Irrevocably His

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Chapter twenty nine

Arabella’s {POV}

“Dominic,” I whispered shout while knocking on the guest room door. But there was no answer. Is he still sleeping? And why on earth would he seriously take my word I said last night.

Did he promptly get up at the crack of dawn to go back to the guest room? I didn’t mean it when I told him to do that. It is not like Grandpa would find out, I said it just to tease him when he came marching to my room pleading to sleep with me just ten minutes after we parted to our own respective rooms.

I knocked again but since there was no response I went downstairs to make breakfast, thinking he might be in the bathroom. While I was in the kitchen I looked out the window facing the backyard and there I saw Dominic comfortably sitting in one of the wooden chairs and Grandpa on another. They seem to be sharing a joke because both of them were laughing.

Smiling I went back to making our breakfast, by frying up sunny side up eggs, bacon, and sausages and sliced the bread and put them in the toaster. Once everything was ready I filled three plates with the food and poured three mugs of coffee placed them on the large tray and marched towards them.

“Good Morning,” I called out trying to catch their attention as I walked towards them.

They shifted their attention towards me, halting their conversation midway.

“Good morning Ell.” Grandpa greeted.

Dominic got up from his seat and walked towards me,” Good morning sweetheart. Here let me.” He relieved me of the tray of food I was holding.

I smiled muttering thanks and took a seat beside Dominic,” Seems like you guys have become fast friends,” I grinned looking around at both of them.

“You don’t say.” Grandpa chuckled. I smiled and bask in the warm happy feeling that filled my heart at seeing them getting along. And most importantly Grandpa’s wholehearted approval for Dominic.

The breakfast table was filled with light-hearted conversation. The kind of conversations you exchange on a sunny Sunday brunch with family or close friends.

I smiled looking at both of them eating with gusto and listening to their conversation as Grandpa told Dominic stories about the annual angling competition he and uncle John participates every year and their winnings.

In the middle of the conversation, Dominic got an important business call so he excused himself to receive the call.

“You like him don’t you,” I stated once we were alone.

“He is a likable person. I feel relieved actually to have finally met him.” Grandpa replied with satisfaction.

“I’m glad you approve of him, Grandpa.” I beamed.

“That I do. It’s good to know you have someone other than Jemi in the city. I get worried every time I read an unpleasant news about New York in the paper. God forbid if something happens to you.” There was deep apprehension laced in his tone as he revealed his anxiety.

Moving my hand and giving his hand a gentle squeeze,” I’ll be fine Grandpa. You needn’t worry yourself about it okay. If it’s any consolation I always take extra precautions wherever I go. Now make that crease in that forehead of yours disappear. No more worrisome talks.” I admonished.

Grandpa didn’t say anything instead he just smiled at me looking relieved and took a sip of the coffee. Setting the mug down he gave me a thoughtful look,” You do know that he is in love with you don’t you.”

I almost choked on the egg. Of all the things I didn’t think he would tell me that. Taking my time to chew and swallow the egg,” He told you?” I asked surprised.

“Yes, he did. In fact, I made a thorough interrogation yesterday.” He chuckled and continued speaking,” Aside from that I can see by the way he is with you, that’s a man in love.” He shifted his gaze towards Dominic, whose back was facing towards us as he stood facing the garden talking on the phone.

“He did confess his feelings to me, Grandpa. Although I do like him a lot, I’m not there yet. I am still sorting out my feelings, leaving behind the old ones trying to create room for the new ones. It’s overwhelming at times.” I admitted.

“It is understandable to feel overwhelmed Ell given the ordeal you went through. But don’t make one failed relationship stop you from having and building a true one with another. Sometimes what we think was best or meant for us may not be it. You will surely find that great love, it may be Dominic or maybe someone else, who knows.” He shrugged his shoulders casually.

“But do we bottle ourselves just because things didn’t turn out the way we wanted? No, we don’t do that. A big part of cherishing life means smiling and gathering the strength to seek something good for oneself even when you are at your lowest. Remember that always Ell.” Grandpa urged giving me his warm reassuring smile.

