Irrevocably His

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Chapter sixteen

Arabella (pov)

Once he settled on the sofa, I took out a glass vase from one of the top cabinets. Filled the vase with water and arranged the flowers in the vase. He was quietly observing me the whole time.

Satisfied with my arrangements, I unconsciously bend my head down, closing my eyes I smelled the flowers. It smelled divine. As I was doing that I could feel his presence near me, his hands circling my waist, hugging me from behind.

“You smell so good, I think I don’t need breakfast I’ll just be satisfied with this,” he buried his face in my hair.

A warm tingling sensation spread throughout my body, especially my heart I felt it was melting. What is he doing to me? I subconsciously asked my self. I turned my body to face him,” will too bad, I prepared Egg Frittata. Seems like I have to eat it alone then.” I circled my hands around his neck and giving him a fake disappointed expression.

Giving a peck on my lips,” do you think I’ll miss eating a meal cooked by you. No chance of that happening,” He smiled and took my hands away from his neck and planted a soft kiss on my hands,” hands that masters in making the most delicious food.”

" Alright not too much praise, otherwise my head will swell up,” I laughed.

He chuckled,” I would still want you though.”

I smiled, and thought how is it that he manages to just tell me things that make me feel so special and adored?

" shall we eat,” I offered giving a peck on his lips and released my self from his hold and walked towards the oven and took out the Egg Frittata, which had all the goodness of veggies mixed in it, button mushrooms, green,red and yellow bell peppers, broccoli, red cherry tomatoes and of course Pancetta and parmesan cheese.

“So how may I assist you,” He asked his tall frame hovering behind me as I gently took out the Egg Frittata from the oven wearing my baby blue oven mitts.

“Please, get the cutlery from the shelf and lay it on the dining table,” I said, as I walked towards the dining area and placed the hot Frittata on the medium round vintage style dining table.

Once everything was settled we started eating.

“it’s really good, thanks for preparing it, sweetheart. Hm, I think Morris has a new competition,” he stated and put a large chunk of the Frittata in his mouth with the fork.

“Thank you Dominic, I am glad you are enjoying it. And no way I will be a competition to Morris, that man can cook like a Michelin star chef,” I gushed sipping on black coffee.

" yes he is a very good cook but I love yours better,” he winked.

Shaking my head,” shame, shame how quickly you are abandoning your old comrade for a new one.”

He just chuckled and sipped on the black coffee.

Once we were done with breakfast, we were just lounging on the sofa, his head resting on my lap and me combing back his hair mindlessly with my fingers. The conversation between us was running very smoothly, it was just the usual, updating about us our personal lives, starting from our families.

I came to know he was an only child and his parents were living in Southampton, that is where he grew up. I learned he took up Business administration and management from Harvard and topped his class and took up an online degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics, as the field interested him so much while managing his company at the same time. Hearing that I was like wow, talk about being materially wealthy and brain as sharp as a razor.

I also learned that his company Kratos { which he named after the god or personified the spirit of strength, might, power and sovereign rule} was the recent private space company that NASA awarded 7 new space stations cargo missions. I was so impressed, the more he explained about his company The Kings Enterprise I was awestruck, it was like they aim to conquer everything, even the sky was not a limit to them anymore. They have plans formulated all ready to explore the moon by this year, by launching a rover on the surface of the moon and join in the race of the exploration of Mars as well. All these in formations were fascinating to me.

When it was time to talk about me, I jokingly put it that I am on a full-time mission to better and help the human civilization here on earth, to which he said I should put him on the top list. I talked about my life, my hometown, my high school and college experiences and of course about Jemi and Michael. I conveniently left out the topic of Richard, as I didn’t see the point of discussing him, he was my sour past and I didn’t want to spoil this sweet moment am having with him right now. I started filling him about my grandpa and his flower shop. He listened to all my stories earnestly, which seemed so ordinary compared to his, but he was so eager and interested asking me questions after questions, wanting to know each and every detail about my life.

As we were in the topic of my parents, my father James Dickens and my mother Merinda Dickens, then my phone rang, it was on the dining table and Dominic’s head resting, on my lap I had to tell him to remove his head, so I could go and fetch my phone.

