Irrevocably His

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Chapter forty seven

Dominic’s (POV)

Smoothly the scotch slides down my throat. I’m hoping it smooths down the agitating wrinkled emotions that have coveted my heart since I left her apartment. But tonight it doesn’t cure the agitation.

Her words playing repeatedly in my head of how she wants to get back with him. She was so believable in the way she confessed. But her haunted emerald green eyes didn’t match the words that fell so easily from her mouth, words I feel she was desperately trying to voice out in conviction. Yet it lacked strength, it sounded broken.

Or I’m I being in denial!

I sighed standing up from the sofa and walked towards the edge of the rooftop balcony of my hotel. I have decided to put up here.

There was no way I would go back to the bedroom I shared with her at least not tonight. I’m almost teetering on the edge of insanity and going back to the place with this hollowness in my heart would break me.

The dull ache in my heart doesn’t get numbed by the scotch, I take another big gulf almost emptying the glass hoping to feel the numbness but all I feel is the burn in my throat.

My gaze shift towards the lively lit city before me, almost all the buildings dwarfing from where I stood. The hotel was one of the tallest buildings in New York representing all aspects of what the King enterprise represented that is Wealth and Power.
But right now standing on top of this magnificent structure has me felt so shallow and empty. No amount of wealth nor power can feel the voidness I feel by the possibility of her permanent absence in my life.

Dammit! I cursed out loud.

My heart squeezing tightly in fear and pain making it hard for me to breath. I leaned forward clutching the iron railing fence of the balcony firmly with my hand. The thought of not having her in my life send a shiver down my spine. I have never been this shit scared about anything in my life.

I cannot lose her. I would fight until I can change her mind if whatever she told me were true. That fucker does not deserve to have her, no one is but I am arrogant enough to think she deserves to be with me and only me.

I love her with everything I am, even the twisted fucked up part of me. I love her savagely to the point of feeling completely crumbled at the prospect of losing her.

I’m a broken man without her. I have never felt this crippled and helpless in my life.

All the words she had spoken were all too believable and at the back of my mind, I feel it’s true. But then again the presence of Spencer and the way her whole demeanor changed made me question the things she confessed to me.

Everything’s messed up but I need to stop letting my turmoil emotions cloud my judgments right now.

I leaned my body forward resting my elbows on the railing and pressed the glass on my temple, brows kneaded together as I started wondering on what would Spencer benefit out of all this. It could be revenge but it seems so misplaced. And what did he have on Arabella to make her cooperate with him?

I hate to think it but could it be that he had some explicit pictures of hers which they might have exchanged when they were together and using it to blackmail her to get to me? My molars pressed tightly just at the thought of it and the image of his hand around her waist earlier had me raging in madness.

Straightening up I threw the glass on the floor with great force shattering it into pieces. I will ruin this guy if he had blackmailed my Arabella in any way.

Rubbing my chin furiously I tugged my hand inside my blazer pockets to look for my phone but I instead found a note in one of the pockets. Ignoring it I shoved it back, must be something I must have note down today.

Where the fuck is my phone! Turning I walked towards the sofas and found the phone lying on top of it. Taking a seat I dialed my top security head, Ethan.

“Ethan I want a full status report on Richard Spencer of the Spencer Enterprise. I want to know where he goes, whom he meets just fucking everything about him.” I growled my orders.

"It will be done, Sir. Anything else?” Came Ethan’s swift reply.

I paused thinking what more do I need to do.

“Do the same about...” I paused in hesitation. Do I need to do this? Fuck it better be prepared and covered from all four corners.

“I want you to keep a 24/7 tap on Arabella Dickens and report back to me every day.” I squeezed the kneaded brows with my thumb and index finger.

"Got it, Sir. Is that all?”

“That’s all for now.” I returned.

"I’ll set the team to get on with it right away.”

"Good.” I breathe a sigh of relief as I pulled the necktie and opened the top two buttons of my shirt. I thought of hanging up the phone but refrained from doing so because I needed the status report on him. Something keeps nagging on me to check up on him.

“Ethan, what is the status report on Ramirez. Found anything suspicious?”

There was a pause. Which didn’t sit right with me I shifted the phone to the other ear and stood up walking towards the edge of the balcony.

"Sir we discovered an abnormal conduct from him three hours back while reviewing all the weeks monitoring report on him.” There was a clearing of throat and apprehension laced in the tone.

“What type of abnormal conduct Ethan. And why I’m I being informed about this only now, that too only after I’ve enquired about him. Do you want to be fired?” I seethed coldly. My voice taut with anger.

