Irrevocably His

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Chapter twenty eight

Arabella’s {POV}

I could still feel my cheeks burn and my heart beat erratic, both sensations taking its own sweet time to settle because of the variations of situations I was introduced to in just a short span of time.

Firstly being greeted with the presence of Dominic at my front porch with that devilish smirk of his, my heart beating unceremoniously making me go weak in the knees. I like surprises and he makes sure he does it in his own usual grand style.

Secondly I for one forgot the presence of the other people around me by launching my self on him by hugging him tightly. Only to be reminded by my Grandpa by fake clearing his throat, how mortifying!

And this last situation is something I am still trying to decipher. Sitting opposite of both of them, them as in Dominic and Nathan. Nathan had that mischievous glint in his eyes and his sudden over sugar coating of words when I brought him a pine of beer and a Capri sun orange juice for Steven. I quote his exact words,“Arabella you are the sweetest and so thoughtful for serving us drinks. Man, I wish I dated you back in high school.” Which didn’t flatter me but made me cringe instead making me wonder what was up with him, this is so unlike him to say such words and strange because he is suddenly changing his persona.

Sitting beside me on my right Grandpa chuckled and shook his head as if he knew something I didn’t.

And as for Dominic. Well, he is sitting there left of Nathan, with a brooding look. His jaw clenching tightly every time Nathan teases me. Was the storm my grandpa talked about brewing, not in the sky but here on our front porch? One could only guess.

I gave Dominic a smile which was returned but not in the way I would like him to smile to me. This was done half-heartedly further intensifying the tension.

To ease up the tension, I couldn’t help but comment on the half played game of chess set placed on top of the center table,” We interrupted your game huh! Grandpa, I hope you weren’t boasting to Dominic about your expertise in the game.” I teased.

“I didn’t get around to doing that but why would I boast? I don’t need to, I’ll be easily beating him and he’ll know how good I am.” Snickers Grandpa. Which made all of us laugh, except for Steven who was seated between Dominic and Nathan looking around us unamused. The laughter seemed to have lulled the tension I thought.

“How did the meeting go with the others.” Asked Grandpa shifting and turning his body towards me.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t meet up with the others. They all had plans so it was just the three of us.” I replied.

“I see, maybe next time then.” Clasping his hands and resting his elbows on the arms of the chair,” What say we all order some take out for dinner then.” Grandpa suggested looking around all of us.

“We already ate. Why don’t you order for Dominic and you? I am stuffed I wouldn’t be able to eat anything.” I stated wrinkling my nose.

“That you are. This girl just gobbled two big slices of pizza.” Chuckled Nathan.

“Hey! Says the one who finished one whole, you are such a moron. I was hungry and besides who could pass off Paulo’s pepperoni cheesy pizza.” I rolled my eyes mortified and quickly moved my gaze towards Dominic who had an amused expression on his face. I have noticed that he had been very quiet this whole time. Except for the occasional annoyance and an amused expression on his face, he was quiet, I hope he was not bored.

“Dominic I think I should let you taste our town’s famous Pizza,” I offered to try to get his attention.

“I would love to.” He smiled.

“Why don’t you take him there instead. Show him around the town.” Grandpa suggested.

“That’s not a bad idea actually. But what about you Grandpa.” I asked facing him.

“Don’t worry about me. I can fix myself a sandwich. You young people go out and have fun.” He brushed off casually shrugging his shoulders.

I couldn’t help but think what on earth did Dominic do to win my Grandpa’s favor and make his protective armor towards me come off.

“Are you up for it,” I asked Dominic.

“Sure.” He smiled. His intense gaze on me as he leans back in the chair making me blush. I wanted to avert my gaze from him but the way he held his eyes on me left me rooted. He knows the effect he has on me as his smile turned into a teasing smirk, I bit my lip looking down and quickly shifted my attention towards Nathan.

“What about you Nathan. Would you guys want to join us?” I asked.

