Irrevocably His

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Chapter eighteen

Dominic’s (pov)

“Edmund be there waiting for me outside my office with solid explanation about your failure and why I shouldn’t FIRE YOU,” I seethed coldly and got into the back seat of the black Limo as Arthur drove towards my office.

“Did I make myself clear?“I snapped when I didn’t get any reply from him.

" Ye..Yes Sii...r.” He stammered.

“Good.” I returned and cut the call.

Incompetency, Indiscipline, Tardiness is something I hate so much and I never tolerate it. I have fired and will continue to fire employees with these qualities. Of course I do reward them generously too if they gave me results, but a slight dissatisfaction from them would mean they show themselves out of Kings Enterprise.

I cannot help being this way, I run Kings Enterprise with iron fist, I worked hard too and every day I try to study and question myself what I should do to make the company better than it was yesterday. Always exercising and trying to revamp new ideas on my mind, checking and knocking out competitions by always trying to stay ahead of others.

Speaking of competitions, Nicholas Ramirez is one of my biggest rival and also an on and off bitter enemy, depending on which part of my property he tries to set his foot into. We were like that since high school.

My best friend Sebastian and I, we both studied in a boarding school for boys in Ireland. It was tradition in our families to study there, it was a wish of our great grandfathers that their generations stay rooted and in touch to their origin and the wish was that our formal educations be done in Ireland.

So we would be the fourth generations of our families to be studying in that 200 year old boarding school for boys run by Irish monks, it was St. Aidan International school, named after the Irish monk Saint Aidan. The school is situated in an outskirts, at a village, which was two hour’s drive from Dublin.

Nicholas and I, we were born to be enemies and rival, it was as simple as that. High school was spent competing with each other in everything, whether be it sports or studies, we spent the whole time just out doing each other and in this entire crazy chaos my best friend Sebastian stood by me like a rock. He is best described as my brother rather than as my best friend, I would gladly give my life for him and he his, our bond is so strong nothing can ever come between us.

My rivalry with Nicholas continued well into Harvard and now in the business world as well. We have very dark history between us.

Last night the way he showed interest towards my Arabella, did not set well with me. She was not just any woman to me, she was the love of my life, it is a strange feeling; but a very good one.

Being in love with her definitely felt right with me.

Although she did not say it back to me, I didn’t care, for now like I told her my love for her is enough for us and I hope in time she would feel the same way as I do.

For now the only big obstacle I have on my way is Nicholas, I know Arabella interested him greatly. And I am sure of it that he must be already planning on trying to woe her. This shouldn’t bother me so much, because I trust Arabella, but the way Nicholas was eyeing her was not normal. Something tells me he is not going to bow out quietly.

The thought irritated me greatly, I suddenly felt very stuffy inside the private elevator that took me up to my office which was on the 57th floor. Once the elevator door opened I walked towards my office, I saw Edmund sitting on the black leather sofa to the left of the open space outside my office. As soon as he saw me, he stood up abruptly from the sofa knocking his knees in the process, on the glass center table. I gave him a narrow side glance and noted my head, as a gesture to follow me inside my office.

“Close the door behind you,” I ordered and walked towards the huge Mahogany desk and occupied the black chair.

Resting my elbows on the table and making a steeple gesture with my hands, I eyed him squarely ,“Have you come up with any reasonable explanations for your failure Edmund Steel?” My tone clam and cold.

Edmund nervously rubbed his forehead; he was a small build man, probably 5 feet 6 or shorter. He was my Chief Procurement Officer. Looking up at me, he nervously said,” Sii...Sir I tried my best. But the senior Mr. Thomas Basto, won’t budge from his demand for the $10 million for the shipyard in Lisbon, although his son is willing to accept your offer.”

I eyed him for good ten seconds and got up from the chair, and walked nearer to the tall clear glass window, facing my back to him and tugged my hands into my pant pockets. Contemplating whether I should just fire him, because this is the second time he has failed to come up with the desired result and I am losing my patients.

Unbuttoning my blazer button, I turned to face him;” Do you know why I hired you as my Chief Procurement Officer, for Kings Enterprise?”

He struggled to come with an answer, opening his mouth and closing them again. Irritated I sat on the chair leaning on it and crossing my legs,” I saw great potential in you, that was the sole reason I hired you, even thought you had minimal experience.” I ground out.

“I am so sorry Sir. Please give me one more chance, I will seal the deal. Please Sir,” he pleaded.

“Wasn’t that your excuse last time. Do you take me as a joke? Edmund Steel.” a firmness set in my jaw as I exclaimed angrily.

“Sir please.” He gulped staring at me wide-eyed.

“Please what?” I snapped. And before I could continue my phone rang. I picked it up from the table to check who it was, realizing who it was, I found myself smiling despite my bad mood.

“Yes Sweetheart,” I answered.

“Of course I bought it for you. I saw how that painting got your interest,” I smiled and leaned on the chair. Realizing Edmund was still there, I had to tell Arabella to hold on once. My mood suddenly changed on hearing her voice, deciding it was his lucky day; I decided to give him one last chance.

