Irrevocably His

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Chapter nineteen

Arabella’s { POV }

After travelling for almost an hour because of the heavy traffic, we finally arrived at the Brooklyn Bridge, which was also packed with cars. There was barely a gap between each car to the front, the back and to the right and the left. I was still sitting on his lap, I tried to scoot down from his lap but his grip around my waist became tighter, showing an indication that I was to stay like that the whole car ride.

" When are you leaving for Australia?” I asked turning to face him.

" I’ll be leaving tomorrow. I was supposed to tell you over dinner but we were rudely interrupted.”

" Oh, I see. For how long,” Carelessly rubbing my right thumb on his necktie.

" I’ll try to be back by Monday. I am opening a branch of my car manufacturing company in Sydney, so I need to foresee the last details before it opens officially.”

“Sydney? Wow, that’s really good,” I said ecstatically.

“Have you been there?”

I chuckled,” The only place I have ever been outside States was Santorini.”

Lifting my right hand and kissing my fingers,” Want to come with me?“He offered.

Shaking my head,” No I’m fine. I don’t want to crowd when you are working and besides I have to prepare for an upcoming important case. Although I would love to visit the Opera House and see the shows.” I returned longingly.

" Never say, you crowd me, Arabella. If I could I would love to have you with me at all times,” he said against my lips giving me a searing kiss, which I responded eagerly. He bit my lower lip as we parted and whispered in my ear,” I’m so turned on right now baby,” and bit my earlobe.

" You need to control your self Mr. King,” I giggled giving a Peck on his lips.

We were interrupted by the ringing of my cell phone and since it was on the other end of the seat I had to scoot down from his lap and retrieve it from my clutch and answer the call.

" Hey, John,” I answered.

“Oh, yeah really. Like right now hmm. Wait just hold on a second okay.”

I turned to face Domini,” hey babe is it okay if we stop by a friend’s shop.”

“Sure sweetheart,” he smiled.

“Thank you,” I returned his smile and continued to talk on the phone,” Hey John I’ll be there. See you,” no sooner I cut the call, Dominic asked.

“Who is John.”

“John is a 63-year-old man who owns an antique shop,” rolling my eyes in my mind and thinking there he goes with the possessiveness.

But instead, I just smiled and told him the address,” the shop is in the farmers market, please tell Arthur to stop at lane 1, there is parking space there.”

“Sure sweetheart,” he pressed the intercom button and instructed Arthur to drive us to the desired address.

“The shop is filled with priceless treasures. Oh, I can’t wait to check out the leather sofa I ordered,” I clapped my hands softly in excitement.

“I’m eager to check out this treasure shop of yours then,” he had an amused expression on his face as he pulled me closer to him. I leaned my head on his right shoulder smiling and carelessly rested my right hand on his thigh.

We finally reached our destination after driving for good twenty minutes. We got down from the Limo and walked towards the shop which was ten minutes walk from the parking area. The market was, as usual, busy and crowded with people.

We were walking on a footpath hand and hand, I took him towards a different route to avoid the rush and on our way, we happen to walk past the Dim sum restaurant which Sebastian and I went for lunch. I gave a quick side glance towards it and thought about him.

Since the heartbreaking conversation I had with him at my apartment, I haven’t heard from him except for a message that he is in Monte Carlo and that he would meet me once he returns. I wanted to call and talk to him but thought about it, I thought it best I give him some space. Maybe once he returns and if he agrees I would introduce him to Dominic. I hope he gets over his feelings for me and finds love again. I would hate to see him so unhappy, thinking of him made me feel very sad suddenly, I let out a deep sigh.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?” asked Dominic giving my palm a gentle squeeze.

I just nodded and thought nothing ever passes this man about me is it and found myself smiling at that thought. After a small right turn, we finally reached John’s antique shop which was lit with colorful fairies lights adorning the front door and a copper bell hung above the door. And the red brick wall above the door was adorned with the signboard that read,” John’s Antique.”

" Here we are, welcome to my treasure house Dominic,” I grinned and opened the door. We stepped into the shop with the copper bell chiming as the door closed behind us.

I scanned the shop for John and I saw him at the far left corner wearing his usual suspender pants, black shirt and French cap over his head and his smoking pipe tucked firmly at the right corner of his mouth. He was in the guns section demonstrating an antique shotgun to a middle-aged man. He diverted his gaze away from the gun and fixed his eyes towards us and I waved at him smiling.

He smiled back at me,” Ell I’ll be free in a while, meanwhile just be checking around the shop, maybe something might catch your eye or the gentleman’s eh.”

" Sure take your time Morgan,” I teased.

To which he just shook his head and chuckled and went back to attending his customer.

" I thought his name was John,” Dominic inquired looking puzzled as we mindlessly scan through the rows of antique clocks.

I chuckled and glanced at him,” didn’t you see the uncanny resemblance he has to the Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman. I always tease him that way.”

His lips twitched into a small smile on the right side, he seemed pretty amused by what I said.

