Irrevocably His

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Chapter thirty six

Arabella’s (POV)

Driving around the city for nearly an hour we finally arrived at the destination where he had planned his surprises for me.

I was intrigued when he told me to drive back to Brooklyn.

“Sweetheart park the car right in front of the black iron gate opposite to the church.” He instructed as I took a right turn.

“Sure. So you still not going to tell me why we are here?” I gave a quick glance at him before diverting my gaze to the road.

“You will find out soon.” He replied coolly pinching my cheek which made me smile.

His reply made me more curious. I parked the car right in front of the medium steel black gate.

We got down from the car and walk towards the gate where Arthur was already waiting for us at the gate with a very small middle age man with grey hair.

As we approached them Dominic turned to speak to the man.

" Peter is everything ready?” His question calm and authoritative.

“Absolutely Mr. King.” Came a gentle firm reply.

I gave a quick glance towards the gate to see what was on the other side but the absence of light reflect back only darkness to me. The gate was nicely woven with thick bushes of green creepers. The faint light coming from the watchman’s booth which I assume was Peter didn’t reveal much other than the green creepers.

Peter opened the gate and we walked in leaving Arthur behind. It was too dark so I still haven’t discovered anything yet.

“Peter you may on the lights,” Dominic instructed.

“Sure Mr. King.” He scurried towards the booth near the gate.

Dominic placed a kiss on my temple,” The surprise will be unveiled now, sweetheart.”

“Okay,” I replied and waited in anticipation.

Slowly starting from the spot where we were standing we were illuminated from above making me look up.

Miniature decorative bulbs hung above which was spread across the place like a web illuminating the whole place which I know now was a wide open space parted into two by the cobbled path. The right side was filled with roses planted in numbers of black galvanized steel pots kept in rows.

I was in awe. I devoured everything that was before me as Dominic lead me down the cobbled path towards the middle of the garden.

“This is beautiful Dominic. When did you do all these.” I glanced at him stopping in our tracks.

“I have been planning for it for some weeks now.” He smiled looking down at me.

I looked around again taking in the beauty before me. A cluster of breathtaking roses of all the possible colors occupied half of the space. It was a spring feast in its own right.

“Go ahead. Check it out.” He coaxed as he released my hand.

Smiling I walked towards the roses. It had varieties of roses, most which I have never seen or heard of and I am assuming they were mostly Hybrid tea roses. I especially loved the blue roses, I had seen them only in pictures but never this close.

Turning to my right my eyes fell towards the black roses. They were extremely very rare roses.

“Wow, Dominic.” I gasped and bend down to touch the flower.

“You like it? Really.” He seemed surprised by my show of enthusiasm towards the black roses.

Turning to face him,” Of course I do. You know it is actually not black when they first start to bloom. They are dark red but it fades to black during the summer season.” I provided the information enthusiastically which he listened attentively.

Walking towards him,” I can’t believe you managed to get all the rarest of the rare roses. Most of them are ones I have seen only in pictures. It’s so beautiful.” I couldn’t stop grinning and gushing over its beauty. I love roses and I can never get enough of it.

“I am glad to hear I did right. I was worried you might think it’s too much.” He gave a small smile tugging one of his hand in his pant pocket.

“You did right babe and why would I think it’s too much, it is nice that you plan on setting up a nursery.” I returned and shifted my gaze taking in the surroundings again. The place was not that big but just right for maintaining a small nursery. Since the left side of the place was left bare I assumed it was for planting more on the ground and setting up a greenhouse.

And as I darted my gaze straight ahead I saw a table for two under a metal pergola with white shade canopy dressed in sky blue fairies light. And a room service cart with a covered dish on top and a champagne in a bucket of ice stood beside the table.

“I am not planning on setting up a nursery sweetheart,” He chuckled hugging me from the back planting a kiss on my shoulder,” I got this property for you.”

“What?” I turned to face him.

“This place is yours,” He emphasized looking down at my alarming widen eyes,” I thought since you love roses you can maintain a rose garden by yourself and.” He paused turning us to the left,” I told Peter to keep this plot bare so you can plant vegetables. I know you love gardening so I thought this place would be perfect for you to execute your desires.” He smiled giving a peck on my lips holding me close to him.

I was speechless, I know by now I shouldn’t be so shocked by his grand over the top gifts. But this? I can’t even wrap my brains around it. It warms my heart that he remembers each and every detail I tell him and goes out of his way to fulfill it; but. Yes, there is that big BUT, how can I accept it so casually even if it’s a birthday gift arranged so thoughtfully with the purest intentions.

“I don’t know what to say, Dominic. This.” He stops me by pressing his lips to mine and whispers against my lips,” Please Arabella I want you to have it.” There was an urgency in his voice almost pleading.

My gaze shifted towards the roses and back at his pleading eyes which makes me reconsider of rejecting his gift,” I will only if you assist me in planting the vegetables too.” I teased with a sly smile.

He chuckled,” I am at your service anytime.”