The smile which made his emerald green eyes twinkle in surety and wisdom, which always gives me the genuine confidence to face anything that life throws at me.

“I will always remember that Grandpa. Thank you.” I assured him.

“What did I miss?” Came Dominic’s question as he settled down beside me.

Turning to face him,” Nothing much. Is everything alright at work? What happen?” I asked.

“I had a minor setback at one of my Hotel in Tokyo. But it is resolved now.” He answered taking a sip of the coffee.

“I see, good to know. I hope your food is not too cold to eat.” I glanced at his plate, which was almost empty.

“It’s fine. I am done actually.” Finishing the last sausage he put down the fork and sipped on the coffee.

“John called last night, said he will drop by later with Rachel to see you off. I believe she made some of your favorite white chocolates for you.” Grandpa smiled pushing the plate away and resting his elbows on the table.

I softly clap my hands grinning,” Yes. She is the best.”

“Is it? I thought it was us. Tsk tsk never thought a mere white chocolate would make you replace us.” Dominic teased and broke into deep laughter.

“I second that,” Grandpa added laughing richly.

“Yeah alright laugh all you want. There is no way I am sharing even a piece of the chocolate.” I scowled looking at both of them as they continued laughing. Morons!! I mentally called them.

Since Grandpa wanted to show Dominic his collection of fishing rods. I went about cleaning the dishes. And later Dominic joined me in my room and I showed him some of my old pictures. Much to my protest, he insisted on taking a childhood picture of mine from his cell phone and save it as the wallpaper.

In the picture, I was wearing a polka dotted romper smeared with mud crying my lungs out. I think I was two or three, it was taken by my father as told by Grandpa during our family picnic.

Just an hour before we left for the airport, Rachel and John made a quick stop to say their goodbyes and also gave me the white Chocolates, before they headed off to their friend’s place for a birthday party in the outskirts of the town. The few minutes they stayed was spent with Uncle John and Dominic debating over which club was better Chelsea or Arsenal (the gunners). Both of them never reached a point of agreement, so they ended up just wishing each other a good season.

I had to cancel my flight and travel with Dominic instead because he had managed to smoothly blackmail me last night into agreeing on traveling on his Jet to New York. It was the classic; I came all the way here just to be with you and you won’t even consider agreeing to my request. So I ended up consenting to his request.

Since Arthur was already waiting for us at the airport, Grandpa drove us there. Exchanging emotional teary goodbyes with Grandpa, we went inside the airport and towards the runway where we were greeted by a humongous black color Jet with the initial King printed in bold white across the body of the Jet.

As if the exterior of the Jet didn’t enthrall me, then the interior of the Jet pleased my eyes, even more, as I take in the chic and luxurious settings. It was not long before we were on air than one of the cabin crew came towards us with two flutes of champagne.

“We will have it in the master suite,” Ordered Dominic who was sitting opposite me on the plush lounge chair as she approached us. Giving a slight nod and well practiced polite smile she went towards the opposite side from where she came.

Getting up from his seat,” Come, sweetheart, I’ll show you around and we can relax in the suite.” I returned his smile as he held my hand and gave a peck on my lips.

He walked me towards a luxurious room which I assumed was a dining area?

“I use it as a conference room or for dinning whichever suits the occasion.” He states.

“It is a really nice setup. I like it.” I smiled tracing my finger lightly on the table and looking around in awe at the expensive trappings. The large windows bring in plenty of natural light, which brightens the room giving it a subtle fresh touch.

Sometimes I forget he is a billionaire because of his casual behavior. He doesn’t show any qualms about leaving his luxury and adjust to me, whether it is staying at my apartment or my Grandpa’s place. Richard was never like that.

“Thank you.” He hugged me from behind wrapping his hands around my waist.

“How about I show you the master suite.” His hand brushing the hair away from my right neck and kissing its side.

Turning to face him,” You just want to show me right?” I cocked my left brow giving him a sly smile.

“Show you,” He paused kissing my forehead,” And do a lot of other things,” He smirked giving a peck on my lips.

