Irrevocably His

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Chapter forty four

Nicholas Ramirez (POV)

“Has everything being done and followed exactly the way I wanted.” I seethed coldly on the phone pressed tightly to my ear. No warmth will be received from me by anyone except her, only her.

Getting a satisfying answer I cut the call and tossed the phone inside my blazer pocket.

“Do I need to instruct you again on how to act around her?” I stated with conviction eyes boring into my sister’s eyes who quickly tore her gaze away looking down.

“No,” Her voice barely a whisper.

Irritated I decided to taunt and frighten her more,” What is it little sister I didn’t quite hear you.” Palms resting flat on the table as I leaned forward cold eyes boring into her.

She slowly lifted her head up and meets my gaze. There was a pure terror in that and I relished it. She might be the princess of the family, to my parents but she was not to me. She lost that the moment she decided to defy me and date my greatest enemy.

She is lucky I’m giving her a chance to rectify her mistakes. She should feel blessed that I’m even considering doing away all her indiscretions.

I don’t and never give people second chances I don’t believe in second chances. So she should feel blessed!

I could see her nervously blink rapidly and swallow the lump I’m sure was forming in her throat.

“N..No you don’t need to instruct me again I won’t fail you,” She stuttered most of her sentences but there was a hint of conviction in it, a surety that she wasn’t going to fail.

Only a fool would think of failing me. I scoffed at the thoughts.

“You’re dismissed. We will meet once she arrives at the place you’ve told her to meet. Leave.” I turned my back on her walking towards the tall clear glass window of my office room. The click of the door indicated that Aliyah had left.

Now I can be at peace with just me and my thoughts on her. My exquisite perfect Carino.

Each day my want for her grows deeper and deeper. It’s become my obsession. I want her, need her and I’ll have her by any means necessary. Even if it means I have to kill him to get her I would do it. I don’t care who I hurt in the process if I have her that is all that matters.

I know she would never come to me willingly so I have devised and strategized many plans on doing exactly what I want and that is to have her all to myself. That bastard Dominic thinks he loves her and she is all his, that she belongs to him.

Well, guess what, Arabella belongs to no one but me. I’m the only one who can love her and keep her happy. She is mine, all mine. In time she will learn to return my feelings for her. I know she would and if she doesn’t she’ll just have to see the harm done to the people she loves for not reciprocating back my feelings for her.

I don’t want to cause distress to her but hearing no from people is not something I tolerate. No one has ever dared saying no to me and Arabella wouldn’t be the first to say so.

Fishing the phone out of my blazer pocket I scrolled through the numerous pictures of hers in my phone gallery.

Just looking at her gives me this immeasurable physical thrill. The thrill of having her in my arms soon, I long to run my fingers through her soft hair and peer into those sparkling green eyes. And above all, I long to have that luscious lips between mine and drown myself in that endless pits of longing I have for her.

This woman drives me to the point of insanity and the longer I’m without her, the more insane I grow. But this will be rectified soon, I have wasted too many time in making her linger in Dominic’s arms. It’s time I claim her fully as mine and no one else.

The thought of finally claiming her calms my raging heart and I can’t help the smile that slips on my lips. Gathering all the necessary things from my table I walked out of my office room and towards the destination where I’ll be meeting her in a while.

Arabella’s (POV)

"Ell what’s up with the assistant of yours,” Mic eyes me taking a bite of his tuna salad.

Since I was in the Upper East side Manhattan to meet a client I decided to meet up with Mic for lunch.

“What about him,” I asked forking a generous helping of the poached salmon and popped it in my mouth as I meet his gaze.

He shrugs,“since our date after your birthday he never called me back nor messaged me.”

“Maybe he is waiting for you to make the first move.”

“I thought so too. But I’m sick and tired of making the first move always.” He returned as he pushed his food around on the plate.

“Alex is quite shy Mic in case you haven’t noticed, he is probably thinking you’re not into him. I suggest you contact him if you want him,” Taking a sip of the white wine I checked the time in my wristwatch. I still have another twenty minutes left to go meet my client.