I tiptoed holding his face between my palms bringing it down and kissed him on his forehead,” Thank you so much for this wonderful gift, Dominic. It means a lot to me.This is amazing.”

“Anything for you sweetheart.” He gave a peck on my lips and holds my hand and leads us towards the table for two.

He pulls the chair out for me and I settle down.

“I have the last two surprises for you so for this I want you to close your eyes.” He instructs as he pops open the champagne and fills two flutes and hands me one.

“Cheers sweetheart. To you.” He salutes as we cling the glass together.

“Thank you.” I smiled taking a sip of the champagne.

“So you want me to close my eyes now?” I inquired as I watch him take a sip of the champagne. As much as I was dying out of curiousness I was also hoping it won’t be anything over the top. First the car and now this place. It was already too much and I am beginning to feel very overwhelmed.

“Yes please.” He sets the glass down and gets up from his chair.

I smiled and closed my eyes. I can hear him shuffle through the cart next to me. An opening of the cart door and the dish cover and the sound of the lightening of a candle cracker. What? Now I was thoroughly impatient to open my eyes.

“Are you done?” I asked tapping my palms on the table as an indication of a drum roll.

“Five seconds please.” He says and pulls his chair nearer to me and kisses my cheek.

“You can open,” No sooner he says that I open my eyes and it lands on a crackling cracker candle mounted on top of a roughly made white chocolate cake garnished with raspberries.

“I baked it myself.” Came his nervous tone. Or was it a shy tone.

“You what?” I turned to face him. This was a surprise that totally got me off guard. Dominic and baking? I nearly fell off the chair.

Giving me a sheepish smile,” I baked it. Morris coached me how to do it, I successfully did it in two attempts.” He finished looking at the roughly iced cake with pride.

“Two?” I squinted at him suspiciously. My lips stretching into a smile.

There was a pausing moment between us as we held our gaze, grey-blue to emerald green.

He suddenly laughs leaning back in the chair as I continued fixing my suspicious gaze at him,” Fine. I perfected on the sixth attempt. Never knew baking could be this hard, although I realized it’s all chemistry. All the measurements have to be perfect not a little extra than prescribed.” He appeared serious he seemed to be speaking more to himself than me now. I couldn’t help smiling at it, he warms my heart in all the right ways.

I leaned in and gave a peck on his lips,” I love you.” I whispered against his lips and held his gaze.

It was not planned. I feel it in every nerve and bone in my body. And when the feelings are so deeply felt and wanted it eventually finds it’s way to be confessed.

My love for him and his love for me triumphs all my fears. It felt right.

It was his turn to look at me wide-eyed lips parted slightly I thought he went into a shock mode. Just when I thought I would say something he speaks up,” I love you as in I love you, you baked this cake or I love you as in the I love you too.” He finishes cautiously looking very flustered.

I leaned in and kissed him with love that was pouring out of my heart. An anxious mending heart but holds so much love for him that it surpasses all the anxieties.

Tracing my finger lightly on his lips and jaw, I looked deeply into the grey-blue,” I love you too Dominic. I am in love with you.”

He closes his eyes for a moment and opens it lifting my hands and plants a kiss.

Interlacing our hands he finds his voice,” Arabella I feel whole finally. Thank you so much, you don’t know how happy I am right now. Sweetheart I will cherish this love you have for me always.”

I was fighting back a tear desperately. When you are an emotional crier like me it is a difficult battle to fight.

Words failed me so I hugged him resting my head on his chest. We stayed this was for a while with not a word exchanged between us.

He kisses the top of head as I break away from him.

“Shall I cut the cake? May be critic it.” I teased smiling slyly.

“You will want for more.” He chuckled winking at me as I cut the cake. I gave him the first bite but he refused wanting me to have the first taste.

“This is a really good cake babe. Hm, master baker in the making.” I teased elbowing his rib.

“Thank you,” He smiled there was a hint of color on his cheek as I fed him the cake with the fork.

“Are you blushing,” I grinned.

He looks at me in horror,” Of course not.” Shaking his head he gulps the champagne in one shot and lifts the big gift box from the cart and places on the table.

I giggled,” If you say so.”

“Sweetheart don’t push it if you don’t want me to bend you over the table and do things that will drive you crazy.” I swat his arm going deep hot red on my cheek.

“Now this is calling real blushing,” He smirks as he traces his finger on my cheek.

I rolled my eyes and cleared my throat as my body quivered with his sensuous touch. I quickly diverted my gaze towards the gift lying on the table,” What is that.” fixing my eyes on the gift box.

He lifts the gift box and hands it to me,” Something I am hoping you will love.” He smiles.

I returned his smile as I placed the cake to the side to make space for the gift box. I untied the grey ribbon and opened the black box. I gasped as I lifted the Chelsea jersey and I literally squealed like a lunatic when I realized it was Eden Hazard’s Jersey Number 10. It had two jerseys both away and home signed by him.