Eyeing him coldly,” One week. I give you one week, fail me and don’t bother setting your foot in this building,” I dismissed him with the wave of my hand and turned my chair facing the clear glass window and continued talking to Arabella.

Edmund muttered a shaky,” Thank you Sir,” and walked out of his boss’s office. Closing the door and leaning on it he took a deep breath and released it slowly. He couldn’t believe his luck, whoever was his boss referring to as Sweetheart, bless her soul was all he could think of. He scarily saw the life visual transformation of Hyde changing into Dr. Jackal, now he really need to seal the deal otherwise he was gone for. With that thought he walked towards his office.

Arabella’s { POV }

“Dominic you shouldn’t have bought the painting though,” Glancing down at the painting which was lying on my office table.

“You don’t love it?” Came his reply.

“Yes of course I love it.” I returned. This was the painting I wished I had money to buy it.

“Then what is the issue. Just keep it sweetheart.”

“Okay fine.“I sighed, it was no use arguing with him. He wouldn’t stop buying all the expensive things for me.

“See you at 7 for dinner then. Bye Dominic and don’t scare your employees so much.” I teased and he just chuckled and cut the call not before saying he loves me, I smiled as I placed the phone on the table. His declaration of his love for me still overwhelms me but in a good way. Picking up the painting from the table I walked out of my office and called out to Alex.

“Alex, could you please help me hang this painting on the wall between mine and Jemi’s office.” I requested putting down the painting gently on the long wooden bench.

“Sure. But what about the flower frame that is hanging there?” Asked Alex pointing his chin towards the frame on the wall.

Glancing at it,” we can hang it either at mine or Jemi’s office room.”

“Okay I’ll get to it then,” he said and took down the flower frame from the wall and kept it on top of his desk and took the painting gently from the wooden bench and hang it on the wall.

“Beautiful isn’t it,” I stated standing to his right, admiring it.

“Yes it is, I wish I could go to India.” he sighed.

“Me too Alex.”

We stood there in silence admiring the painting, it was an old Indian man with white long-bearded, wearing a colourful attire, sitting crossed leg and playing a bowed stringed instrument, which closely resembles a violin.

The silence was interrupted by a cool voice behind us.

" Is this one of Robin’s painting?”

“Well hello stranger and yes it is,” I tore my gaze away from the painting and turned to face her, giving her a sly smile.

She chuckled and placed a hand on her hip,” I know, I know,” she rolled her eyes.

Alex excused himself as the phone rang and walked over his desk to attain the call.

“So will I see you tonight?” I asked as I sat down on the bench.

Sitting down to my left,” I’ll be home Ell, aw you miss me babe.” Jemi pouted.

I chuckled shaking my head,“I have some interesting news to tell you.” I grinned.

“Did you guys finally had sex?” She said rather loudly

“Oh my God!! This girl” I said rolling my eyes.

“Oh come on, a girl got to hope to hear that from her uptight friend”

“jeez Jemi”

Lifting both her hands in surrender she said,” Fine I’ll stop making guesses, I’ll wait for tonight to hear all the details. Which by the way, I’ll be little late because I have a dinner date with Robin, but ya I’ll be home”

“Oh cool! Even I’ll be going out for dinner with Dominic. You know what Jemi, we must have double dates one of these days” I said smiling excitedly, my eyes widening.

“Sure why not. Oh Ell, I am so happy to see you like this” she said giving me a warm smile and absentmindedly glanced at her wrist watch and said,” Oh gosh! I am getting late. I have the last hearing at the court, today is the day I seal the deal. Wish me luck” she said as she got up from the bench.

“Good luck Jemi. You got this.” I gave her a hug.

“Thanks, Ell, I’ll see you tonight okay.”


“Bye Alex,” she called out as she walked out.

Later in the evening, Dominic took me to a very fancy fine dining Italian restaurant. I really enjoyed the delicious entrée we had just now; it was a Pan-fried Cod fillet with polenta mousse, anchovies, fried capers and candied tomatoes. As we waited for our dessert, taking a sip of the smooth delicious white wine.

I teased him,“Hope you didn’t fire that poor guy, whom you were shouting at today.”

Giving me a playful smirk,” He was lucky you called sweetheart, you cool down my temper”

“Oh so I can stir your moods in any way I want huh,” I smiled and unconsciously licked my lower lip with my tongue.

" Sweetheart don’t lick your lip like that, you are giving me a hard on. As it is I am trying my best to control myself from taking you to bed and ravish every inch of you. It’s only because you wanted to take it slow that’s why I am restraining myself.” He painfully admitted, grey-blue eyes looking at me in longing.

I blushed so deeply as he boldly admitted his longing for me, I just managed to say a small,” Oh.”

He grasp my hand that was placed on the table and lifted it towards his lips and kissed the knuckles of my hand, sending a delicious aching sensations all over my body. Eyeing me with longing and full of love,” Of course Arabella, you stir my moods, you affect me like no one else. Only you are allowed to do that and no one else. I love you sweetheart.”