“I’m in the mood to be wooed not the other way around.” He frowned taking a sip of the white wine,“But since I like him so much, I’ll give him a week to pluck up his courage to call me or like always I’ll go ahead and call him and see whether he’d be interested in a second date,” Mic stated. Excitement looming on his voice, there was no mistaking his attraction towards Alex. I hope Alex feels the same way too, maybe I should in a subtle way drop a hint about Mic to him and observe how he responds.

“Anyway enough about my dull dating life. How did the meeting go with the in-laws,” Mic swirls his glass of white wine and takes a sip.

“Thankfully it went well.” I gave a relieved smile.

“That’s good. You know his mother Nicole is every designer’s dream to pocket as a client. Fashionable to the T with a generous purse,” A wicked smile plays on his lips as he takes a sip of the wine.

“That she is. Fashionable I mean, but the encounter with her was scary as hell.” I can never forget the fright she gave me with her cold exterior.

“No surprise there, I heard from the grapevine that she is not a very easy woman to please. Not very approachable.” Mic babble-on about Nicole filling me in on the gossips he heard. Give Mic a topic to talk about and he would treat you on all the gossips.

After hearing an endless amount of gossips about people I haven’t even have the slightest clue on Mic and I departed for our respected path. He to his office and as for me, I headed towards a French restaurant to meet my client.

Upon reaching the restaurant the manager escorted me towards a private room at the top of the stairs.
The manager ushered me inside the private room which had only a table for four and a long lounge sofa where a lady with a pin straight blonde hair was sitting at one of the chairs waiting for me.

“Hello,” I greeted walking towards her.

“Hi thank you so much for coming on a short notice,” She smiled standing from her seat. She was a petite woman with a height that was shorter than me. Her lips which were quite voluptuous seem to be the prominent feature. Overall, she was a pretty woman.

“You’re welcome,” I returned her smile and took a seat opposite her.

“Aliyah Ramirez,” She extended her hand for a handshake formally introducing herself.

“Arabella Dickens,” I said little unsure because she obviously knows who I am. And I have a feeling I know her but I was hoping I was wrong.

The waiter left us after serving us each a glass of red wine.

Since she nervously sat there playing with the stem of the wine glass I decided to start the conversation.

“What is the reason behind this meeting,” I meet her gaze giving her my professional tone.

She gracefully lifts the glass and takes her time in drinking the wine. Setting the glass down she folds her hands against her chest and leans back in the chair.

To my surprise, her calm appearance and the sweet smile she had on her face was replaced with a cold one. Her dark eyes held coldness and a mirth played in her voluptuous lips. I was taken aback by this sudden change in her demeanor. Now I was sure she is who I think she is.

“You are dating Dominic!” She stated as a matter of factly.

“Yes, I am. So,” I returned.

She let out a cold chuckle,” I use to date him you know. We were a couple.”

I interrupted her,” I know. He told me everything,” I emphasized on the word everything so that she knows where Dominic and I stand in our relationship. There was no secret between us.

“Interesting. Then you must know what a son of a bitch he was towards me. He is the reason I ended up destroying myself.” Her tone held such deep malice, I flinched a little at the venomous tongue.

“I’m sorry for what happened. I know what he did was wro..”

“You know nothing.” She cut me off slamming her palm on the table nostrils flaring her pupils dilating darker in pure rage.

I inhaled and exhaled a deep breath trying my best to compose myself. This was not a new incident, I have encountered few of his exes and it was never a pleasant one. At first, it affected me but now I couldn’t care less. Past is the past and I wouldn’t let it disturb our future together and besides, he has never given me a reason to doubt him.

“That man played me and toss me away as if I were nothing. My feelings never meant anything to him, I sunk into depression to the point of trying to kill myself and spent my time in a rehab.” She seethed through clenched teeth, I can see her knuckles turning white by the force she is using to ball her hand into a fist on the table.

“So don’t tell me you know how it feels or that what he did was wrong. He destroyed me.” She spatted glaring at me.

Although Dominic has confessed everything that happened between them hearing from her directly like this was so hard. I cannot fathom the amount of pain he caused her, what he did was wrong and I had a hard time trying to accept his evil mistake and move on but right now I’m not sure whether I have truly moved on from his past.