" Now that you mentioned he does share a very deep resemblance with Morgan Freeman,” he said in agreement with me. Our conversation was interrupted by the vibration of his phone, he fished out his phone from his blazer pocket and said glancing down his phone,” Its Janis my PA, I’ll just take this call, okay sweetheart.”

“Sure Dominic,” he kissed my right cheek and walked out of the shop.

I was already in the last section of the shop browsing through rows of porcelain dolls. Since nothing peaked my interest I walked towards the empty two-seater beige color sofa and sat down. Dominic was still outside on the phone, my idle brain began wondering about the appearance of his PA Janis. Is she young, beautiful? ” Oh my goodness Ell, what is wrong with you,” I unconsciously rolled my eyes and mentally scolded my self for my sudden insecurity.

The chiming of the bell averted my attention towards the door and I saw my man walking towards me with a smile on his face. He looked so handsome with his dark Navy blue checkered suit, everything about this man screamed power and authority. I didn’t fail to notice the customers and the sells person inside the shop giving him twice or thrice look over.

" Sorry about that,” he gave an apologetic look and sat beside me.

" It’s alright babe, so Janis is your PA huh. How long is she been working for you?” I asked a little-agitated looking down at the smooth wooden floor. The sudden jealousy and insecurity side of me came out full force wanting to know desperately everything about her.

He shifted his body and lifted my chin to face him, his grey-blue eyes gleaming with mischief,” Arabella don’t tell me you are jealous of my PA.”

I averted my gaze from him and bit my lower lip so hard in the process to calm my embarrassment of having been read so clearly of my emotions by him.

I finally mustered the courage to lock eyes with him,” Me jealous? I..I mean why should I be. It is very good that you have an efficient PA. I am sure she makes your work life less hectic and...”

Dominic just lets out a deep and rich laugh, throwing his head back on the process, his whole body shaking from laughing so hard.

" what’s so funny Dominic,” I retorted pouting cheeks heating up.

He stopped laughing and just gave me a tight hug,” Arabella seriously. You are the most adorable person I have ever come across.“Releasing me he eyed me mischievously and with a teasing tone,” I am over the moon to get a reaction like this from you but too bad sweetheart Janis is a Mrs and she is like a family to me and also just my very efficient and trusted PA that’s all. You have nothing to worry about.”

I smacked his chest with the back of my hand,” You are brutal for laughing at me. And I’m not jealous at all,” I retorted and found myself laughing.

He grabbed my hand,” Oh I’m I?” And kissed my hand and entwined his hand with mine and continued speaking,“Janis actually called up to inform me that everything has been arranged for Sam and her son Jonathan, they need not worry about anything now, all they need to do now is to focus on getting back his health. And I have also instructed Janis to hire a personal nurse for Jonathan, in that way Sam will be able to go to work without having to worry about leaving him alone.”

" I really can’t thank you enough for doing this for them, Dominic. I am seriously out of words,” I said so overwhelmed with emotions. I wanted to say so many things but words failed me completely. And as they say, when words fail your action speaks itself for you so I just gave him a tight hug.

“I am glad I could help sweetheart.”

I smiled at him and averted my gaze towards John who seemed to be still very busy with customers in the jewelry section.

Focusing my attention back to Dominic,” I think John’s going to take some more time, I hope I am not keeping you away from other engagements.”

“My evening is all yours Arabella, don’t worry about it.” He assured me.

“Thanks. By the way Dominic, I’ll also be leaving for Ohio tomorrow to visit my grandpa, I’ll be back by Monday.”

“I’ll have Janis arrange the transportation for you,” he offered.

Shaking my head,“I have already booked the flight tickets. But thank you though.”

" You should have informed me earlier Arabella. I don’t want you traveling in commercial transportation when I can easily provide you with my Jet to travel where ever you want. Next time inform me, well in advance,” he said in a demanding way.

" Don’t be silly Dominic. Commercial transportation is for a layperson like me who don’t own their private transportation. I am happy traveling in it,” I was little amused by how he was making this as an issue.

Kneading his brows together,” You have me now, what is mine is yours and you deserve the best. Just let me take care of you.”

" Clearly you haven’t been introduced to my world properly. It’s time you see my world too Dominic. A world of running around chasing subway trains, paying rent, worried about savings and jumping gleefully in finding stuff I want although not brand new in shops like this,” I said waving my left hand towards the shop.

" I get that sweetheart. But what I am saying is now you don’t have to do that, you don’t have to struggle to...”

Our conversation was suddenly interrupted by a throaty voice calling out to me from the left side of the shop, it was John,” Ell could you please come here and help me authenticate this document for me.” he asked.

“Sure,” I called out and turned towards to face Dominic,” Babe I’ll just be back okay.”

“Sure sweetheart,” he said with a half-hearted smile, I knew why it was so. The heated debate we exchanged can wait for later I thought and I smiled back at him and walked towards John.

Dominic’s { POV }

As she walked away from me, I couldn’t help but feel so proud of her and at the same time angry too for her reluctance to make me take care of her needs. I meant it when I said what was mine was hers too, maybe I should anonymously pay all her rents, yes I’ll do that.

I never thought that I would ever end up falling in love and let alone with someone as genuine and kindhearted as her.