No sooner I asked Nathan the question. Dominic cleared his throat his face darkening. I was confused. What? Does he not like him. But he is meeting Nathan for the first time.

“Nah I’ll pass. Besides I want to live long, I want to see my son grow up. You guys have fun.” Nathan chuckled giving a narrow side glance at Dominic, he was teasing him. This made my grandpa chuckle too. And Dominic being Dominic he remained unaffected maintaining a stoic expression. Man! I thought to shake my head.

“Why wouldn’t you see me grow up Daddy. You are healthy, you never get sick.” Patting Nathan’s hand, Steven continued,” You will be fine Daddy. I will always treat you if you get sick. I will become a Doctor soon.” There was so much of adoration and love in his voice for Nathan. I was in awe of the bond they shared.

“You want to be a Doctor huh!” asked Dominic looking down at Steven to his right.

“Yes, sir.” Was the smart reply of Steven.

“That is wonderful. Kings Enterprise is always looking for talented hardworking Doctors to work in our hospitals here in the States. I’ll be honored to have you in the future, Steve.” Dominic smiled, gaining the whole attention of the little boy.

“Thank you, Sir.” Steven nodded looking at Dominic attentively, his eyebrows were drawn together as if he was trying to recall something. He jumps slightly on his chair as he succeeded in recalling the source he was trying to remember,” Sir are you the owner of the Space company Kratos. Are you Dominic King?” He curiously eyed Dominic.

“Yes, I am.” Dominic nodded ruffling Steven’s hair.

Steven’s eyes widen, his mouth opens tilting his head slightly giving a good look over at Dominic,” You know what I had to write an essay on Space companies in America and I wrote about you and Kratos. Most of my friends wrote about NASA, but I find you cooler. I used Daddy’s laptop to research on you, he helped me by explaining all the hard stuff though. I got an A for it.” Finished Steven puffing up his tiny chest with pride.

“I am humbled, Steve. I would love to give you a tour of Kratos. You are welcome anytime.” Dominic offered.

“Awesome! Thank you, Sir.” Steve’s voice booming with excitement he turned to face Nathan,” Did you hear that Daddy.”

“Yes, I did Steve. Aren’t you lucky.” Nathan playfully nudged Steven with his elbow who had a big grin on his face.

I mouthed a Thank you to Dominic as his gaze landed on me. Getting to know him for quite some time now, I realize Dominic may belong to one of the most influential and richest families in the world. But his humbleness and generosity make me admire and respect him, his gestures were not forced or faked. It was genuine.

“Steve why don’t you come with me to my room and help me pack all the comics for you,” I said standing up.

“Sure okay.” Came his prompt reply.

“Giving away your treasures Ell.” Commented Grandpa leading out a soft laugh.

“Yes, Grandpa. I finally found a worthy apprentice to pass on my treasures.” I laughed holding Steven’s hand.

“You are in for a treat Steve.” Grandpa winked at Steven whose face was flushed with excitement at the prospect of having my years of comic collection. While at his place I came across some of his collection and I offered to give him mine to which he gave me a big Yes by jumping on the sofa with excitement.

Leaving the three behind Steven and I went up to my room and packed the comics in a large cardboard box. I hadn’t anticipated that it would be too heavy for me to lift so I went down to call one of them for help. Putting my head out through the door I called out,” Can one of you please come and help me bring down the box from my room?”

All three of them shifted their attention at once at me. But it was Nathan who spoke first,” I’ll do it.”

He was half standing, but Dominic beat him by quickly standing up and marching towards me without even a backward glance as he spoke,” I’ll do it.”

I couldn’t help the smile that escaped my lips, he is like a big kid.

As soon as the front door closed behind us, he pulled me towards him and crashed me into his arms, squeezing me into a tight hug,” I missed you so much, love.” He whispered resting his chin on top of my head.

“I missed you too,” I mumbled as I buried my face to his chest and wrapped my hands around his waist, enjoying the warmth of his embrace and the woody smell of his cologne.