“Keep dreaming,” I pushed him lightly away from me laughing.

“You are such a tease sweetheart,” He smiled taking my hand and walked me towards the master suite.

The master suite was as equally grand as the others. Handing me the flute of champagne he pulled me towards him and made me sit on his lap as he sat on the bed.

I took a sip of the champagne, loving the way the drink smoothly trail down my throat.

“I won’t allow you to go back to your apartment tonight, you are staying with me at my place.”

“What if I say no.” I shrugged.

“Do I look like I would accept a rejection?” He challenged, a tentative smile glosses his lips.

“Hm let’s see.” I pretended to study his face,” looks like it, but I think you will have to just swallow the rejection,” I laughed.

Raising an eyebrow,” I let you out of my sight for just two days and you are being sassy with me.” His eyes glint with mischief and he starts to tickle me.

“Dominic, you will spill the drink.” I squealed grabbing the glass a little firmly.

“We can solve the problem.” He took my half-empty glass and placed it on the side table near the bed which was at arm’s length.

Turning towards me,” Now where were we.” He smirked.

I tried wiggling out of his lap, but he tightened his grip and scooped me and made me lay on the bed with his body hovering over me, his palms resting on each side caging me and at the same time shifting his weight off of me.

" Don’t tickle please.” I pouted.

“I won’t only if you say yes.”

“Yes to what?” I faked ignorance looking at him cluelessly.

“Sweetheart.” He let out a low laugh burying his face in my neck and gently placing a kiss.

“I have to go back to work tomorrow baby.” I tried to reason. My voice a little unsteady with his warm lips on my neck.

“So?” He lifted his head and meet my gaze,” I can drop you in the morning. You can go directly to your office from my place.” He frowned, his eyebrows kneaded together.

“Fine, I will stay.” I smiled brushing his hair off his forehead.

He returned my smile leaning down and captured my lips giving me a sensuous kiss making my toe curl.

“Welcome back Mister. King.” Greeted the young doorman lifting his dark green uniform hat from his head.

“Miss.” He gave me a slight nod and put his hat back on his head.

“Thank you, Oliver,” Dominic replied as he ushered me into the building and towards the elevator.

“Welcome back Sir. I trust you had a good trip.” Smiled the middle-aged man as soon as he opened the main door. Wait I remember him, he is Dominic’s butler Morris.

“Thank you, Morris. Yes, I did.” Dominic returned the smile as we stepped inside.

Ah! I was right.

" It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance again Miss Arabella.” Beamed Morris, his tone mellow.

“Good to meet you too Morris. Hope all is well?” I returned his smile as we walked towards the living area.

“All is well, I believe you too, Miss Arabella.” He is so proper the way he conducts himself. Like he leaped straight out of the Elizabethan I era, I thought.

“Yes, Morris. Thank you.” I smiled as I settled down in one of the plush sofas.

“Sir, what about your luggage.” Inquired Morris.

“Arthur will be bringing them up,” Dominic returned as he began typing rapidly on his phone and slight it back in his blazer pocket as he settled down next to me.

“I see. Shall I prepare some light refreshments? What would you two like to have.” Offered Morris who was standing with his left hand behind his back looking at both of us.

“That won’t be necessary Morris. We are going out now. But we will be back just in time for dinner.”

“Alright then, I’ll take my leave.”

“Where are we going?” I enquired curiously once Morris left.

“Its a surprise sweetheart. But before we go I just need to use my office to check an important file send by my executive, it won’t take long.”

“Sure no problem, take your time.” I smiled giving a peck on his lips.

Once Dominic left I called Grandpa, letting him know we have reached safely. And called Jemi too letting her know the same and also that I will be staying over at Dominic’s. Which earned me a series of teasing from her on how I should not forget to use protection. I laughed as she said that, Jemi won’t be Jemi if she doesn’t tease me that way.

If I thought the Jet was a way to highlight what luxury was. Well, then his penthouse would be the epitome of everything grand, expensive, luxury and all the words to describe what wealth is.

