Irrevocably His

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Chapter fourteen (PART TWO)

Chapter 14-Part 2

It was 6:20 pm and I was already dolled up for the ball, I was alone, Jemi had to go to Robin’s studio to help him for his exhibition tomorrow, she said she will meet me at the venue of the ball. Dominic messaged me that he was on his way; the ball starts from 7:30 pm so there was still ample time. As I stood looking at myself in the mirror, an overwhelming sensation passed through me, the dress was such a masterpiece, my dear friend Mic was born to design clothes.

Since the dress was already heavily designed with embellishments, I opted out of wearing a necklace; I just wore a small star-shaped diamond stud which belonged to my mother. It was a gift from my father to her for their 10th marriage anniversary, the last they ever celebrated. For the hair I did loose romantic curls and brought it all together and let it fall to my left shoulder, pinning the other side of the hair with poppy pins and dolled it up with the vintage hair comb accessory. I skipped using the bold color on my lips and instead applied a nude peach color and instead enhance my green emerald eyes with a smoky dramatic look and applied a thick code of mascara. Satisfied with my look, I sat down on my bed and wore the metallic strappy four-inch heel, put my phone, compact, lips stick and some cash in my white square box clutch and walked out of my room towards the living room.

The doorbell rang and knowing who it was, my heart started pounding wildly, I kept the clutch on the center table near the sofa and nervously went towards the door. I inhaled a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves and with shaky hands, I opened the door.

He was standing there looking dapper and very handsome. He was wearing a black tuxedo with white shirt underneath and a black bow tie, all I can say was it knocked the breath out of me. I opened the door wide, giving him a soft smile, “Hi, come in.”

But he made no move to come in, he just stood there staring at me, his eyes roamed everywhere eyeing me with awe and adoration and lastly landed on my face, his grey-blue eyes gazing at me like I was some exotic species that he had seen for the first time and he had to memorize each part of me, so he could stick it to his memory forever. As I called out his name, he reacted quickly clearing his throat and walked inside the living room closing the door behind him, gazing at me with an adoring smile,“You look so beautiful baby,” He wrapped his hands around my waist,“Perfection.” He whispered his lips just a hairsbreadth away.

The closeness sends a tingling sensation throughout my body and I blushed under his intense gaze. I looked away because it was too much to handle.

He tilted my chin upwards with his hand making me meet his gaze,“don’t look away baby, don’t shy away from me. You don’t know how patiently I have been waiting to have this moment with you,” he pulled me closer as his hands hold my waist possessively and I put my hands on his chest as he gave a peck on my lips.

Sensing me relax on his arms no longer nervous, he devoured my mouth by giving me a searing kiss. I cling my hands around his neck and ran my hand through his soft dark hair. The kiss was so sensual, so full of longing from both side, it was as if we were trying to show each other how much we missed each other. The kiss went on and on and I finally had to break it because as much as I want it never to stop, we were getting late for the ball. Panting both of us out of breath, his gaze dark, hungry and wanting for more. Still hands around his neck,“we have to go, Dominic, we are getting late for the ball.”

He groaned in frustration,” I wish we could skip it and just stay here,” he nuzzled his nose against my right ear, which sent a jolt of electrifying sensation throughout my body.

Releasing me, he took out a navy blue velvet box from the pocket of his blazer. As he opened the box I couldn’t help but gasp. It was the most coveted Winston cluster diamond bracelet by Harry Winston. It was the most beautiful bracelet I had ever laid my eyes on.

Taking my right hand he put it on my wrist,” it looks more beautiful on you.” He said planting a kiss on my wrist.

“Dominic I can’t take this, you already got this dress for me, and it’s too much. I don’t like you splurging your money on me like this. Please return this bracelet.” I reasoned hoping he would not get offended.

“No, I won’t, you deserve the best. If you won’t wear it then no one can too, I’ll just let it sit in my closet drawer,” he retorted stubbornly.

I sighed, “Fine I’ll take it, thank you, it is really beautiful,” Pointing my right index finger on his chest,” but next time if you do this again, you will be in deep trouble.”

“We will see baby, we will see,” he chuckled giving me a peck on my lips.

Once we were out of my flat, he led me towards the waiting black Hammer Limo. I immediately recognized the tall hugely build man with black suit and a serious face; it was Arthur, Dominic’s driver as well bodyguard. I smiled at him,” Arthur it’s nice to meet you again, how are you?”