" Dominic could you please move, I have to get the phone,” I said looking down at him, his eyes were closed.

“Why so eager Arabella, your secret lover? ” he said in a teasing tone, opening his eyes and twitching his lips to the right.

“Yes Dominic my secret lover,” I laughed lifting his head gently and placed it on the sofa and walked towards the dining table and when I saw who it was, a smile formed on my lips.

" Hello Grandpa,” I walked towards the sofa and sat down next to Dominic who was already seated upright on the corner of the of

" How is my brilliant lawyer granddaughter doing in the big city?” Grandpa asked, with his ever enthusiastic voice. I could almost mentally visualize his face, his emerald green eyes gleaming with excitement, hearing his voice made me miss him so much.

" I am doing really good grandpa. What about you?” I smiled as Dominic pulled me towards him and made me rest my head on his chest his chin resting on my head, arms circling around me. I stretched out my legs on the sofa comfortably.

“I am as healthy as an Ox,” he laughed richly.

I laughed too as he said that,” well I am really happy to hear that grandpa.”

" Guess where I am right now,” he returned I could hear the excitement in his voice.

“Hm let me guess, well one, you must be at Uncle John’s front porch playing chess and dueling words with each other as to whose moves were cleverer OR two you guys must be at his lake house, sitting on the deck overlooking the lake fishing.” I finished.

" Your second guess is right Ell, we are at his lake house Fishing.”

" Oh great! So what’s the score,” I asked, it was our way of asking how much fish we have caught.

" Five Ell,” he replied with so much pride in his voice.

" FIVE only? Tsk tsk, Grandpa you are losing your touch,” I replied back in a teasing mocking tone.

" Nonsense Ell, five is a good number for an hours time, besides Johnny boy here is still struggling with his second,” he laughed and I heard Uncle John’s loud husky voice growling,” hey just having a bad day here you bullhead.”

I laughed hearing their ever childish nature of pestering each other always and the competition between them. Which I love to provoke and teasingly taunt them.

“As you say, grandpa.”

" But you know what I am very upset with my granddaughter,” he reprimanded.

" Now why is that, hm that’s very bad of your granddaughter to make you upset,” I teased and let out a soft laugh.

“When are you coming to visit your old man, seems like being in the big city makes you forget him,” he accused.

I sat up straight, laughing,” oh grandpa I am very sorry, I was just....” I was cut off suddenly by Dominic as he leaned on me and gave a peck on my lips, my eyes widen in surprise but quickly recovering I mouthed,“behave,” to which he grinned at me sheepishly.

“You were just what Ell. I hope you are not tiring and stressing yourself so much by working too much,” he sounded weary.

" Of course not grandpa and besides you raised a strong granddaughter, you know I can always manage to handle stress. Don’t worry, work is very pleasurable,” I assured him and since he didn’t further the conversation, I continued,” I was thinking of coming home next weekend, does that sound good, are you happy now?” I waited for his reply.

After a short second of pause, I heard a sign and he spoke,” At least its better than not seeing you at all, even if it’s just for a short time. I’ll be waiting eagerly Ell, by the way, John here says hi and says he is excited to meet you too.”

“Well tell him I said hi too and you two better behave and not compete too much among yourselves. I’ll see you soon grandpa, take care.”

I hang up the call once grandpa said his goodbye.

" Sorry about that,” I gave an apologetic smile as I turned to face Dominic.

" No need to apologize, besides I enjoyed hearing the conversation, seems like you are very close to him.”

" Yes, I am” I nodded,“after my parents died he tried his best to fill up the void I felt losing my parents. He is the best, I feel so blessed to have him in my life and his best friend John and his wife Rachel too. You know it was John who influenced me to watch the Football English Premier League. He was in London for four years for his contract work for a real estate firm, and he got the fever of it during his stay out there. We are both blues, Chelsea forever.”

“Impressive,” he mused and continued speaking,“You and your grandpa are both blessed to have each other, despite the tragedy, you have each other for support.”

“Yes indeed.” I smiled holding his gaze.

