Irrevocably His

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Chapter Forty One

Dominic’s (POV)

Pacing up and down raking my hair again and again. Thank you for still loving me what the fuck was that and the kiss, Fuck! Fuck! That bloody kiss. I’m I being played with?

I feel like my head would explode with the number of angry thoughts passing through my mind right now.

I sank down on the sofa elbows resting on my thighs I buried my head in my palms my breathing getting harsh. There was that tight squeeze in my heart; a numbing pain.

No! my mind screams she is not like that. I might be the one do that but not her. I reasoned out.

Closing my eyes I could hear her gentle reassuring words on the love she has for me.

Shit! What the fuck was wrong with me. My Arabella would never do something like that. She loves me and I soiled it by leaving her with him by walking away.

A breathless low laugh escapes my lips thinking of the immature shit he pulled out. That fucker nearly had me fooled, he nearly succeeded in reaping us apart.

How could I not see that straight away? My insecurities got the better of me. I should be ashamed of myself.

That fucking lips of his on her needs attention from my fist. Complete rage feels me as that filthy image crosses my mind, so consumed with my rage I didn’t see her coming towards me.

“Here you are, Dominic. Shall we leave?” a strained voice calls out to me.

Her frightened facial expression made me release I was staring hard at her.

“Is everything alright,” She asks as I stood up from the sofa trying to compose my stormy mood.

I closed my eye inhaling and exhaling calming my raging heart,” Everything is alright sweetheart.” I managed to force a smile.

She looks at me unsure,” But you seemed very angry just a moment ago. What is it?”

“Sorry about that. I had to deal with a sly thief in the company who thought he could fool me but he got caught. You just caught me at a wrong moment.” I assured her with my lies. This time an easy smile slips my lips earning a smile from her.

“Oh, yea. Good to know, I hope he doesn’t bother you again. So shall we leave or you still need to stay back.” She grabs hold of my hand.

“Sure but I want you to go ahead and wait for me in the car. I just need to brief Janis about a meeting tomorrow,” I rushed through my words giving a quick glance towards the balcony. That fucker better not slip away, I needed him to be alone. Don’t want to create a scene, it would only hurt my Arabella.

“Okay, don’t take too long though,” she smiles giving a peck on my lips.

“I won’t sweetheart,” The moment I saw her walking towards the exit. I headed down the red-carpeted hallway towards the balcony taking big strikes so I make it quick.

“Spencer,” I called out through clenched teeth as I stepped into the balcony. His back was faced towards me.

He turned to face me with a smug entitled smile on his face.

I walked towards him standing just an inch away from him staring him down my nostrils flaring in anger. Fists clenched tightly at the sides.

“Woah! settle down, what’s with the aggression King.” He chuckled taking a step back.

“Stay away from her.” I enunciated each word through clenched teeth staring him down hard. My Patience and sanity slipping bit by bit the longer I stay in his presence.

He laughs at my words. A cynical laughter.

“Why should I. She wants me and I wouldn’t deny myself to her.” He returns pompously shoving his hands in his pant pockets.

I chuckled shaking my head,” You are even more pathetic than I thought you were. I won’t repeat myself again. Stay away from her. I mean it.”

“Or what huh. She loves the way my tongue moved in..” I didn’t allow him to finish the sentence. My fist connects hard on his mouth staggering him backward his back hitting hard on the railing of the balcony.

Wiping the bloody mouth with the back of his hand he let’s lot a low laugh,“What don’t want to hear the truth. Don’t like it huh that she wants me and not you, face it she wants me not you,” He taunts pointing a finger at his chest emphasizing his words.

I grab the collar of his shirt,” Don’t test my patience, Spencer. I will take away everything you have and you won’t even realize it until its too late.” I shoved him roughly away from me. I turned to walk away but his words stopped me in my tracks.

“How does it feel huh not to be the first in everything for once,” I turned to face him trying to understand where he was getting at.

He laughed throwing his head back, loosening his necktie,” I was her first boyfriend and also her first,” He winks,” I think I don’t need to elaborate further on it don’t you think. My I do miss the way she moaned.”

That was enough to make me lose my sanity I grabbed his collar and punch him bloodying his nose,” Fight me you pussy.” A maniac smile passes my lips.

“Mr.King,” A loud hysterical voice calls out from behind.

It was his fucking mother.

I push him harshly away from me and turned to face her.

“How dare you assault my son in my own house. I can sue you for it,” She threatened walking towards her son.

“Richie are you alright,” She tries to put her arms around him.

“Stop it, mom,” He snaps pushing her hand away roughly. Amazing this man doesn’t even have respect for his own mother.

“Look what you did to him,” She frantically looks at me from him, her voice more hysterical than ever.

“He deserved it,” I seethed and decided to walk away. I had enough.

“I’ll sue you for this. Is it because of that gold digging whore?” Her condescending tone slicing through the silence between us.

“Say that again,” I turned walking closer to her standing just an inch away.

She let out a venomous bitter laugh.