“Likewise Miss Dickens, I am doing good, hope you too,” He managed a smile despite his ready-made serious face.

“I am good,” I replied returning his smile. He opened the door of the Limo and Dominic ushered me in and Arthur drove towards us to the ball.

The charity ball was organized at the City Plaza. The ballroom was already packed with dozens of people both men and women all clad in their most expensive and stylish best, sipping on champagne. There was also an orchestra playing beautiful melodious classical pieces which were so pleasing to the ears, especially my ears as a matter of fact; I love classical music. I scanned the crowd for familiar faces, but to no avail, thinking I would spot them for sure, I went back to observing the decor and the people around me and enjoy Dominic’s company.

He was holding me possessively with his hand around my waist. It was amazing to notice how everywhere we went, both old and young, male and female stopped to greet him, men showed so much respect towards him and women sending me malicious glance towards me but longing looks towards him. Their behaviors just baffled and amazed me, clearly, he was no ordinary man and amongst the sea of people wanting his attention, his attention was solely focused only on me which I found it quite flattering and nice

We finally spotted my gang seated already leaving two empty chairs for us. I formally introduced Dominic to everyone, Jemi’s date was Robin and Mic’s was his boyfriend Dan. Mic ever the loud and expressive person could not openly stop gushing about us, like how we make the perfect couple.

Once the auction was over with and dinner is eaten, everyone stood up to hit the dance floor.

Dominic stood up and gestured his hand towards me,“may I have the pleasure of dancing with the gorgeous woman in this ballroom.” he playfully stated smiling bashfully at me.

“Sure,” I giggled as I gave my hand to him. He planted a kiss on the back of my hand and lead me towards the dance floor. His hand was wrapped around my waist and mine around his neck; our gaze locked into each other as our bodies slowly swayed to the music.

“I am the luckiest man alive, I don’t know how I got so lucky to have someone as precious as you in my life,” his eyes held so much sincerity.

“Really? I am flattered, Dominic.” I returned.

“It’s the truth baby,” he smiled pulling me closer towards him. I rested my head on his chest and we stayed like that, just moving with the music.


“Yes.” I lifted my head to meet his eyes.

“Let’s get out of here; I have a surprise planned for you.”

“Oh, yea.” I grinned.

“Yes,” he replied kissing my forehead.

“Let’s say bye to my friends first and meet Sandra too before we leave,” I suggested.

“Sure.” He returned.

We said our goodbyes to my friends and finally met up with the host Sandra Coban, Mic’s mother. She was so pleasant and warm as always, after catching up for a bit we said our goodbyes and as we were moving out of the ballroom, Dominic spotted one of his business associates, he wanted to go and greet him and since I wanted to use the comfort room, I told Dominic to go ahead I’ll be waiting for him at the lobby once I was done.

As I walked towards the comfort room, a strong tight grip yanked me to my left and into a corner. I was about to scream but then I realized it was my bitterness, anger boiled inside me.

“How dare you touch me,“I pulled my hand away from his grip.

“Well, why are you here with Dominic King?” He asked.

“Its none of your business Richard,” I spat out and started to walk away but he gripped my right arm tightly.

“You don’t know what kind of a person he is, he is a playboy, he is just using you and once he is done with you, he will just toss you away.” he pointed out.

Yanking my hand away again from his grip,“like you did to me huh, you have no right to tell me who I should and should not date, just get lost and get back to your superficial life and don’t you ever come near me or touch me again,” I stormed away from him not bothering to look back nor hear his reply and went inside the comfort room.

My heart beating was so erratic I thought it would jump out of my chest. I could feel my cheeks flushed with anger, how dare he tell me what’s good and what’s bad for me. But amongst my anger, I really didn’t feel the gut-wrenching pain I used to feel whenever I thought of him. Instead, I felt nothing but only anger and disgust for him. No!! I thought to myself, I will not let him spoil my evening with Dominic. Finally composing my self I took out the lipstick from the clutch and applied on my lips, as I was just putting back the lipstick in the clutch, a voice of a woman from behind me made me turn away from the mirror.

“So you are Dominic’s new flavor of the month huh,” she smirked grey eyes scrutinizing me up and down. She had red hair which was in big waves tumbling down generously stopping below her rib cage and full voluptuous lips, which was adorned with blood-red lipstick. She wore a white gown which had a deep plunge showing off her big rounded breast. Suddenly I felt so plain and dull in front of her.

