Irrevocably His

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Chapter twenty one

Arabella’s { POV }

Dominic still didn’t let me go even if the doorbell rang twice. He won’t stop the kiss, I had to gently put my hands on his chest and push him. He groaned as I did that.

Scooting down from his lap,” There is someone at the door Dominic,” giving him a warning look, to which he just gave me a sheepish smile. I walked towards the door to open it. It was Arthur standing outside with his straight face, clutching an overnight bag at one hand and another a black suit bag.

“Please Come in Arthur,” he nodded and walked in.

I closed the door behind him and said gesturing my hand towards him,” Here give me them, I’ll keep it in my bedroom. And please make yourself at home. I’ll just be back.”

“Thank you, Miss Dickens.”

I smiled at him,” Oh please call me Ell, Miss Dickens seems so formal.”

He gave a small smile that quickly disappeared the moment it appeared. And I thought what’s with him and his allergy to smiling.

I took the overnight bag and the suit bag from him and went into my room and hung the suit bag inside my wardrobe and the overnight bag I placed it on the purple couch near the window.

As I walked out I heard Dominic instructing Arthur,” I want Jared and you to monitor his every move from now on. And since you are coming with me to Sydney, give the full charge to Jared and once we return you can take over.” I knew whom they were talking about and I also knew Dominic will not let this Nicholas issue go very easily. But one way I see no harm in just keeping a tap on his moves so long as Dominic doesn’t go on a full rampage of hunting down Nicholas.

They were both seated face to face.Each masked with a serious dark look on their faces. I went and sat down next to Dominic,” Enough of the hunting talks both of you, Arthur would you like a glass of wine?” I offered.

“No thank you, Miss Dickens. I was just going to leave,” He stood up.

There he goes with the Miss. Dickens, I guess formal is what he is comfortable with I thought. So I didn’t bother to correct him.

I stood up to walk Arthur to the door but Dominic stopped me,” I’ll do it, sweetheart.”

I nodded and sat back down and faced towards Arthur,” well then goodnight Arthur.”

“Good night Miss Dickens,” he returned and walked towards the door. But instead of just dropping Arthur till the door, he stepped outside the door and closed it behind him. I heaved a deep sigh; of course, my Man doesn’t know the meaning of just letting go. Wondering whether he left with Arthur or they were outside strategizing ways of killing Nicholas slowly. I stood up from the sofa and went towards the door and as I opened the door they were both in deep conversation.

“Damn it, Arthur, I need you to be more alert than that,” Dominic retorted dangerously.

“Sorry, Sir. I underestimated him. I will not fail you.” Came Arthur’s firm assurance.

“Good.” Dominic returned.

Clearly, they were so engrossed in their conversations that they didn’t notice me standing at the door. So I cleared my throat declaring my presence.

“Dominic, please come in,” I called out.

He smiled at me,” Sure sweetheart,” and turned towards Arthur,” Pick me up tomorrow at 10 and be ready with everything we will leave for Sydney by 2.” He barked his orders authoritatively.

“Yes, Sir. Good night Sir, Goodnight Miss,” Arthur gave a small nod and walked towards the elevator.

As I closed the door behind us, it suddenly dawned on me that we would be sharing the same room together and obviously the bed. On the entire crazy chaos, I didn’t bother to think about it. I suddenly flushed, I could literally feel my cheeks burn.

“Sweetheart what are you still doing there leaning against the door,” he had an amused look on his face.

“I..I...Umm. You would want to change I guess. I hope Morris has packed what you needed,” I stuttered looking everywhere but him. And I was sure I was sweating. Oh boy, I thought.

He suddenly laughed vigorously resting his hands on his waist,” Sweetheart you will be the death of me,” saying that he came walking towards me and pulled me closer to him, his hand traced my cheek and held my jaw,” Are you nervous about having me in your bedroom?” he smirked and leaned in and whispered against my lips,” although making love to is all I think about. But don’t worry I’ll tame myself.“He gave a peck on my lips.

The whole conversation sends a shivering sensation throughout my body, goosebumps raising my flesh and I’d be lying if I say I didn’t want him. My body wants him but my heart was not ready for it. And even though my traitorous body wanted to just forget everything and let him ravish me, but that tiny one percent warning signal that my heart was giving out was all I would follow.

With cheeks burning as hot as furnace, I cleared my throat,” let me escort you to my room, Sir.” I playfully teased to ease the tension that is brewing inside me.

“By all means, Miss Dickens, let the way,” he winked.

I opened the door to my bedroom and let him in.

Still feeling awkward as hell I stammered,” this is the bedroom, the bathroom is there,” I waved my hand towards my left. No, it is the circus, Arabella, of course, it is the bedroom. Woman! Please get it together before you break down out of embarrassing yourself, I mentally scolded myself.