"I wanted to first properly examine and clarify all my doubts and only when I’m cent percent sure that Ramirez actions were something to be questioned then only would I inform you. I didn’t want to burden you with half packed information Sir.” My anger slightly mellowed at his reasonable explanation.

But agitation started building up at the prospect of hearing this piece of information about Nicholas.

“Analyze everything and get back to me asap. And no matter what never leave your attention from Ramirez.”

"Absolutely Sir.”

"Thanks, Ethan and get back to me tomorrow with all the information gathered about Spencer and Arabella.” No sooner I cut the call with a satisfied answer from Ethan.

I felt a hand wrapped around my waist and a pull at my earlobe with teeth.

“Dom, ” purring graced my ear before sticky lips meet my neck making me cringe. I cursed in frustration at this intrusion, how the hell did I not hear her unless she sneaked in.

“Cecilia, ” I unattached her hands from my waist and turned to face her.

“Miss me?” She attempted to wrap her hands around my neck but I brushed it away and instead walked towards the sofa and sat down.

“Still playing hard to get Dom?” She smiled and sashayed towards me and sat down next to me and rested her hand on my thigh.

“What do you want Cecilia. It’s not a good time right now, please leave. And this is private area if you haven’t noticed.” I returned flatly prying her hand away from my thigh which was moving upwards near my crotch.

“When was I denied entry to anything that is private to you Dom. I wanted to join you as soon as I saw you but I had to finish dinner with my parents.” She lifts her hand to touch my hair but I shifted away from her to the end of the sofa maintaining a decent distance between us.

“Now that you’ve met me, please leave I want to be alone.” My tone clipped as I held her eyes which were gleaming in mirth.

Tracing her lower lip with her tongue she pulls her lower lip between her teeth and rolls it off seductively. I let out a chuckle as she did that, I knew exactly what she was doing. Maybe three or four months back I might be tempted to take her to bed just to satisfy my libido but nothing will ever fill me like how my Arabella would.

The thought of her brings a calming as well as a tight squeeze in my heart. Sighing I ignored Cecilia and got up to pour myself a drink from the mini bar near the entrance.

“Pour me one too.” She called out from behind.

The last thing I wanted was the company of anyone and above all hers. I begrudgingly poured another neat glass of scotch for her and walked towards her handing the drink to her.

“Thanks, ” She smiles and takes a sip of the drink as I sat opposite her.

Taking a sip of my drink I placed it on the center table and took off my blazer uncuffing the cufflinks and rolled the sleeves of my shirt.

“Where is she?” She asked as she leaned her back on the sofa cradling the glass between her palms.

“Home, ” I returned taking another sip of the scotch.

“If it were me I wouldn’t leave your site, I’d be with you always.”

I ignored her comment and instead made my mind wander towards Arabella. I wonder what she must be up to. Does she miss me, is she in turmoil like I am or worst is she safe.

“Trouble in paradise I see.” Her tone mocking as she got up and walked towards me and sat on my lap and circled her hands around my neck.

I tried pushing her off of me but she stops me by restraining her hands tightly around my neck, ” Dom, please.” She pleaded and leaned her forehead on mine

“Cecilia I’ve had a long day. I can’t deal with you right now.” I pulled her hands roughly away from my neck and held her tiny waist to set her down from my lap.

But a sniff from her stopped me. What the fuck?

“What does she have that I don’t have Dom. Why her and not me.” I was dumbfounded as she held her tear stricken eyes with mine.

She placed her palms on my chest the way my Arabella would. Fuck! This is so wrong.

“I had a huge crush on you since we were kids Dom and it only intensified as we grew up. I always dreamed of being Mrs. Dominic King, to be yours and you mine. And nothing more,” Fat tears rolled down her cheek which I brushed it away with my fingertips awkwardly.


“Call me Ceci. You always called me that since we were little. Stop with the formality.” She cut me off stifling a sniff and continued speaking.

“I purposely followed you to Ibiza after casually enquiring about your whereabouts with your mother. It was the best two nights of my life, I can still feel your touch on my skin and I want more Dom. I want you. Kiss me, Dom, fuck me senselessly as you did in Ibiza. Please.” She pressed her cheek on my chest as she let out an audible cry.

Guilt eating me up from the inside at the way we’re sitting, this won’t set right with Arabella if she found out. I tried to pry her away from me and push her down from my lap.

But she grabbed my shirt firmly around my chest, ” Please Dom if you have nothing to say at least let me enjoy this closeness to you one last time.” She pleaded, holding my gaze. There was pain there. And in a way, I feel bad for her and upset at myself too for getting involved with her. If I knew she had feelings for me I would never have spent those two days with her at Ibiza.