“Excuse me?” I frowned, I was annoyed by her choice of words.

“I am Marilyn Santos I’m Dominic’s very special friend,” she tilted her chin up giving me a cold attitude.

Having just dealt with Richard, I didn’t want to have another altercation with whoever she was, so I decided to just ignore her and go away.

“Excuse me,” I murmured and walked towards the door, but before I could move out.

She spoke again,” Dominic likes it rough and hard, but not that you could satisfy him, no one does. At the end he always comes back to me, I am the only one who can make him happy in bed and outside of it. So enjoy your short time with him, which I am sure will be your last tonight,” pushing me to the side she walked away.

The episode with Richard and now with Marilyn became just too much for me. I walked straight outside, boiling with anger and frustration, tears started rolling down my cheek uncontrollably. To avoid people’s gaze, I stood in a corner my back leaning on the wall, I just let the tears fall. Were Richard and Marilyn true about Dominic, is he just going to toss me away once he is done with me and why my heart is hurting so much, why am I in pain.

Isn’t my heart supposed to be in pain seeing Richard? But instead why is it in pain thinking of the possibility that Dominic might just be playing me.

I had no answer for my sudden fickle heart right now. I just wanted to go home and so I took out my phone from my clutch to call a cab instead of calling my friends, I didn’t want to spoil their evening. Just then I received a message from Sebastian, telling me he is inside the ballroom, great maybe I should tell him to drop me home instead, I thought. Just as I began typing the message I was interrupted by Dominic’s voice.

“Arabella what are you doing outside; you said you would be waiting for me in the lobby. I was searching for you everywhere,” he held my hand and continued speaking,“come let’s go inside, my best friend arrived just now, I want to introduce you to him.”

I pushed him away and glared at him angrily, “as what, your new flavor of the month?” I spatted bitterly and hugged my arms to my chest to calm myself.

Raising a brow, “What? Come again? What makes you say such things?” He demanded.

“Your very special friend Marilyn told me so,” I pointed out.

He closed his eyes inhaling deeply as if he were gathering his thoughts. Opening his eyes he pulled me towards him, I tried pushing him, but I couldn’t match his strength,“Please don’t let her affect you, I can’t see you in distress like this.” He pleaded.

“Don’t lie, Dominic, I am not your plaything. Go back to her, she confidently told me how you always go back to her, leave me alone,” My voice cracked tears threatening to fall, I quickly looked away.

Tilting my chin up making me face him, his expression softening,“Arabella she means nothing to me I swear whatever I had with her was before we met. And there was nothing between us; it was just a fling that’s all. Please believe me, I want you, only you, you mean the world to me.”

I just kept quiet, feeling very hurt. I was afraid to trust him, but at the same time wanting to trust him too, it was so conflicted.

A seductive voice from behind made us turn towards it, it was Marilyn she came walking towards us, completed ignoring me she clings her hands around Dominic’s neck purring,” Darling here you are, I have been looking for you everywhere. Not fair you didn’t even dance with me tonight.”

Feeling disgusted I pulled my hand away from his grip. He roughly loosens her hands from his neck and pulled me closer to him as he slides his right hand around my waist. Through gritted teeth he spoke,“Don’t you ever cause any distress to my woman again. You and I know both know what we had was just a fling and nothing else. Leave now, don’t spoil my evening with my love here.”

She flashed a venomous glare at me,” whatever, you know where to find me when you get bored of her,” flicking her hair back she went inside.

“You don’t have to be so rude with her you know after all she was partly right in what she told me,“I was not ready to back out from showing him how upset I was. I never behaved like this with Richard ever I just obliged and agreed with him most of the time, I hardly argued. But with Dominic, it was so different; I openly showed my emotions without any restrain.

Letting go of me and frustratingly racking his hand through his hair, he looked at me anger masked his face, “tell me, Arabella, what should I do to make things better between us, name it and I’ll do it. Do you want me to go and apologize to her, even though every nerve in my body hates her for causing this problem between us and hating myself too for being associated with her. But if it will make you happy I’ll do it.”

He was about to go inside, but I quickly grabbed his hand, “no don’t, I believe you. You are right I shouldn’t let her affect me and spoil our evening,” I said softly not meeting his gaze, guilt stopping me from meeting his gaze. I jumped to conclusions too fast.

He pulled me towards him, cupping my face with both his hand,“I’ll make it up to you okay for the pain I caused you because of my past. Please smile for me once, I can’t see you like this upset.”