“If you ever soil my woman’s name again that day would be the day you would wish you never opened your gutter mouth.” I paused pouring my murderous eyes into her,” Go ahead sue me. Do your worst. And I’ll make sure I out do you.” I emphasized my threat. She flinched at my words. Her eyes slowly turned into fear before she looks away defeated.

Hypocritical cowards.

Turning my gaze to her son,” Last warning Spencer. Stay away from her if you don’t want me to ruin you and mark my words I do these things as a sport. Don’t test me.”

Having had enough I walked away leaving them on the balcony both looking ashen.

Stepping out of the mansion I fished out my phone and dialed Janis. She picked up the call after four rings.

“Yes Dominic,” came her reply.

“Janis sees that the merger with the Spencer Enterprise is terminated,” I ordered pulling the bow tie and shoving it in the pocket of my blazer.

“Okay. But why the sudden change of plan?”

“I suddenly don’t feel like it and also Janis started lobbying around the other shareholders of the company. It’s time I increase my share in their company.”

“I will. Anything else?” She asks.

“That’s all Janis. Goodnight.” I cut the call and walked towards the car. Arthur opened the door for me and I got inside.

“Hey,” She smiles at me. Seeing that infectious warm smile instantly warms my ragging bitter mood.

“Hey, sorry I took a long time,” I smiled pulling her closer to me.

“It’s okay.” She rests her head on my shoulder hands intertwined as Arthur drove us out of this fucked up place.

My mind began fighting back and forth as to how to tell her the news that I am no longer going to continue with the merger. How do I start?

“Dominic I have to tell you something,” She lifts her head from my shoulder and turns to face me.

I knew what it was just by the apprehensive look on her face.

“Earlier I was on the balcony and..” I leaned towards her cutting her off by planting a kiss on her lips.

“I know sweetheart,” I confess.

Her eyes widen,” you knew? Then why didn’t you step in to stop him,” She frowned needing her brows in annoyance.

“Because I’m an asshole that’s why.” Instant regret and shame wash me. I tore my eyes away from that sadness.

“You thought I was cheating on you,” She stated as a matter-of-factly through the cracks in her voice.

“Yes, I did at first but then I realize I was foolish for doubting you. I’m so sorry Arabella,” I pleaded looking into her eyes that were getting glassy by the second. I have the gnawing sense of deep regret Damn it! how many times do I have to keep doubting her love for me?

She tore her gaze away from mine and looked down at our hands that were intertwined.

“I’m sorry,” I apologized again,“If its any consolation I did confront him about it,” I kissed the top of her head tenderly.

Partially shifting her head up to meet my gaze,” Why did you lie to me about it then. Why did you tell me you were going to meet Janis when in fact you were going to meet Richard,” She asked point blank.

“I knew you wouldn’t want me to confront him. You would tell me to leave it alone and I wouldn’t want to. So I lied to you. I’m sorry I lied to you but I’m not sorry for reprimanding him.” I belted out with conviction.

“You are right on that. I would stop you from going to him. Not because I care for him but I feel he is not worth even our anger,” Clear despair shows on her face as she meets my gaze.

I lifted her hands cradled them in my palms and placed a gentle kiss. I hate to see her like this.

“I’m sorry once again sweetheart. My intention was not to hurt you.”

She sighs burying her face in my chest,” I know,” She mumbled.

I rested my chin on top of her head and heaved a deep sigh. The confession coming up would be the last I would be making for tonight. And I have no idea how she would take it.

Gathering all my wits I spoke,” I terminated the merger,” I kept it short and quick.

As expected her reply was not instant.

Only silence graced my confession for some time before she lifted her head from my chest and meets my gaze,” I think it’s for the best. It’s just too much drama, I didn’t think it would create this much mess at first when I ask you to accept the merger. I was too caught up in my own moral beliefs and also I didn’t want you to harbor grudges like that towards people and go on punishing them.” She sighed and continued speaking,“it’s for the best. I was going to ask you to do it anyway if it weren’t too late. I’m sorry I brought you into this mess.”

“You don’t have to say sorry to me Arabella when you have nothing to be sorry for. Let’s just forget this evening ever happened. Relax sweetheart.” I assured her giving a soft kiss on her lips.

“I love you,” I whispered against her lips.

“I love you, Dominic,” She smiled relaxing in my arms.

“What do you want to do after going home. It’s not even ten,” I glanced at my wristwatch.

“We can watch a movie. I have tons of romantic movies saved on my laptop we can watch that,” She says enthusiastically resting her hands on my chest as I circled my hands around her waist pulling her closer to me.

Romantic movies are not my cup of tea but for her, I would watch anything if it meant I get to see this sparkle in her eyes.

“Let’s get chocolate and mint ice cream on our way,” She suggested.

“I had Morris stock on it just today. I know it’s your favorite so,” I kissed her forehead an amused smile playing on my lips. She is so adorable.

“Thank you,” she smiled resting her head on my chest and wrapping a hand around my waist.

