.

Once we were done getting ready we went out and hailed a cab, I was wearing a spaghetti strap white lacy jump suit with a sweetheart neckline, my black gladiator sandal with gold studs, golden earrings. i let my hair down and carried my oversize black leather envelope clutch where I put all my basic necessities.

And as for Jemi she wore a rip blue skinny Jean which she folded at the bottom and wore a lose white t-shirt which was carelessly tight into a knot in the side, wore a beige boater hat and completed the look with a peep toe black leather angle boots and a medium size black studded tote handbag.

Once we were inside the cab I received a message in WhatsApp from Dominic, it said, “sorry baby getting back to you now only, I was in a meeting. I am ready to do anything and however way you want us to be as long as you don’t ignore me and give us a chance. Missing you, don’t take too long to meet me, If you do I might end up kidnapping you 😜.What are you up to now?”

My lips stretched into a smile seeing his message, I replied,”Thanks Dominic for understanding. I am out now, have a lunch date," I smirked after sending that text.I just wanted to pull his leg wanting to see how he reacts to me going on a lunch date.

My subconscious rolled an eye at me,” very childish Arabella !” No sooner I send the message his call came, before I could even form the word Hello, his deep voice boomed in anger and jealousy?” Arabella what do you mean by lunch date, over my death body, I will ruin him. Don’t test my patience baby,” I was taken aback by his outburst and unconsciously, I didn’t mean it but I burst out laughing,“Baby seriously. You find this funny huh, tell me where you are I am coming to get you.” His voice steel and determined.

“No please, I was just pulling your leg,“Jemi gave a questioning look and I mouthed Dominic and she mouthed Oh and went back to staring out the window.

“Don’t provoke me, baby, you won’t like it. Tell me why is that you can go out for lunch with someone else but not with me?” His tone was hard and accusatory.

I took a long sigh, regretting my actions, “I am with Jemi, Dominic. We are having lunch with her Aunt like I said I was just pulling your leg. I am sorry okay?”

There was a good three second death silence and he finally spoke, his voice sounded lighter and warmer now, “You don’t have to say sorry baby, in fact I am the one who should be sorry for jumping into conclusions. Message me when you get home okay, I’ll call you.”

“Okay Dominic, what about you anything special planned today?”

“Nothing I do would be special if it’s not with you baby so No, I’ll just bury myself in work and go home.”

“Will don’t tire yourself so much,” just then the cab halted at our destination, so I had to end the call,“Dominic, I’ll catch up with you later okay. We have reached the place.”

“Sure, I really wish I was there with you baby, but like I said I am a patient man. Have a good time though and stay far away from other men,” he deadpanned.

Getting out of the cab, I chuckled as he said that,” Thanks I will have a good time Dominic, bye then.“I returned ignoring his last comment.

“Bye and I mean it stay away from another man.” Came his possessive words again.

I didn’t reply to that, I just said, “bye”, and hang up the phone. I found it very unreasonable that he would tell me not to talk with any men.

“Romance is in the air,” said Jemi as she tucks her hand under my arm, I smiled and we walked towards the bar where her aunt was waiting for us.

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