He was now standing near the window scanning my beige colored room with a curious look and a small smile tugged at the left corner of his lips. I was sure his walk-in closet must be bigger than my

room. I followed where his eyes traveled and died of embarrassment when it landed on the Hogwarts banner that was hung on the wall just above my bed.

Shit!! And Double Shit!! I forgot to hide the crazy geeky obsessions of mine. I was sure his past women would never adorn their walls with such banners but only with expensive paintings by well-known artists.

In my determined mission to stop him from going to Nicholas, I totally forgot to think of all the after embarrassing circumstances I would be finding myself in.

“So you are a fan of Harry Potter,” he stated and turned his gaze towards my bookshelf.

“Guilty,” I grinned and walked towards him and stood next to him. His fingers were grazing the neatly stacked rows of books and he suddenly chuckled as he pulled out an old worn out Spider-man comic book.

Oh, My God!! Could this get any worse? So much for wanting to appear polished, but now it’s like my room appears more like that of a teenage boy. Jemi was right, it is high time I act like a 26-year-old and start getting into “adult stuff” her words not mine.

He carelessly gave a glance on the front and back of the comic and looked at me with teasing eyes,” I remember you telling me back in Santorini that you love reading comics, I couldn’t wrap my head around it but now I have the proof in my hand.”

I just grinned at him,” Guilty again,” ah yes what is the point of shying away from it. I should embrace it, yes I should do that I mentally chanted that.

“This comic was a birthday gift from a very dear friend Jinhai. We were so crazy about comics and superheroes. Sad he had to leave the States for good during our sophomore year and go back to China. I lost in touch with him; I wonder sometimes how he is. He wanted to be a pianist,” saying that, my mind unconsciously drifted towards the image of a dark-haired, lanky friend of mine. Who would constantly argue with me that Spider-man was cooler than Thor?

“Seem like you guys shared a close bond,” Dominic replied as he kept back the comic on the shelf.

“Yes, we did. We were best friends,” I smiled suddenly feeling very nostalgic.

“Anyway would you like to change,” I asked.

“Yes I would love that,” he smiled circling his arms around my waist.

“You can use this bathroom, I’ll use the one in the living room,” I pointed my chin towards the door.

“I won’t mind sharing the same bathroom with you. It’s not like I haven’t seen anything before,” he whispered in my ear and bit my earlobe. I could feel the hair on my back standing and the blood flow in my system coming to halt. My traitorous body was giving me away.

“We...well yo...You just have to. I mean I would mind though sharing it with you,” I babbled feeling oh so awkward and shy. I mentally cursed myself “how childish.” I don’t think I’ll even get a wink of sleep if I continue acting this way.

Resting his chin on my left shoulder,” But why do I get the feeling that your body speaks a whole different language,” he continued. Smooth velvet voice making me come undone.

I bit my lower lip hard and let out a nervous laugh. My heart was thumping wildly; I could feel my legs getting wobbly. And his weight on my shoulder was not helping the situation further.

“I.. I think we better go to bed early, you have to leave early for work and you don’t want to be late.” I rolled out the words with great difficulty. It is a miracle I was able to form a sentence that makes sense.

He lifted his chin from my shoulder and gazed at me with those hauntingly grey-blue steady eyes,” you do know that I’m the Boss right, I can be as late as I want.” He replied cockily.

“But the Boss should be the one setting a good example,” I smirked him and patted myself subconsciously for that comeback. I was finally relaxing a bit.

“Oh teaching me discipline are we?” he cocked his brow and started to tickle me.

I started laughing hysterically and somehow managed to move away from him and ran towards the other side of the bed. Panting out of breath I grabbed the pillow,” I’ll hit you with this if you do that again.” I warned him but couldn’t keep a straight face.

“I don’t mind getting hit by you,” he slowly strode towards me, his eyes gleaming with mischief.

Between laughter,” don’t I am warning you,” I wiggle my right index finger at him.

He was now just some few inches away from me and ready to leap on me. I hit him with the pillow but he dodged it with his hand lightly, giving me an evil grin and I ended up throwing the pillow at him but it missed him.

“Uh ho,” he gave me an animated look and I couldn’t help but laugh. I got distracted and before I knew it he lifted me up and threw me on the bed lightly. He stretched both my hands upwards holding it tight, his weight placed lightly on me and was about to tickle me.

“Please Babe.” I pleaded.

“Sorry I didn’t get you,” he tickled me.

I started laughing hysterically trashing my legs and shouting Please. Finally letting go of my hands and wiping the tear that sneaked out of my eyes with his thumb. I was still smiling our eyes locked on each other.

“I love you, sweetheart.” He gave a peck on my lips and held my gaze,” You are the best thing that ever happened to me.” He confessed. His tone held so much promise.

I traced his face with my hand, “I feel I’m the luckiest girl in the whole world, you make me feel so loved.”