His reassuring words melted my heart and I decided not to waste our time fighting over something which I know now was useless, I smiled,“I thought you had a surprise planned for me.”

No sooner I said those words, worried frown in that ruggedly handsome face, immediately turned into a happy one,“Come, sweetheart, let’s get out from here.” He held my hand and walked me towards the waiting black Hummer Limo.

We were inside the Elite, one of the most luxurious hotels in New York owned by the KIngs Enterprise. Dominic lead me towards the ballroom of the hotel, as the butler opened the door, I gasped at the dimly lit room, and the rose petals on the floor forming a path towards the middle of the ballroom, where a white sofa bed was laid. As the butler closed the door behind us, Dominic held my hand and walked me towards the sofa bed. Upon reaching he scooped me into his arms and laid me down on the plush white sofa bed but I immediately sat up straight feeling a little apprehensive as to why we were here like this.

Sensing my apprehension, he sat beside me,” don’t worry sweetheart I am not planning on seducing you.” He chuckled.

I smacked his chest with the back of my hand blushing profusely. He pulled my hand and holds me close to him, making my head rest on his chest as he leaned back on the sofa bed, both our legs spread out on the sofa.

“Now time for your surprise, please close your eyes,” I did as I was instructed.

“Now open your eyes and look up,” As I gently opened my eyes and looked up. The dome-shaped ceiling looked exactly like the night sky filled with bright twinkling stars, the exact replica of our Milky Way galaxy. It was like we were seating outside on a starry night, I was in awe, completely speechless.

“Back in Greece at my villa, I remember you telling me you love star gazing and since it’s not possible to enjoy that out here in the city, I ordered my special tech team to create this for you.”

So overwhelmed with emotions, I choked back a tear, I could not believe he remembered it and go to this length to make me experience something I love so much. I hugged him,“thank you so much babe, I don’t know what to say.“]

Planting a kiss on top of my head,“You just called me babe, I think that’s more than enough.”

We just laid on the sofa bed, my head resting on his chest. His arms holding me tightly, we were both quiet just gazing up at the stars he created for me. I slowly tilted my head looking up at him, our eyes met and he lowered his head turning his body and captured my lips. He kissed me hungrily nipping my lower lip biting it hard and again sucking it to null the pain, the kiss went on for long, and we had to reluctantly stop to get some air. He lowered his head kissing the hollow of my neck, sucking it and I let out a small moan which was quickly suppressed as he lifted his head and devoured my mouth again. Finally after what seems to be a torrid intensity of kissing, mixed with a pleasant exchange of conversations and laughs he dropped me home.

We were outside the main door of my house and just as I was about to open the door he pulled me into his chest and kissed me passionately, hands caressing my back sensuously,“baby I want you so bad, tell me you want me.” His voice full of want.

“I want you too babe, but this time I don’t want to rush it, I don’t want to go too fast,” I said biting my lower lip out of nervousness.

Leaning his forehead on mine,“anything you say, baby, will take this at your pace.” Pulling away he kissed my forehead.

“Thank you for understanding,” I smiled and hugged him.

“But I am no longer on probation right to see you,” he teased as he circled his hands around my waist.

I laughed, “No, no more, you have been a good boy,“I teased and continued speaking,“In fact as a reward, I was thinking of maybe having lunch together tomorrow and later go and check out Robin’s exhibition and I cook dinner for you?”

“Hmm I like my reward, but I’ll like it even more if we start our day by having breakfast together, that way I’ll get to spend more time with you,“he nuzzled his nose on my neck and planting a kiss and slowly trailing up to suck my earlobe, making me quiver.

He groaned in frustration, as I gently pushed him away,” you better behave if you want us to start our day by having breakfast together, now go have a good night’s rest and I’ll see you in few hours,” I tiptoed and gave a peck on his lips.

“Goodnight sweetheart, I’ll see you in few hours,” He kissed me on my forehead and reluctantly let me go. I unlocked the door and stepped inside once he left.

I sat on the sofa of the living room and took off my shoes and went to the kitchen to fix myself a glass of water, as I was drinking it. The doorbell rang, I smiled shaking my head, “Dominic too much,” I muttered against my breathe as I walked towards the door and opened it still smiling.

But my smiley face turned into a surprised one when I saw the person standing before me.

“Bella.” He called. The only person who calls me by that name.

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