I made my intentions clear to her and she voluntarily agreed to it. Which were no strings attached but just consensual sexual relationship between two adults for two days and nothing more? I feel tricked now.

“I have a girlfriend Ceci and I love her so much. Us sitting this way is going to hurt her and I don’t feel comfortable.” My tone mellow but every word were spoken out with conviction.

She shook her head as if she were a kid disagreeing with the words I spoke, ” Don’t talk about her at least not now, not tonight.”

Tears after tears rolled down her eyes. I watched in awkwardness, I can deal with the snarky, tantrum throwing site of her. It was much easier for me to dismiss her but right now she appears so vulnerable and fragile that I hesitate to be rude to her.

“Think about the scale of success you would reach by being with me, you would be unstoppable. Imagine the merger of the Duran empire and the King empire as one. You would be the most powerful, the wealthiest and us a power couple.” She traces her finger on my face.

“I know what a man like you deserve and want Dom. Absolute domination in every aspect of your life. I can offer you that both in business and in the bedroom. And her? She can’t do that, she has nothing to offer you, she’ll just be a virus that would be dependent on you for the rest of your life.”

All the sympathy I felt for her died the moment she brought down my Arabella. I gripped her hands in between my palms and hard eyes met hers, ” Never talk about Arabella this way. You know nothing about her and just so you know Duran empire has nothing I need.” I set her down from my lap and stood up and walked towards the end of the balcony.

She marched toward me and grab hold of my arm and made me turn to face her.

“Duran empire has nothing you need. Nothing?” Her voice comes out in a shriek.

“It has me you fool. It has me.” She balled her fists and hit on my chest.

“Stop it, Cecilia.” I grab her wrists.

“So we are back to Cecilia then.” She let out a bitter laugh.

I released her hand taking a step back.

“I am willing to look the other way if you still want to continue whatever this is with her. You can even take her as your mistress I won’t interfere. Just be with me Dom, marry me.” She came closer towards me wrapping her hands around my waist. Desperation clear on her voice.

“You should hear the way you speak Ceci.” I unattached her hands and spoke as calmly as I could but it was so difficult because every nerve in my body is electrified with anger and frustration. I want her out from here.

“I won’t repeat this again and this will be the last conversation we ever have between us regarding this matter.” I paused to let my words sink in.

“I love Arabella. She is my life, without her I would go into madness. She is all I ever need. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. So, Ceci, there is nothing in this world that would exchange you with her in my life. I’m sure you will in time find someone who would love you as much as I love my Arabella.” There was no hint of doubt nor hesitation from my part when I confessed those words to her. Now it’s up to her whether she gets it or not. I said what I had to say and from there on I don’t give a shit what she thinks or feels.

There was a tremble to her lips as she bit her lower lip trying to restrain her emotions by coming all upfront.

We stood this way staring at each other. She finally tore her gaze away by looking down and nodding.

“I got it, Dom. But I won’t give up on the possibility of us.” She stated matter-of-factly.

I heaved a sigh and look up at the dark sky. I have no energy left in me to argue. Maybe my silence might motivate her to go.

“Drop me till my car at least?” A request with a soft voice.

“Fine. Let’s go.” I turned and walked ahead of her. As long as she leaves me alone I have no problem in dropping her till her car.

Once outside as we waited for her chauffeur to bring the car to the front she hugged me tightly and gave a quick peck on my lips.

“Good night Dom.” She gave a small sad smile and stepped inside the car and left much to my relief.

Treading my fingers through my hair I stepped inside the hotel and went towards the elevator to get to my room.

I know sleep would never come to me even though my head hits the pillow. I had this huge urge to call her, just to hear her voice. I tossed and turned and finally grabbed my phone and called her but she never picked up even after the tenth time I had called her.

By the eleventh time realization hit me that she is never going to pick my call. But I kept calling just to hear her voice on the voicemail, at least that quench my need for her for a second.

The King size bed felt too big and lonely reminding me of the emptiness my life is now without her. So I got up grabbing a pillow and laid down on the chaise lounge chair instead and went through the gallery of my phone where I have several videos of her and us.

I smiled despite my heartache on seeing her face, her smile. Her gentle voice and the cute animated faces she makes when she is in deep concentration on studying a case from her laptop.

I drifted off into deep slumber with her voice echoing around me from the phone. And my last thought was that I’ll get her back by any means.

Arabella! Words at the tip of my sleep latent tongue

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