Not wanting to stay away from her I stood up from the sofa and went towards the direction she was. She was so attentively checking out an old framed document with John eyeing her in anticipation waiting for the verdict to know the originality of the document.

She tore her eyes away from the document and fixed her emerald green eyes on me,” I am almost done okay.”

“Take your time sweetheart.”

She nodded giving back her attention towards the document,” John as per my observation this document seemed legit but just to make sure it will be nice if you could show it to a signature expert. That way he will be able to truly authenticate whether the signature does belong to President Lincoln,” saying that she placed the framed document on the glass counter.

" I agree. I’ll ring in the expert tomorrow then,” said John taking a good long Puff from his smoking pipe.

" By the way, John, this is Dominic, my boyfriend, and Dominic this is John,” she introduced us. But the moment her lips rolled out the word boyfriend, I saw myself shamelessly grinning from ear to ear.

“Pleasure to meet you, Dominic,” said John extending his hand towards me and I returned the gesture,” Pleasure to meet you too John,” I said.

" So you guys ready to check out the leather Sofa?” Asked John

“Yes and I am so excited, ” said Arabella very enthusiastically.

“Follow me then,” he said and led us towards the back of the shop, he opened the glass framed door and stepped into the dark room and switched on the light.

The room was filled with, junks, yes that was what crossed my mind when I scanned the haphazardly arranged furniture of all manners.

Arabella gave an excited twirl and gushed,” Isn’t this fantastic Dominic?”

I wanted to say NO, but I obviously wouldn’t so I just nodded and said yes.

“Come on John show me the leather sofa, is it four seater or?”

" It is four-seater Ell and in perfect condition. Used only for three years, its manufacturer is The Madden field company. And it is exactly what you want, it’s the Vintage brown leather sofa.”

“Madden field company? As in the company based in the UK?” I inquired.

“Yes, it is Dominic, are you acquainted?” Asked Arabella.

“The CEO of the company William Wilkins is an old friend of my father.”

" Oh I see,” she nodded and clasped her hands together rather enthusiastically and said to John,” Show me this piece of art.”

" Sure,” returned John and walked towards a sofa covered in white cloth, he pulled off the cloth and displayed the brown leather sofa.

Despite my reservations, the sofa seemed to be in pretty decent shape.

" Wow It’s perfect,” she exclaimed and sat down on the sofa running her palms on the leather getting a good feel of it and eyeing me and John,” Do you guys think my clients will be happy sitting on this sofa?” she grinned.

" Of course sweetheart,” I said smiling feeling very amused at her behavior.

" I agree,” John nodded taking a puff from his smoking pipe.

" I am so excited to take it to the office,” she declared clapping softy.

Seeing her this happy, just made me realize how simple-hearted she was and it was pulling me more and closer towards her. If a used sofa could make her this happy then I would gladly buy her all the possible available antique shops in the whole of New York.

I insisted on paying for the sofa but like always she just won’t allow me to pay. After finishing all the formalities, we found ourselves outside the shop. As we walked towards the parking area to my Limo, she continued chattering so enthusiastically about John’s antique shop and all the purchases she made in the past. I found it too cute.

After a good twenty minutes drive, we finally reached her apartment building. Although late I decided to spend some time with her at her place since I would be unable to see for at least three days. It was an unpleasant feeling. We stepped into the elevator and as it moved up I had this urgency to kiss her so much. So without any second thought, I pulled her into my arms and kissed her, exploring every inch of her mouth, her delicate hand pressed against my chest and all I wanted was to let those delicate hands of her explore my naked chest. There was so much urgency in my kiss, I wanted to make love to her so bad.

I reluctantly broke the kiss as the elevator door opened. She was giggling as she stepped out,” Thank goodness no one was outside. Otherwise, we would have shocked them.”

" All the more reason to kiss you more sweetheart,” I returned.

She playfully smacked my chest with the back of her hand,“Behave Mr.King.”

I smiled as she did that. I am beginning to like this new endearment she uses to address me. It would definitely sound better in bed when I explore every inch of her body.

As we reached her apartment, we were greeted with four large bouquets of pink Peonies neatly stacked together in front of the door.

" Wow, those are beautiful. Is this your handy work Dominic?” She asked as she walked towards it.

" No I didn’t keep those flowers there and if I did it would be Roses Arabella not that,” I snapped unknowingly.

She turned to face me with a shocked expression clearly because of how I reacted,” Then I am sure it must be for Jemi.”

" I don’t think so,” I said and walked towards the door and bend down and rummaged through the flowers for the card.

" Oh, Dominic, how can you just assume it will be for me. You are so impossible sometimes,” she retorted sounding annoyed.

I frantically searched for the card with an ill feeling in my gut and the moment I found it, I grabbed it standing up straight. One glance at it, my temper flared, ignoring her question on who it was from, I crumbled the card with my hand with so much force. Seething in dark raging anger, I fished out my phone from my blazer pocket and speed-dialed Arthur and barked on the phone with clenched teeth,” Arthur, come up here right now and take these trash out.”

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