I’m finding it hard to breathe and my brain seemed to have numbed. How does one handle a situation like this?

Swallowing the tight lump forming in my throat, I meet her cold gaze,” I’m sorry. I really am, I know it will never be enough nor will it ever ease the pain you are in but all I can say is I’m truly sorry for the horrible way he handled his relationship with you. I know he should never have brought you in between his and your brother’s fight.” My heart aches as I see the coldness in her eyes turn to pain.

Taking her silence as an opportunity I continued to speak,” If at all I just want you to know that he regrets his actions deeply. I know this for sure that if at all he could go back and change something in his life. This would be it.”

“But he can’t can he. Whats the point of regretting after hurting people huh. What is the point of it? The damage is done.” She hissed grabbing the glass and gulp down the whole red wine and set the glass down.

“I know it is. Your anger is justified but it would be more ugly if he never regretted his actions. Believe me, he never took pleasure in hurting you. I’m so sorry Aliyah.” I want to keep saying sorry to her for the pain he caused. What he did was unforgivable to her, even me I still find it difficult to adjust to it. But I know he is deeply remorseful for his actions and I just don’t want to hold it against him and hope against hope that she does too.

“Wish it was that simple.” She let out a bitter laugh.

“I wish I could do something to ease your pain Aliyah I really do.” I thought of reaching out and giving her hand a comforting squeeze but thought against it.

My words were made with silence, she gave me a long chilling look and finally spoke,” Actually there is something you can do. Want to hear it.” The edge of her lips tilted into a smirk.

Her mood swings were beginning to get on my nerves but I tried my best to appear as composed as I can.

“What is it,” Nerves started to kick in.

“I want you to break up with him,” She nonchalantly stated.

“No, I won’t. I know he is not the most perfect person, I mean who is. The thing is Aliyah I love him, I’m in love with him and what you are asking is totally unreasonable and impossible.” My truth coming out with unflinching conviction.

“Then you must prepare yourself to face his public humiliation because I’m coming out with a tell-all book and I’ll make sure he is perfectly represented in the book. It’s time the whole world come to know the true great Dominic King.” Her tone condescending as she let’s out a low mocking laugh.

Anger started to take over me the moment she uttered those venomous plan of hers. But I refrained myself from lashing out I have to get a hold of my anger and try to negotiate my way out of this without her hurting Dominic.

I carefully dotted my thoughts and spoke as calmly as I could,” Aliyah I mean it when I said your anger against him is justified. I know a few years back he asked your forgiveness and you forgave him in spite of all the pain he caused you and to me that personifies a selfless strong person.” Before I could reach my point of the conversation she interrupted me.

“I know where you’re getting at. It’s true I forgave him but I suddenly realized I didn’t want to.” Cold angry words were thrown at me and I feel like I would lose it at any moment. One way I’m so worried and on the other hand, I wanted to lash out at her and march out of the room. But doing the latter would help instigate Dominic’s ruination and I can’t allow that to happen.

“Please, Aliyah don’t do this. I’m in no way condoning his antics but he is truly remorseful and I don’t think he deserves this please.” I pleaded desperately one last time.

There was a pausing moment between us before she spoke up,” How is it fair to me huh. That you get the Dominic that I wanted, the Dominic who is madly in love with. The Dominic who would do anything to keep his woman happy. How is it fair.” Her eyes glimmer with moisture, she quickly tore her gaze away.

“I’m sorry.” I choked out the words with suffocating pain in my heart.

Pointing her index finger to her chest she voiced out her pain with cracks forming in her voice,” Do you think you love him more than me. I fucking went against my older brother to be with him, I trusted him and I loved him.” Her lips trembled the more she spoke and all I could do was just sit there in silence with my gaze on her.

“I destroyed my relationship with my brother to be with him and for what just so he could use me as a pawn to hurt my brother?” She let out a bitter laugh shaking her head.

“Now now dear sister don’t be too distressed about it.” The moment I heard that familiar voice behind me goosebumps raised my flesh as I turned to face the owner of the voice.