He pulled me on his lap and slowly and sensuously devoured my mouth giving me a passionate kiss. The kiss ignited a strong sense of intense feelings towards Dominic for me. ” why do I feel so strongly for him and want him more and more” I thought as I deepened the kiss, circling my hands around his neck. His masculine perfume he puts on the woody aromatic scent, and the feel of his possessive strong hands around my waist was so intoxicating.

Our kiss was interrupted by the ringing of my phone, groaning with frustration he let me go, I gave an apologetic smile and still sitting on his lap, I picked up the call.

“Yes Sam, oh is it? Don’t worry I’ll be there. No, its okay, you don’t need to apologize. See you.” I assured her and cut the call.

“Dominic I am very sorry, but we need to go to Faith hospital once, its an hour drive from here. I’ll explain everything on the way,” seeing his worried look, I assured him again it was nothing serious and went to my room to change leaving him seated on the sofa.

Since we would return home only after Robin’s art exhibition, I dressed up according to that. I wore my mustard color retro sleeveless semi-formal dress its length ending mid-thigh, and for the shoe, I opted for a simple black Mary Jane shoe. Once I was done doing me makeup and hair which I just let it freely full down my shoulder, I put all the necessities in my colorful clutch, glancing one last time in the mirror, I walked out of the room.

“I am ready,” I announced as I walked out of my room, but he was standing on my small balcony, talking on the phone. Seeing me, he walked towards the living area still talking, he seemed to be instructing someone over the phone,“....No Edmund, I am not interested in that shipyard anymore, they want me to double my offer. And I absolutely refuse, they should be happy I even offered that much, when no one was willing to buy that sunken place. Tell them, it’s 5 and that’s my final offer, take it or leave it.” With that he cut the call, the whole conversation was Dominic the enigmatic powerful billionaire speaking, not the man who doted on me, he seemed lethal and confident of what he wanted.

“Ready sweetheart,” he smiled. Talk about the switch in mood, I thought as he came towards me.

“You look beautiful,” he gave a peck on my lips.

“Thank you, baby, shall we leave?”

“Sure,” he returned.

Once we were settled inside his car, I filled him the reason we were going to the hospital, it was Samantha my ex-neighbor, she is a single mother with an eleven-year-old son, her son Jonathan was diagnosed with stage II Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia ( CLL ) a year ago. We were quite hopeful with the treatment as the time progressed, but suddenly we got a saddening news that the chemotherapy was not helping in reducing his large grown spleen, which was starting to press his nearby organs and causing symptoms.

Surgery was a rare procedure, but since the chemo did not help in shrinking the spleen and reduce symptoms, the Doctors suggested they perform splenectomy on him- which can help improve some of the symptoms. Jemi and I have been trying to help Sam in whatever way we could, she shifted out of our building since Jonathan got sick. She is living near the hospital, as it was easier to commute. Jonathan had grown much attached to me and me to him, he had declared that I was his girlfriend, he had that teenage crush on me.

“So another one of your many admirers huh,” Dominic teased, as he maneuvered the car towards the parking area of the hospital. “But Arabella, it’s really good of you and Jemi to help them by being there for them. I know how they must be feeling, my grandfather, my dad’s father passed away four years ago of lung cancer. The disease itself is very difficult and taunting for the patient and not to mention the mental agony the relatives go through too. Its a horrible thing for a boy that young to go through such painful disease.” He finished remorsefully.

Once we were in the oncology ward, we walked towards Jonathan’s room it was room number 502 on the third floor in the far left corner. I knocked on the door and Sam opened the door, she looked so tired with the dark shadow under her eyes, her dirty blond hair tied up in a messy bun. But still, with her sweet smile, she welcomed us into the room and I introduced her to Dominic. As we entered the room, I saw Jonathan laying on the bed his back facing us.

I walked towards his side,” hey how’s my boyfriend doing?”

Suddenly he turned to face me, smiling showing all his teeth, I could see the gleam in his eyes,“Ell you came, wow you look pretty,” he smiled stating excitedly and tried to get up, but was still too weak to get up because of the heavy medication. Before I could help him, Dominic rushed towards him and helped his seat up.

“Thanks,“Jonathan smiled at Dominic.