Pulling me away from his body he cupped my face and captured my lips and gave me a searing kiss. Making my toe curl and my heart beating erratically. Releasing his lips slowly from mine he kissed me on my forehead.

“I was dying to have you in my arms, I thought I won’t get you alone at all tonight. How long do they have to be here.” His voice sounded like whining as he held my gaze, his hold around my waist tightening as I tried to pull myself away from him.

“Not for long. If you want us to be alone, you have to release me and help me bring down the box.” I smiled pushing myself from him.

He nodded and gave a peck on my lips as he reluctantly let me go.

Once Dominic carried down the box. Nathan offered to keep it in his car, but Dominic insisted on keeping it for him.

Both Nathan and Steven said their goodbyes to my Grandpa and we walked towards their car.

Ruffling Steven’s hair, I bent down and gave him a kiss on his cheek,” Enjoy reading the comics. Let me know what you think of X-Men okay, I’ll call you.”

“I will Ell. Thank you so much.” Saying that he hugged me,” I’ll miss you.”

“Aww, I’ll miss you too sweetie. Take care.” I hugged him back.

Releasing myself from him, I shifted my attention towards Nathan. He pulled me into a tight hug which earned him a glare from Dominic.

“It was nice catching up Nathan. Take care.” I said hugging him back.

“Same here. Your man is highly possessive and deeply in love with you Arabella. I had fun annoying the hell out of him.” Chuckling Nathan whispered in my ears still hugging me.

“I think that’s enough.” Dominic pulled me away from Nathan snaking his hand around my waist pulling me closer to him.

I gasped at his rude behavior,” Dominic. Manners!” I glared at him.

He just gave me a sheepish look and shifted his hard gaze at Nathan.

Nathan chuckled meeting Dominic’s hard gaze,” It was nice meeting you, Dominic.” To which Dominic gave him a nod and let out a barely audible,” Likewise.”

“And Arabella, I had a great time. Keep in touch, you have my number.” He winked at me much to the displeasure of Dominic and climbed into the car and drove off the driveway and into the road.

“Lose the number,” Dominic mumbled as he kissed my left temple.

Rolling my eyes,” Not going to happen. He is my friend baby you have to get used to it.” I brushed him off. There was no way I was going to let him tell me with whom I should and shouldn’t talk. He can be very overbearing at times.

He sighed,” Fine. But let me know if he stops acting like your friend.”

“Trust me he won’t. You need to stop being very possessive Dominic.” I sighed as I climbed up the porch.

“I can’t help it, sweetheart.” Came his quick reply.

“Son where are you planning on putting up tonight.” Asked Grandpa as he sat leaning in the cane chair.

“I have booked a hotel not far from here.” Replied Dominic as he leaned on the beam of the porch.

“Nonsense. Check out from the hotel and stay here.” Grandpa offered which made my eyes widen in surprise. Clearly, this two have become well acquainted in just a few hours.

“Ell set up the guest room for him once you kids come back. I’ll go to my room and watch a game. And Son, I think I don’t need to remind you of behaving?” Grandpa cocked his left brow at Dominic watching him attentively.

“Of course not Adam. I’ll be on my best behavior.” Dominic assured my grandpa sounding nervous. That made me chuckle because as far as I know nervous and Dominic does not mingle.

“Alright, then you kids have a good time.” Getting up from the chair he walked inside the house.

“Shall we,” I said to Dominic grabbing the car keys.

“Sure. Shall I drive?” He offered as we walked towards my Grandpa’s black utility truck.

“No, it’s fine. My town so I’ll be the chauffeur.” I smiled climbing into the car.

We went to the hotel where Arthur was waiting for us. I offered Arthur to come and stay at my Grandpa’s place but he politely declined my offer and insisted on staying at the hotel. So we took Dominic’s luggage and I drove us towards Paulo’s pizza place and parceled a medium pepperoni cheesy pizza, a soda and a chocolate sundae for me.