“How did you managed it.” I inquired my eyes glued on the Jerseys examining his signature closely tracing it with my finger.

“The owner of the club is a friend of one of my close friend so I rang him for the favour.” He returned.

“Thank you so much.” I hugged him tight,” You are welcome.” He kissed the top of my head.

“Gosh I can’t believe I am holding his jerseys signed by him. He is just amazing, I wonder what is like to meet him in person.” I gushed grinning as I folded and kept the jerseys back on the box.

“Keep the admiration at the fan level sweetheart.” Dominic returned darkly.

I rolled my eyes,” Of course.” Seeing his sour mood I got up from my chair and sat on his lap circling my hands around his neck,” I love you.” I gave a peck on his lips.

“I love you.” He whispered against my lips and kissed me passionately.

“Never get excited about any man other than me Arabella.” He groans against my neck mouth sucking my flesh which I am sure will leave a deep mark. He is a very possessive man which makes me want to roll my eyes most of the time.

“Only you would excite me Dominic.” I assured him trying to soothe down his possessive nature which in a way is for an absurd reason. But having known him it may sound absurd to me but for him it is a serious issue which bothers him deeply. I’ll comply by his wishes only if it is within reason.

“Good I like that,” His kisses the finger that is tracing his lips.

“Will you be at court or office today.” he inquires checking the time on his wrist watch.

“I have a hearing at 4 P.M. I am finally closing a case today which I was heading towards a dead lock for the past couple of days. The accuser cleverly cleaned up all evidences after beating my client to pulp who is a sex worker. I nearly gave up but just in the neck of time a cigarette butt laced in his DNA was found right under the bed. So it will be him spending seasons under a cell.” I finished with passion and continued speaking as he listens with interest.

" You know it is appalling to know how people mistreat these people, basic human rights denied in every angle just because of their chosen profession. I agree there are mostly cons involved in this profession which needs to be checked and laws set up to book the culprits but this client of mine she is in it with her full consent and this man did not like hearing no from her so what he does he assaults her. I mean what is up with that.” I shook my head in disbelieve at the man’s cruelty,“I’m sorry I am babbling away.” I sighed.

“No it’s fine. It’s nice to know how passionate you are about your work and the clients you defend, you are amazing Arabella. I am so proud of you.” He looks on at me with admiration that brings a smile to my face and a swift thank you from me.

“By the way tonight’s dinner will be cooked by Seb. He insisted on showing off his cooking skills, so I told him I’ll sue him to the ends of the world if there is any incident of food poisoning.” I let out a soft laugh remembering Seb’s reply.

“That will surely keep him on his toes.” He chuckled looking very amused. Checking his wrist watch again,” It’s quarter to 3. I better drop you off, I don’t want you to appear sleepy and tired whilst defending your client.” He smiled against my lips as he gives a peck.

Packing and carrying everything I drove us towards my apartment closely followed behind by Arthur in Dominic’s car. I managed to cut five stems of the blue roses with the gardening scissors provided by Peter, whom I learned will be the caretaker, gardener all rolled into one for the place. My assistant it seems according to Dominic and he my executive assistant.

Finally reaching I parked the car in the parking space just outside my apartment building.

Turning to face him,” Dominic thank you so much for everything and for making my birthday so special.” I smiled leaning towards him to kiss him which he responded urgently as he lifted me not breaking the kiss from my seat so I straddle his lap. A flex from my hip draws out moans from both of us. His hands caressing my back as I move against his harden male against my female softness. The feeling was so intoxicating.

My fingers tucked in his hair as he lowers his lips kissing my neck and leaving a lasting bite which would need the concealer to conceal when I go for work today.

Panting out of breathe grey-blue meets emerald green. Pupils dilated of want.

“You want to come up?” Palms resting on his chest as bold and wanting words draws out of my mouth. The shyness in me suppressed completely by my own lust for him.

“Believe me Arabella, this is the only thing I want. But if I come up there is no way you will be making it to the court room today.” He leans in giving a peck on my lips.

“We can spend the night at our place tonight.” He whispers against my ears biting on my earlobe. He always uses plural whenever he talks about his pent house and wants me refer to it that way too.

“Okay.” I kiss him on his forehead and got down from his lap.

Looking out the street as his car drove away, I felt a slight emptiness in me. Which in a way is scaring me because of the what ifs, I know I would find his car right at the spot where it was before in just a few hours.

But the anxieties of the negative what ifs of the future, the unknown, the chameleon nature of a human mind scares me to let him become my heart and soul. But it was too late because.

I am a prisoner to him not looking for an escape.

I brushed off the negativity and settled myself to sleep. Setting an alarm for a five hours sleep, I checked through the messages on WhatsApp sent by my friends.

A tap of my index finger on the forbidden raced my heart; a slight pain. I raised the phone to my ears to listen to that voice that gave nothing but tears.

“Happy birthday.” A second pause, a deep inhale and exhale of breath,”God I miss you so much. I wish I never let you go.” Slurred sentences ending the voice mail.

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