Irrevocably His

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Chapter fifteen

Arabella’s (POV)


“Seb, what are you doing here, weren’t you suppose to be at the ball?“I asked, clearly very surprised at his sudden appearance at my doorstep.

“No come in or would you like to have something to drink? But just what are you doing here huh.” he chuckled, tucking his hands in his pants pocket.

“You moron,” I laughed,“come in please.”

He stepped inside and walked towards the living area as I closed the door behind me.

“Very cozy place you got here Bella,” he said as he scanned the room.

“Thanks, Seb, please take a seat, make yourself comfortable.”

“Sure, thanks,” he said and sat on the coach crossing his legs together.

“I’m so sorry Seb, we are out of alcohol. Will passion fruit juice do?” I asked as I opened the fridge. I made a mental note on investing on a good bottle of wine.

“Just a glass of water will do Bella,” he said.

“Okay,” I poured a glass of chilled water from a bottle of water from the fridge, put it on a tray and walked towards him and served him.

“Thanks,” he smiled taking the glass of water.

“You’re welcome,” I returned the smile placing the tray on the center stool and sat on the single sofa left to him.

“So how was your trip? Did you successfully manage to close the deal?” I asked as I took out the hair accessory from my hair, it was starting to give an uncomfortable extra pressure on my head because of the diamonds which made it heavy, making me start to have a headache.

Taking a sip of water and placing the glass on the center stool, he said, “Trip was fine, slept the whole way in the jet since I barely had time to get a proper sleep because of the finalization of the deal. It was quite hectic but I somehow managed to finished it and hurried back to join you at the ball, but someone just had to hurriedly leave,” he finished those last words in a teasing almost reprimanding tone, but quickly grinned at me as I scowled at him.

“I hope no one swept you off your feet at the ball?” he narrowed his eyes smiling at me.

I smiled looking down, I could feel my cheeks burn, as I recalled my evening with Dominic.

Sebastian cleared his throat and I quickly looked up and faced him. He had an unreadable expression on his face, “Bella I...I need to tell you something,” he stammered his voice came out shaky. Raising his hand he loosens his tie roughly like he wanted to do that the whole time, like it was suffocating him.

I became worried about him, is he in trouble? I thought and unconsciously as a reflex, I reached out and gave his hand a gentle squeeze which was resting on his thigh,“Is everything alright Seb, did something happened to you in New Orleans?”

He lifted his hand and entwined my hand and came closer to me seating on the edge of the sofa he was sitting on. I wanted to pull my hand away, I suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

Deep sincere blue eyes held mine as he spoke,“Bella I know this is all too sudden and we have just known each other for a short period only, but what I am going to say to you is something I never said to any woman, because I never felt this deep for anyone.”

My heart started pounding faster; Oh is he going to say the things I’m thinking he is going to say? I quickly pulled my hands away from him,“Seb I didn’t get what you are trying to say,” and mentally wished please don’t let it be what I think it is, I don’t want to hurt him.

He suddenly stood up, racking his hand on his hair, heaved a sigh and walked towards the kitchen and leaned on the kitchen counter, facing me, his eyes full of longing,“Bella I think I am falling in love with you. I know I sound crazy saying that, but believe me even I am surprised at this alien feeling I am experiencing. But I love it, you know why?”

He walked towards me as he said that and kneeled in front of me holding my hands, looking at me with those warm caring blue eyes, “because it’s you, you are the most beautiful person I have ever met in my entire life. You are kind, smart, and so humble, I can go on and on, the truth is you are beautiful inside, out and I’m not going to hesitate to admit that I want you so much.”

I thought he was going to say he liked me or something, but not LOVE, it was too much. How do I not reciprocate the same feelings he has for me by not hurting him? He was still looking at me waiting for me to say something but I was tongue tight. Since I just sat there staring at him, he urged almost pleading, “Bella come on please say something,” He gave my hands a gentle squeeze as if coaxing me to break my silence.

“I don’t know what to say Seb. I don’t want to hurt you and I value your friendship so much.”

“Bella I don’t expect you to have the same feelings towards me, as I have for you but I had to let you know. It was too heavy for me to carry; I needed to let you know how I feel. I am not rushing you, Bella, all I’m asking you is please give me a chance to win your heart,” blue caring eyes, were begging me to say yes. And I could feel my resolve breaking because I will not be able to give him what he seeks and it squeezed my heart in a painful way.

But I am completely helpless because as much as I avoided and denied so much. I want Dominic with all my heart, I don’t know if wanting him means I am in love with him or not, but all I know is I want to be in his arms forever, he completes me.

“I am sorry Seb, I am already seeing someone.” Laying out my truth did not give me relief but instead, my heart was torn seeing his hurt face.

He got up and walk towards the door, I thought he was leaving so I stood up from the sofa and walked towards him calling after him.

“Do you love him, Bella,” he asked turning towards me and facing me, his voice almost a whisper.

“I...I don’t know, we have just started seeing each other, but I just know that I want to be with him,” another truth from me as I tore my eyes away from the pain.