I sat beside him on the bed and gave him a tight hug,“thank you and of course I came, I missed you,” releasing him I shifted my gaze at Dominic,” By the way Jona this is my friend Dominic.”

Dominic extended his right hand for a handshake,” hi Jonathan, it’s really nice to finally meet Arabella’s boyfriend. I heard a lot of good things about you.”

Jonathan shyly shook Dominic’s hand,” oh yeah? Nice to meet you too Dominic.”

“So battle with Seal fast approaching huh,” I said, it was our way of addressing the upcoming surgery, he loves the anime Dragon Ball Z and Seal was a villain there and Jona considers himself as Goku the main hero.

“Yea but I’m not scared at all, right mom,” he quickly glanced towards Sam for approval.

“Of course sweetie,” Sam smiled who was sitting on one of the single sofas.

“I know you will defeat Seal easily, you are very strong and brave.” I beamed at him earning a wide smile from him.

" You will be there with me on the battle day right Ell?” His expression a little worried.

“Of course I will be there; I won’t allow you to go to the battle alone,” I kissed him on his right cheek.

Just then there was a knock on the door, it was the nurse coming to give him his second dose of medication and also telling us the visiting hour was over. We said our goodbyes and Sam walked us out of the room.

" Ell, thank you so much for coming. He had been asking for you since last night, I thought he would stop but he kept insisting me this morning to call you. So I had to I am sorry, with the surgery and everything I am just so stressed out.” Her voice cracks she was nearly in tears.

" I am always available okay, do not hesitate to call me anytime, everything is going to be alright, the surgery will be successful,” I assured her giving her a tight hug and released her.

“Thank you, Ell. And thank you, Dominic, for accompanying Ell,” she smiled facing Dominic.

" I am glad I came, you have a very brave son. Sam if you don’t mind, I would love to take care of your son’s medical bills and also to refer Jonathan’s case to my team of experts at the Kings Cancer research center in London.” Dominic offered with utmost sincerity.

Both Sam and I gasped at the generous offer Dominic made. It was Sam who spoke up,” are you sure, I do not want to be a burden to you. But it will be nice to get experts look into his condition.”

“It’s no burden at all, please accept my offer, I really want to help your son. He deserves the best, I lost my grandfather to cancer and I understand the struggles you are going through,” he assured her again.

“Sam please take his offer, it will be in the best interest of Jona. You won’t have to worry about paying the bills and can leave your other jobs and concentrate on just running your dinner and the best part will be, you get to spend more time with Jona.” I tried to reassure her again into accepting Dominic’s offer because I know how much Sam was struggling and this offer will surely relief her of her burdens.

“I guess you are right Ell.” She nodded in agreement,” Alright Dominic, I will accept your offer. Thank you so much,” Her voice shaky as tears run down her cheeks, I immediately hold her rubbing her back.

“Thank you for accepting my offer I am glad I could help. I’ll let you know all the details tomorrow through my secretary; she will brief you on everything okay?” Dominic briefed.

" Sure, thank you so much both of you, you guys are angels send by God to take care of my son.” she smiled.,

I hugged her and said our goodbyes and once we were out, I suggested Dominic we get the chilly hot dogs and ice tea, from the food truck for lunch instead of going to a restaurant, the food truck was just parked near the hospital. I was waiting for Dominic in the car as he went to get the food, once he settled himself inside the car, I thanked him for the food and took a bite of the chilly hot dog, it tasted okay, eatable but not something you would want to eat again.

“Dominic what you did back there was so generous of you, thank you so much,” I glanced at him. I was overwhelmed with emotions; his generosity really touched my heart.

“It’s nothing compared to what you are doing for them, Arabella. Being the person whom they can turn to with absolute trust is amazing, you are amazing,” he smiled leaning towards me and gave a peck on my lips.

“You are so generous with your words for me Dominic. But yes I am glad I could be there for them.”

“I meant every word I said, Arabella. Hm, this hot dog should be a onetime thing sweetheart,” he chuckled scrunching his nose.

“I agree,” I returned and we both laughed.

Once we were done, we headed towards Robin’s studio.

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