We finally reached home after traveling for an hour or so. Ice cream in a large bowl and a spoon we snuggled inside the blanket and began our movie marathon for the night.

In the middle of the second movie, I found myself getting hard for her and ended up making love to her. Which continued to the wee hours of the night.

Body, mind, and soul intertwined in the complete symphony of falling deeply in love with her. She is the only thing I crave for.

She is my greatest Romance; my heartbeat.

Wrapping and cradling her in my arms after our continuous lovemaking we drifted off into deep slumber.

The next morning after breakfast I pushed off to meet Sebastian as planned. Leaving Arabella with Morris in the kitchen who was teaching her how to make a three-course Japanese dishes for dinner. Some of my business partners from Kyoto were coming the day after for a meeting and I have requested Arabella to host the dinner for them at the penthouse.

“Nic I knew I would win but it was an easy win. Your mind is not here what’s up. What’s bothering that ass head of yours,” Sebastian chuckled tapping my head as we walked towards the private lounge room.

I just shrugged taking a seat on one of the sofas overlooking the massive lush green horse racing track which also house a field where polo matches are held.

Sebastian and I bought this property two years back and made it into a recreational club housing all kinds of activities. We are still expanding developing new projects and membership is only through invitation.

Downing a glass of water Sebastian sat down on the sofa opposite me.

“Let me guess the party didn’t go well last night. Fight with her or him?” He asked matter-of-factly.

“Him,” last night’s episode replaying in my mind making me clench my fist beside me.

" I hope you didn’t let it affect you guys,” he is quick with his response.

“I did at first but realized I was played by that fucker,” I replied dryly still ashamed of my behavior.

“Elaborate,” he observes me with keen interest.

I sighed and told him everything about last night.

Once I was done he chuckled cursing under his breathe.

“That asshole is cheaper than I thought he was. I have my 7% share with him I won’t mind expanding it. Count me in,” Sebastian deadpan looking very pissed.

“Sure. Let Janis set up a meeting with the others and will see after that.” I glanced at my wristwatch. I was running late for my skype meeting with my executives in Sydney.

Standing up,” I need to push off now.”

“Sure I’ll move out too. If you guys are free tomorrow why don’t you guys drop by for dinner at my place.” Sebastian suggested as we walked outside towards our vehicles.

“I’ll be free but I’ll run by her and let you know.”

“Fine by me. See you Nic,” he patted my back and walked towards his car.

The whole day went by quickly with both of us frantically working taking breaks only during lunch. Janis also dropped by and left she came to make me sign some documents. Finally, by five 0′clock, we decided to wind up and go to the garden I bought for her for her birthday. She wanted to plant some vegetables and cut some roses for the house.

She wanted the yellow roses so I cut around fifteen and placed it on top of the table below the canopy.

We managed to plant some Broccolis and five different kinds of herbs with the help of Peter. I never thought in a million years I would indulge myself in gardening but being with her I enjoy doing all the simple pleasures of life.

She certainly does humble me and brings out the best in me.

Smiling I walked towards her as she was watering the plants holding the pipe.

“You want to try,” She smiled handing the pipe to me.

“No, I’m fine.”

“Don’t want to get wet,” She teased and pointed the pipe towards me spraying me with the water,” Oops sorry,” she pouted and burst out laughing throwing her head back.

“Oh you love that don’t you,” I snatch the pipe from her and sprayed her earning a shriek from her. Shutting the pipe and dropping it on the ground I smirked at her as she swats my arm with a scowl on her face.

I tried tickling her.

“Stop it, babe,” She laughed and jumping on me and wrapped her legs around my waist.

I kissed the tip of her nose wrapping my arms securely around her body.

“You are mean,” She pouted.

“No, I’m not. I’m adorable,” I grinned at her as she rolled her eyes.

“Shall we go home once Peter comes back,” She says looking towards the gate.

A huge grin passes my lips at the mention of the word home. I love the fact that she considers the penthouse as her home. It warms my heart.

“Okay,” I gave a peck on her soft lips, always this lips on mine calms the rage in my heart, a smile to my brooding face.

Third person’s (pov)

“You are a useless piece of shit,” hard fist lands on the table.

Shifting the phone to the other ear,” You had one fucking simple job. And you couldn’t even do it. You fucking bitch,” He cut the call and cursed some more profanities under his breath.

“Can’t even trust the help to get your work done these days,” He growled hard making the maid jumpy out of fright and with shaky hands, she placed the pineapple juice on the dining table and scurried out of the room.

The master of the house was in one of his bad moods and it was best not to be near him. His temper was one that of a maniac.

Fingers traced the picture on his phone. Water pipe on her hand and a huge smile on her face that addicting smile of hers he thought as his eyes pore into the picture of hers. He clenched his teeth tightly wishing badly if only it was directed towards him.

Pure rage filled him as the days to have her kept getting delayed. Standing up and with blinding anger, he picked up the glass of juice and threw it on the ground shattering it into pieces.

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