“Fortunate for him but how unfortunate for me,“he let out a low laugh which was laced in pain and came closer to me and held my hands,“I won’t give up on you Bella, I will wait for you, until you say ‘I do’ to him, there is still hope for me...”

Before he went any further, I stopped him, “No Seb please don’t say that, and don’t stop your life because of me. I want you to find someone, who would love you the way you deserved to be loved, the wonderful person that you are. Please, friendship is all I can give to you. I am sorry I never meant to hurt you. I...I understand if you don’t want to have any contact with me after this,” I rushed through my words. My heart shattering, at the helpless situation we were in. I knew this pain too well, the kind of pain where you love someone and never get it reciprocated like the way you want.

Still holding my hands he said,” why would I ever cut you off from my life Bella. You will always be part of my life and I hope I will be in yours too.”

“Of course Seb, you will always be part of my life too. Again I am very sorry.”

“Don’t say sorry Bella, it’s not your fault, I was just a little late in finding you,” Regret filled his tone as he looked down at our hands. I just stood there in silence as he held my gaze again and smiled,” Just tell him if he ever hurts you he will have to face me. I’m not ready to meet him yet, but once I am ready I would love to meet the man that took the most precious thing away from me.”

I just smiled at him, and he planted a soft kiss on my right cheek,” Goodnight Bella, I’ll see you around,” he opened the door and walked out, but before I could close the door he said,” Bella you look breathtaking in that dress, I...I wish, never mind.” He shook his head.

“Thank you, Seb,” I smiled.

” By the way Bella, that Chinese dim sum restaurant, it is our thing okay, don’t share it with him.” he smirked.

I laughed, feeling a little relief that he was back to himself again,” I won’t Seb.” I assured him.

“Goodnight Bella,” I wished him back and closed the door as he walked towards the elevator.


As the door closed behind him, Sebastian leaned on the wall for support; his knees went weak he could barely stand straight and the excruciating pain that he felt in his heart was making it worse. He could feel the sweat fall from his neck to the spine. If being in a one-sided love was going to be this painful he wishes he had never fallen in love.

But wait, it was Bella that he was in love with and he would never regret it ever, although painful that she couldn’t reciprocate his love for her. He would forever cherish this love he had for her, it is just a wishful thinking but who knows she might end up being with him. Right now he was ready to even trade his whole fortune to that guy, to return her feelings towards him for himself. But he knows it is just another wishful thinking on his part, these various thoughts were making him go insane. He needed to get away from here for some time to gain his strength before he meets her again and try to be the best friend for her, yes he would always be there in her life, only the thought that she would still be part of his life is making him feel less gloomy.

Finally getting some composure he walked towards the elevator and as the elevator took him down, he thought of dropping by Dominic’s place. But thought against it, why to cloud his best friend’s time unnecessarily with his romantic woes. Heaving a deep sigh he got out from the elevator and called his PA, “Cassandra get the jet ready in an hour I am leaving for Monte Carlo for a week and I want all my meetings cancelled, I don’t want to be disturbed.“With that he cut the call and got into his car and drove off, thinking maybe partying with his pal, Luis Mercier and scoring different women will help him null the pain and the emptiness he is feeling.


After an intense work out session with my trainer, I came back to my room and headed straight to the bathroom to take a shower, discarded my work out clothes deposited them in the laundry basket and stepped into the glass shower cubicle and let the warm water do its trick of easing the soreness my muscles felt. Once I was done I stepped out from the shower cubicle and dried myself with the white towel and wrapped it around my waist and walked into my room and headed towards my walk-in closet.

I scanned through the rows of shirts, but I was indecisive as to what to pick, I am never like this but the plans I have today just made me feel so conscious of how I look and what to wear

I scanned through the rows of shirts, but I was indecisive as to what to pick, I am never like this but the plans I have today just made me feel so conscious of how I look and what to wear. I was so nervous and agitated, and the person behind all this is my sweetheart, my happiness Arabella.

I never thought I would be that person who would become so bestowed towards a woman. My life was just about expanding and retaining the Kings Enterprise, the empire which my great-grandfather the late Christopher Duncan King built. Being an only child I was immediately seen as the heir of the Kings Enterprise, and also since my father Damon William King was also an only child, so naturally I was the sole heir of its multi-billion empire and my grooming as the sole heir to Kings Enterprise started at a very tender age.

There is nothing our enterprise has not tapped into; from hospitality to rocket building we are part of everything. We even have lion’s shares in almost half of the companies of the world, these give us the power to control and manipulate the market most of the time. Speaking of which the Kings Enterprise is a 20% shareholder of Spencer Enterprise. When I came to know the next CEO of the company was Richard Spencer, that fucker ex of hers, with a little research and pointers from Jemi I came to know how fucking deceiving he was to her so I thought of teaching him a lesson. But that would make me lose her so I instead gave him a lighter punishment by rejecting his offer of merging his company with one of my luxury real estate corporation, which left a very bitter taste in his mouth. Who said I would play fair with my enemy.