I smiled, my heart palpitating with excitement and joy. He makes me so happy and the way he loves and cares for me is something I always longed for. As he gently let my hand down I entwined my hand with his,” Dominic, thank you for loving me. You make me so happy.”

“You don’t need to thank me sweetheart. I will spend every day trying to make you happy.“He assured caressing my hand with his thumb and eyeing me with nothing but tenderness.

We were interrupted by the waiter, bringing our desserts. It was a delicious Meringue, served in chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. I loved every bite I took and shamelessly wiped it all clean. As we waited for the waiter to bring the check, we were suddenly interrupted by a very familiar penetrating voice behind me.

“Oh what a pleasant surprise, Mr. King,” said the female voice as she stood near our table. Wishing so much that it wasn’t her, I reluctantly glanced up to my right and felt the entire cherry good mood lifting away from me. It was Mrs. Claire Spencer; Aka my ex fiancé’s mother. I suddenly felt so uncomfortable, sensing my uneasiness; Dominic clasped my hand and addressed her in a disinterested tone,” Just having a pleasant time with my girlfriend here. Mrs. Spencer.”

Those words shifted her focus from Dominic towards me, her eyes met mine and she gave her usual cold smirk,” well, well, well I never knew you like picking up dates from over the bridge or are you in need of some legal advice,” She mocked and let out a fake shrill laugh.

I wanted to just get away from here, sensing my uneasiness, Dominic shot an angry glare at her,” You will not talk about my woman like that, please apologize, you are making her uneasy with your poor social skills.” He sounded so deadly, I was beginning to feel a tiny bit of remorse for Mrs. Claire.

She uneasily cleared her throat looking flustered, the cold smirk wiped instantly off her pinched pale face,” I apologize Miss Dickens. Good night.” She returned flatly and walked towards an empty table behind Dominic, where she was shortly joined by a sliver blond haired woman, which I was sure it was Richard’s fiancé.

Once he paid the bill, we walked out of the restaurant and headed towards the waiting Limo and got inside. As Arthur drove the limo towards my place, my mood just won’t lift up, sensing my sadness he pulled me towards him and made me sit on his lap.

“Sweetheart speak to me, is the episode at the restaurant still bothering you?”

I sighed leaned in and rested my cheek on his chest,” I’m fine Dominic; it’s just that all the unpleasant memories just came flashing back when I saw her that’s all.”

"Damn it. They still didn’t learn their lesson. May be I was too lenient on them last time, its time I show their place,” he retorted coldly, I got anxious and confused at the same time as to what he was talking about.

Lifting my head from his chest and meeting his eyes,” What are you talking about?” I asked furrowing my brows.

“I rejected the proposal of a merger with Spencer Enterprise with My Real Estate Corporation.” he stated coolly as if it was no big deal.

“But why would you do that Dominic.” Looking into his stormy eyes.

“Sweetheart he hurt you and it’s only fair, I hurt him back. No one gets away by hurting what’s mine and you are my life Arabella. I will destroy him and his family bit by bit,” his tone was so cold his jaw was clinched so tightly, obviously trying to control his temper.

I was so taken aback by his revelations,” Dominic, you cannot do this. Tell me one thing if Spencer Enterprise belonged to someone else, would you have considered for the merger? Please answer me honestly.”

He heaved a deep sigh,” Yes I would have. But he needs to pay Arabella.” He quickly added.

Shaking my head,” no, no, Dominic, this is wrong. All my life I fight cases after case in courts for people who have been denied their rights, I cannot let you do this. Whatever happened between me and Richard is only between us and it’s the past, please Dominic do not deprive him from this merger just because he hurt me. It’s not right.” I reasoned warily. I was so touched that he would do this for me but it was not right and I hope he doesn’t misunderstand me. I wasn’t doing it to protect Richard, I just don’t believe in holding grudges and harming someone back just because the other person did it.

Since he just remained silent, eyeing me with a thoughtful but unreadable expression I said, almost pleading, placing my right hand on his chest,” Please Dominic.”

His expression suddenly became softer and he said, circling his hands around my waist, pulling me so closer to him that our lips were hairsbreadth away,” don’t plead for him in this manner sweetheart, he doesn’t deserve it and I know it’s just your kind heart making you remorseful for him. But never feel sad for him, it is making me feel so jealous.“Saying that he captured my mouth and gave me a hard possessive kiss. Once we released each other, both of us still panting with that torrid kissing.

" I will have my PA set up a meeting once I come back from Australia okay.” He said against my forehead planting a soft kiss.

Leaning on his chest, I slipped my palm underneath his blazer and placing it on his heart,” Thank you so much, Dominic.”

He placed his chin on top of my head,” I love you sweetheart. I will do anything just to see you happy.”

As Arthur drove them towards their destination. Dominic’s heart became so heavy suddenly; he started fearing so much insecure for the first time in his life.He was scared to acknowledge that the love of his life might still be in love with her past. Because if she wasn’t, even if she was a kindred soul why would she plead so much for the person who treated her so badly. But whatever the circumstances, he decided he was so crazy for her and he would never let her go, because she was all HIS.

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