“You,” I whispered as my eyes glared at him in disbelieve.

He smiled at me, but I felt no comfort in that instead it sent a chilling vibe throughout my body. I turned to face Aliyah as he walked towards us and sat down next to Aliyah facing me.

I would have missed it if my gaze weren’t on Aliyah. I saw her stiffen and looking down nervously at her fingers on the table as if it held a great fascination, she definitely appeared scared and totally not welcoming towards this intrusion.

“Why are you here and what do you want.” I glared coldly at him as I shifted my gaze away from Aliyah.

He chuckled rubbing his chin with his palm, his emotionless dark eyes never leaving my sight. It creeped me out.

“I like this fire in you, Carino. This is the reason why I never get over you, it makes me want you more.” He laughed nonchalantly. I balled my fist as anger slowly sipped through every nerve in my body, I wanted to smack that chilling smile off his face.

“Brother can I go now. I have said everything I had to say to her.” Aliyah turned to speak to her brother. Her voice no longer held that strength with which she had used to speak to me earlier. She was completely a different person, this was a timid docile person, I was taken aback by this and also it made me reevaluate everything about her.

I have a feeling there is more to the story than I was exposed to. I am missing something and I need to find out fast.

“You did well. At last, you know what family is, you can go now. Give my love to Roberto and my nieces, I’ll call you again if you are needed.” Nicholas calmly spoke and the next gesture he did confuse and shocked me. He patted her head as if she were a little child being rewarded for finishing her meal. I didn’t miss the way she flinched.

Giving me a quick wary look Aliyah scrambled from her seat and rushed out of the room.

Resting his elbows on the table, the edge of his lip tilted into a smirk. His eyes held no emotion as it stares back at me.

“Well, then shall we begin our first official date.” He stated casually.

“Excuse me?” I huffed.

He laughed throwing his head back in the process.

As he stopped laughing,” Sorry I didn’t mean to shock you, I was just pulling your leg.” He smiled and continued speaking,” I’m sure Aliyah must have told you about her plans if you didn’t break up with Dominic.”

It was my turn to chuckle. This whole thing sounds so ridiculous.

“Are you both insane, do you think I would leave Dominic just because you guys suddenly decide to defame his name by writing a book? How stupid do you think we are.” I took a sip of the wine.

“I never thought you were stupid. If I did I won’t fall in love with you, I have my standards.” He calmly replied. But even his calm had that eerie feel to it.

“And as for the book. Nothing would be more fascinating than reading about one of the world’s richest man’s dark personality. A man revered as Time’s most influential man, a man admired by people around the world. And not only that coming from a family like his and not to mention his parent’s commitment to charities. And what was it again?” How paused and snapped his finger as he recalled what he was thinking. His whole behaviour was creeping me out sending chills.

“His mother’s involvement in the Times up movement, fighting for the cause of women.” He chuckled leaning back in the chair.

“What a scandal this would be, billionaire, using and turning a woman to suicide for his gain. What a picture that would be.” A smug smile plays on his lips as he regards me.

I was left speechless for a moment. Now I’m beginning to understand the gravity of the situation. This would surely destroy Dominic’s reputation not to mentioned his parents. But right now I can’t show any weakness in front of this man.

“I will never leave Dominic, no matter what. So I suggest you stay away from us.” I spatted with anger but I was literally shivering inside.

“Really?” He gives a disappointed look.

“Yes,” I hissed.

“Even if harm comes to the people you love, you would still choose to be with him and not me? at the expense of his reputation, the safety of your loved ones? Tsk tsk Carino,” he shakes his head in mock disappointment and lifts his body from the chair and rests his hands on the table leaning his body closer to me,” I thought you were a selfless woman always doing the right thing. Always, always taking care of people’s needs before yours,” His voice grew low as his dark eyes bore into me.

“Wha...what do you mean by the safety of my loved ones.” I stuttered as I nervously tucked the hair on my left ear.

He chuckled as he unbuttoned the button of his dark blazer,” Now you seem to be coming to your senses. I have a feeling we will arrive at an understanding.”



Sorry for taking so long to post was unwell. Thank you so much for reading my book.

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