No doubt I am to some certain degree exposed to the leaving style of the wealthy in this part of the city, courtesy of Michael and Richard. But Dominic’s place just puts the others to shame.

The view of the city from the balcony was breathtaking. The tallest of the buildings dwarfing from where I was standing. It was like I was standing on top of the world.

His world.

“Shall we leave.” Came his voice from behind.

I turned to face him,” Sure.” And walked towards him as he interlaced his hand on mine and walked me out of the house towards the same elevator we came up. This time he pushed the ground floor button.

As we stepped out of the elevator, the darkroom illuminated immediately revealing rows and rows of different cars in all sizes, shapes, and colors. It was like we were in a mini vehicle showroom.

I couldn’t help but gawk at all the cars. They were all so beautiful and of course very expensive seeing as they were all plastered with all the known expensive car logos.

“What do you think of this car?” He asked walking me towards a classic black Ferrari, which was parked a little further away from the other cars.

“This is a real beauty,” I exclaimed running my eyes on the car, admiring it and secretly wanting to drive it.

“It’s a 1961 Ferrari 250Gt California Spider.” Dominic filled in the details of the car.

“How did you get hold of it,” I asked because classic cars like this don’t just randomly appear on the market even if you had the money to buy it. All my knowledge coming from my love for all things classic and vintage.

“I bought it at an auction a few days ago.” He returned.

“Do you like it?” He asked sounding eager and little edgy at the same time.

“Of course. I’d be a fool if I don’t. I am no car expert but I do appreciate all things classic and vintage. You have a real treasure here.” I mused as I admired the car again not missing the breathed sigh of whispered,” Thank God,” from him.

I furrowed my brows shooting him a suspicious gaze and folded my arms against my chest.

He grinned sheepishly tugging his hands in his pant pockets,” I bought it for you.” He declared so casually and excitedly.

I gasped and whipped my head left to right glancing at the car and then him,” This is too much Dominic. I am sorry but I can’t accept it, this must have cost you a fortune.” Seeing how his lips twitched at the left, an indication of being upset at me rejecting his gift so bluntly.

I tried to rephrase my word in the gentlest way,” Thank you so much for buying this exquisite car for me babe. It is so generous of you.” I smiled wrapping my hands around his waist. He smiled back looking down as I tilt my chin up to hold his gaze.

I continued speaking, carefully choosing my words,“But I can’t accept it not because I don’t love it. I love it, I could only dream of owning such a car. Having said that, I think it is just too extra vacant for me to own. And besides, I’d be robbed dry if I park this outside my apartment judging by the area I am staying and not to mention I will get a panic attack every time I accidentally bumped the car.” I joked my truth letting out a low laugh.

He chuckled shaking his head,” Sweetheart only you would come up with such creative excuses as to why you can’t accept my gift. But I am also very stubborn and determined. Fine the car stays here but I have already registered the car in your name. So it’s yours, let’s leave it at that, you can drive it whenever and wherever you want.” He finished and circled his hands around my waist pulling me closer to him.

Would I ever be able to say no to this overbearing yet so loving human being, I shook my head as an indication of no and in disbelieve,” Fine fair enough. Thank you so much, Dominic.” I puckered my lips for him to seal the agreement with a kiss.

“Why don’t we go for a drive then.” He said releasing his hands from my waist and fishing out the car key from his blazer pocket and handing it to me.

“I would love to.” I grinned.

I droved us towards the outskirts of the city, enjoying the feel of the car. This is by far the best car ride of my life. I don’t know how many times I gushed at Dominic about the car.

After almost two hours of driving, we finally reached his penthouse.

" Sir, Mister. Collins is there on the balcony waiting for you. He just arrived.” Morris informed as we stepped inside the house.

“Come sweetheart. Let me finally introduce you to my obnoxious best friend.” Dominic chuckled wrapping his hand around my waist and lead me towards the balcony.

“Do what do I owe the displeasure of your visit. I thought you would still be in Sydney.” Dominic chuckled calling out to his friend, whose back was faced towards us. He appeared to be looking out the view.

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