I parked the car in an open field and we sat at the back of the truck bed. Since the floor of the truck bed was little uncomfortable for me to sit on, Dominic made a cushion out of his blazer and insisted on me to sit on it much to my protest. He wouldn’t take no for an answer so I begrudgingly sat on it feeling bad for his expensive blazer which would obviously get dirtied and wrinkled.

“This is a really good pizza,” Dominic complimented finishing the last bite of his second slice and rubbed his hand on the tissue.

“Yes, it is. If its pizza I never go anywhere but Paulo’s.” I affirmed taking a scoop of the chocolate sundae.

“Want some,” I asked offering him the chocolate sundae, as he took a sip of the soda.

“I won’t mind. But I think I’ll have the one that is here instead.” Putting down the soda to his left. He came closer tilting my chin with his hand. His lips just hairsbreadth away from mine.

I whispered,” Where.”

“Here.” He whispered back as the tip of his tongue glide through the corner of my lower lip and began slowly tracing the whole lower lip. I gasped my lips parting slightly at the way how his tongue moved sensuously giving him access to possess my mouth by giving me a long passionate kiss.

I felt like I was having a brain breeze not because of the chocolate sundae but by him. It’s always him, he has this indescribable effect on me from the very beginning of our first meeting. I find myself lost for words most of the time. A mere touch from him and I find myself drowning in him, responding to him unconditionally.

“Delicious.” He smirked as we parted our lips. I bit my lips looking down trying to avert his deep gaze and also trying to contain the shiver that was passing through my whole body.

“Still shy around me huh. I love it.” Giving me a peck, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he smiled.

“I’m not.” I smiled meeting his gaze.

“If you say so, sweetheart.” His lips pressed together as if he were trying to suppress a smile.

I looked away unable to hold his gaze any longer.

Tilting my chin up to meet his gaze,” Don’t look away I don’t like it when you do that. I like to meet your gaze at all times.” He demanded.

Entwining our hands together, he was still holding my gaze his eyes mirroring a lot of emotion,” Arabella I just want you to know that I am never letting you go no matter what. You are stuck with me. I know you are still healing from the wounds of your past and by all means take your time. But as you do so, I’ll be here with you waiting for you to fully accept me and give all of you to me as I do to you. There is no room for any doubts in my mind about you. I admit it always scared me to let someone have this much hold on me but if it’s you I would gladly let you run my life.”

He paused pressing his forehead on my mine.” Because I am madly in love with you sweetheart. Each day I just find my self helplessly falling more in more in love with you.”

Pressing his lips lightly on the tip of my nose, he pulled away only to tell me to sit in between his legs. I readily obliged leaning my back against his chest basking in the warmth of his body as he wrapped his arms around me holding me tightly.

I closed my eyes absorbing all the words he spoke to me.

Healing! yes, that is what I have been doing since the day Richard left me. I thought my path to healing would be me walking alone. But never have I ever anticipated that I would meet a man on my healing path, so determined to make me his and above all loving me unconditionally.

The varied emotions such as love, pain, anger, and hatred I had for Richard was no longer the center stage in my heart. But now it has been replaced with true joy, peace and slowly almost into love for the man in whose arms I lay. I smiled at the thought.

We just sat there in silence looking out to the empty green stretch of the field where at the end the field meets the dark green forest. The vast dark sky filled with stars and only the stridulate sound produced by the insects swallowed the otherwise silent atmosphere.

{In third person’s POV}

Silence and contentment on other side but sheer raging madness and stormy atmosphere in a tall skyscraper office in Upper East side Manhattan.

Banging his fist on the huge oak table with brute force and gritting his teeth in anger he shifted the phone to his left ear,” If you fail to push through my plans I will make sure you live a life of hell. But if you succeed name your prize it will be given.” He ordered and cut the call and threw the phone roughly on the table.

Tugging his hands on his tailored pants he walked towards the tall clear glass window with a cold maniac smile on his face.

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