Before Arabella, my escapades with women was just casual and having tons of sex with different women. I thought it was madness to tie you down to one woman and in turn get sucked into the whirlwind called romance, it was just pathetic. When I can freely date and bed different women, why would I tie myself down with one woman, whom I would have to answer to always, I didn’t like the idea of having to answer to someone, I am my own person and I never answer to anyone except my parents. I loved my freedom, but now things are completely different, she is all I think about and even if I have to explain and answer myself to her always, I would gladly do it.

Since the moment I first laid my eyes on her, I kind of sense that my life was never going to be the same and that I was heading towards the road I always avoided. Her emerald green eyes which never fails to get my heart pumping wildly when it gazes at me, her soft chocolate brown hair which I love to bury my face on, her warm cute smile, and her pink soft lips which I cannot seem to stop myself from pressing my lips and savouring every inch of it. But what captivated me the most about her was her kind heart, the self-less nature of hers, every time she manages to blow me away by her selfless antics.

I feel sometimes I don’t deserve her, that I am not worthy of her, but again just the thought that someone more deserving may take her away from me scares me, anger and extreme jealousy erupts within me. When it comes to her I am madly possessive to the point that I would ruin anyone who tries to hurt her, especially men, they better keep their distance from her.

Finally done getting ready I went down the spiralling stairs that took me down towards the living area. I stay alone in this two stories penthouse. It is on the 77th floor, the whole building belongs to me, the rest is occupied by my personal helpers and their families, starting from my personal butler Morris to my PA and of course Arthur. Since I have my own private elevator I hardly see any of them, except only when they come to execute their duties for the house and my needs.

As I reached the living area I heard voices, and when I got closer to the voices, a female voice spoke up it was my PA Mrs. Janis Wilson, she had been my father’s PA and once I took over the company I kept her because she was very efficient with her work and she had been working for the company for more than twenty years, she has become like a family, I trust her.

" There you are Dominic, I was just telling Morris that we should be introduced to this special lady of yours very soon, which by the way I got the things you told me to get,” she said merrily gesturing her hand towards the center table.

I smiled as she said that and took a seat opposite to her.

“Sir would you like me to serve your breakfast now,” asked Morris, with his usual proper voice wearing the black butler uniform and his ever shiny bald head and nicely groomed beard. He was in his late fifties; he was assigned to me the moment I was born. We are very close, apart from my family and friends, he, Arthur and Janis are my only employees whom I am friendly with.

“That won’t be necessary Morris, I am having breakfast with Arabella,” I informed.

“Perhaps a juice then, it’s not good to leave the house on an empty stomach,” he chimed in and walked towards the kitchen and returned with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice for me and Janis.

Clearing his throat,” Sir if I may, is Arabella the young good nature woman I met at Santorini?” standing and waiting for my answer.

“Please take a seat Morris, you don’t have to stand every time I come into a room, we have talked about this already. And yes she is the one.” I returned taking a sip of the grape juice.

Smiling at me, he took a seat,” will it’s only natural that I pay my respect to you by standing up when you walk into a room. Ah! I am very happy for you, she is a wonderful woman, not to insult you Sir but you are lucky to have found her.”

“Aw that’s so nice, now I cannot wait to meet her. Finally, I’ll be retiring myself from sending flowers, jewelry and let’s see a note saying you are sorry you cannot prolong the relationship to several different women.” Janis gave me a sly smile.

I just chuckled and agreed with her,” Yes you won’t Janis, I finally found that special someone whom you keep wishing I find.”

“Yes indeed and your Janis this romance, love and finding someone special is, excuse me for cursing it’s your words, not mine. Bullshit?” She laughed.

I raised both my hands in surrender joining her in laughter.

Downing all the juice I stood up picking up the things I got for her,” I better take a leave, and Janis thank you for getting the things for me and please just a reminder cancel all my meetings today, I don’t want to be disturbed.” I have been looking forward to this date for the past weeks and nothing should ruin it.

“You are welcome Dominic, hm flowers, chocolates, and wine? The traditional way of courting I must say. I am loving this side of you, I have a feeling both your legs have jumped into the love pond,” she giggled like a teenager. Her eyes wrinkling at the edges in the process.

“She is a very special woman, I am lucky to have her in my life,” I smiled. It is so unlike me to smile so much and let alone gush about a woman like this to her, this is what Arabella has done to me and I love it.

“You must introduce her to your parents soon then.” She returned.

“I will Janis, soon,” I replied back. Biding them goodbye, I headed out and let the elevator take me down towards my garage. And once I settled into the car I drove towards her place.

I was at her doorstep, feeling so nervous with shaky hands I rang the doorbell and she opened the door and there she was wearing a pink dress that reached her mid-thigh, she was barefooted, her hair falling beautifully down her shoulder and her face bare with no traces of makeup, looking as fresh as the morning dew. She welcomed me with her warm smile, gazing at me with those sparkling emerald green eyes, grinning from ear to ear she said “Hi.”

And I stood there rooted, tongue tight and my heart beating wildly, only she would make me feel that way, yes Janis was right both my feet have jumped into the love pond, the feeling was surreal.

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