“Thank you, sweetheart,” he smiled and kissed me passionately. He moved down and nuzzled his nose on my throat lips sucking on it, goosebumps forming all over my body. I let out a small moan, as I closed my eyes indulging in his touch.

“Tell me to stop now. If not there is no stopping after I start.” Dark wanting eyes met mine.

I bit my lower lip and let out a nervous breath,” I think you should change.“My body wants it but my heart was not ready for it and I would only do it when I tell him I love him too.

He nodded in understanding and gave a peck on my lips and got down from the bed. I got down too and he said circling his hands around my waist,” are you sure you don’t want to join me in the shower,” I gasped as his hand squeezed my bud and found myself blushing deeply.

He laughed richly tracing my right cheek with his thumb,” this right here this pink color is what drives me nuts.”

Pushing him lightly,” Behave yourself, babe, if you don’t want to sleep on the sofa.” I teased grinning at him.

“Hmm, then I should be on my best behavior then.” He chuckled and let me go.

“I kept your bag over there,” I turned my head towards the purple couch and walked towards my wardrobe to take out my night pajamas. I took out my mint green pajama shorts and my white color lose v neck Thor T-shirt.

He took out his clothes and towel from the bag and a small pouch bag which I assume it contains his toiletry.

“I’ll see you then, let me know if you need anything,” I offered.

“You know what I want. But you won’t give me so I guess I’m all set for now,” he teased.

I just smiled shaking my head and walked towards the bathroom. He followed behind me. I took my toiletries and was going to walk out but I accidentally bumped into him.

“Sorry,” I murmured barely audible. I was back to the awkward nervous mood again.

“ For what? For denying me the pleasure of showering with you?” he raised a brow trying to appear serious but failed as he burst out laughing.

I smacked his arm,” You are brutal Dominic” I laughed and walked out of the bathroom.

He was still laughing as he closed the door.

I quickly showered and change into my pajamas and decided to text Jemi to give her a heads up that Dominic was here. I went into the room and at the same time, Dominic walked out of the bathroom. He was wearing black pajama pants and grey round neck t-shirt. His semi-wet towel-dried hair, made him look so sexy.

“Cute T-shirt,” he commented walking towards the sofa to keep his neatly folded clothes inside the bag.

“Thanks, it’s my comfy t-shirt,” I returned and walked towards the bed and sat on it and begin texting Jemi.

"Hey, just a heads up. Dominic is sleeping over. Explain everything to you tomorrow,” I texted her.

She replied immediately,” No problem. Just keep the noise down😉. I’ll be home by 2. Going for clubbing with Robin and his friends.”

I chuckled reading her message and replied,” have fun. I’ll see you tomorrow.“And kept the phone on the side table beside the bed.

Dominic settled down on the bed, he pulled me towards him and I rested my head on his chest our legs entwined together.

Kissing the top of my head,” this is just perfect. I wish we could do this often, sweetheart why don’t you spend the weekends at my place.”

Shifting my body and resting my upper body on top of him,” I’d like that” I smiled and gave a peck on his lips.

“Next weekend at my place then,” he stated excitedly pulling me closer to him and kissed me passionately.

Finally releasing each other, we settled to sleep. We lay in a spooning position. I was moving trying to find my idle position on the pillow, not conscious of the fact that I was grinning his manhood with my bud.

His breath hitched and his hold on my stomach got tighter and he whispered in my ear,” Sweetheart I don’t think it’s a good idea to move like that when we are in this position. I don’t want to get up and have a cold shower when I am already too comfortable.”

I was confused at first as to what he meant but I felt something Harding near my bud and it finally taunts me as to what he was talking about.I could literally feel my cheeks burn.

My mouth went dry and I just managed an, “OH.”

I knew now I won’t get a wink of sleep so to remedy that, I shifted my body turning towards him and rested my head on his chest, our legs entwined together. He immediately wrapped his hand around me cradling me closer.

“I think this position is better,” I smiled in the dark.

“I agree,” Came his prompt reply.

Giving out a small yawn I pulled the thin pink blanket closer to me,” Goodnight babe. And just so you know I never thought you would be sleeping in my bed with a pink blanket.“I chuckled.

“Me too, but I’d do it over and over again. Good night sweetheart,” he answered, to which I smiled and I swear I could feel him smile too.

Feeling loved and secured in the arms of my Man, the man who loves me and the man who would do anything to make me happy. Eyes heavy I sunk into deep slumber.


Somewhere in a tall skyscraper penthouse in Los Angeles. In a grey-walled bedroom with black furniture surrounding him. He sat up on the bed, head resting on the black tufted leather headboard. His right hand held a glass of Scotch on the rocks and his hand held the phone to his ear.

“Is it? Typical of him. I want a large boutique of the same flower and the same message, delivered at her doorsteps first thing in the morning tomorrow.” Having said that he cut the call.

He gulped the Scotch in one shot and smirked at the prospect of possessing her soon.

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