Irrevocably His

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chapter six

The sky tonight was occupied by the silver queen, fully owning the clear night sky, tonight was her time to stand out and shine. Its silvery glow brightens the still calm sea, gazing and waiting to pick up a huge tide any moment. The city before me was also lit up in gold.

We were supposed to go to a restaurant, but in between our conversation, I told Dominic that I wouldn’t mind going for sailing since I had never tried. To that, he suggested we sail for a little while in his yacht and have dinner as well there instead.

We sailed around the sea for a while in his luxurious yacht and his Captain parked the Yacht near the deck.

As I waited for him to come back with our drinks, I leaned on the railing of the yacht totally enjoying and fully emerging myself in the view before me, but my thoughts somehow drifted off to Richard, remembering the bitter episode I had with him in his office.

His cold bitter words,” It’s over, you need to leave,” kept ringing in my ear over and over again. A tight suffocating feeling filled my body.

I still couldn’t believe he would do that to me, thinking about him suddenly made my mood grow dark and heavy. I took a long sigh and told myself I shouldn’t be torturing myself this way and should stop thinking about him.

I was pulled back from my hurtful thoughts by the deep voice behind me.

“Enjoying the view?” he asked handing me a glass of red wine, he was now standing beside me leaning on the railing too.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” I smiled staring at the full moon in the sky.

“Yes it is,” he agreed. But I noticed he wasn’t looking at the moon but I and that made me blush so deeply, thank goodness it was dark and he wouldn’t be able to see me blushing.

“So what are your plans for tomorrow?” He asked eyes still fixed on my face taking a sip of his wine.

“I don’t know, I haven’t decided yet, but yes mostly exploring all the corners of the island as much as I can,” I took a sip of the wine and it tasted so nice, leaving a good taste in my mouth.

“If it’s not too much to ask, can I take you around, I have been here many times so I am familiar with the place.” He offered.

“Sure if it won’t be trouble for you, I would like that,” I smiled. Saying no was now officially out of my dictionary in the presence of Dominic King.

“It’s no trouble at all Arabella, thank you for accepting my offer.”

I just smiled and took a sip of the wine, trying my best not to choke on it out of nervousness.

“So what do you usually do for fun, are you that adventurous type?” he teased nudging me with his elbow playfully.

And there I go blushing like an idiot. Before I could think of something to reply he asked me again.

“Have you ever tried cliff diving?”

“No never.” I stated shaking my head.

“I should take you tomorrow then.”

“Are you sure? because I’m not into extreme sport. The only sport I ever got myself involved was soccer and that too it was way back in high school, now I’m satisfied just watching.”

“Soccer? That’s interesting, are you a fan of any of the English premier football clubs?”

“Chelsea always and forever, “I raised my glass in salute, “what about you?”

“Gunners.” He raised his glass too.

“Hah fifth place tsk tsk, I can’t help it my team just happens to be the champions this season, and my Eden Hazard’s performance was brilliant as always.” I tried saying those words with as much pride as I could master.

He chuckled, “So you like Eden Hazard huh.”

“Like is just an understatement, It would be a dream come true to watch him play live and an added bonus to get a signed jersey from him, “I mused.

“Well lucky for him, he has a gorgeous admirer. By the way about the cliff diving do not worry too much about it, okay, you will be in good hands, I promise you, you will enjoy it,” saying that he wrapped around my shoulder with his free hand.

I didn’t mind the physical contact between us somehow very weirdly I was getting used to it and it made me feel a little apprehensive.

“Okay fine I’ll do it, but if something bad happens I’ll sue you,” I warned giving him a playful smirk.

“I should be extra careful then tomorrow,” He smiled looking down at me.

Eyes locked on each other. The vibe between us was suddenly filled with an intense tension. The tension of pure need for each other.

Trailing his hand down from my shoulder and around my waist, he pulled me closer to him, dipping his head down and I lifted mine. We first leaned in for a hesitant first kiss, lips barely touching each other.

My heart palpitating as I felt the possessive strong hand on my waist. My breast slammed into his hard chest. Breathe hedged and knees wobbly, but I want to feel his lips on mine. My needs making me relax in his arms.

Sensing me relax, he pulled my lower lip teasingly with his teeth making me gasp, giving him full entrance to move his tongue into my mouth. I was in sync with the way he kissed me, his demanding passionate kiss. If it weren’t for the wine glasses we were holding we would have caressed each other freely. This intimate moment I was sharing with him electrified my whole senses, he awakened alien feelings in me. This was something I never felt with Richard. It was so euphoric, the more he kissed me, the more I wanted him.

Our lips reluctantly parted, just so we could breathe. I didn’t want the kiss to end.

What is happening to me I screamed in my head.

Dominic kissed my forehead and I welcomed the warmed of his body by snuggling close to him by resting my head on his chest, as he rested his chin on top of my head. We stayed that way, without uttering a single word. And strangely it felt nice and comforting to be in his arms.

We were suddenly interrupted by his Butler as he cleared his throat announcing his presence, “Excuse me, sir, I just wanted to inform you that the dinner is ready to be served anytime you wish.”

I quickly lifted my head from his chest and tried to pull myself away from him feeling very embarrassed of having the Butler see us in this intimate position. But Dominic didn’t let go of his hand instead he pulled me closer to him and turned to face the Butler.

“Thank you, Morris, you can serve it outside.” The Butler bowed and went inside leaving us alone.

I suddenly flushed profusely; the atmosphere became so awkward for me. I just didn’t know what to say, so I took refuge in sipping the last of the remaining wine.

“Shall we eat,” He offered.

“Okay,” I nodded.

Still arms around my waist he led me towards the table where Morris was setting up our dinner.

Dominic took my glass and put it on the table and pulled the chair for me to sit.

As we settled ourselves for dinner, Morris filled our glasses with more wine. We were served the delicious Marinated Greek lamb souvlaki with creamy tzatziki sauce and beta bread. I said my grace and took a bite of the lamb, it was so delicious so juicy and the herb used for marinating the lamb just alleviated the simple meat, “this is delicious, Morris is a very good cook,” I complimented taking a bite of the meat.

“He is, this is the reason why I take him wherever I go especially if I had to travel for longer periods,” he mentioned casually as if it was no big deal taking a personal chef/butler wherever you go.

Just how rich is this guy I wondered.

Morris finally served us the last course of the meal; dessert my favourite part of the meal. It was the traditional Greek galaktoboureko, quite a mouthful but it was basically a Greek custard pie with syrup. It was delicious, a perfect way to end a sumptuous dinner.

I made sure to thank Morris for the dinner and complimented him on his cooking to which he smiled and said it was his pleasure and hoped to cook more for me again. I just smiled at his gesture.

After clearing the table, Morris left us to ourselves. We were still sitting and enjoying our wine. I suddenly felt very nervous about the kiss we shared earlier between us, but the wine somehow helped me to calm my nerves, so my voice was not shaky when I spoke.

“It was a lovely dinner, thank you so much, I really enjoyed it,” I beamed at him.

“I’m glad you did,” he smiled, his intense gaze never leaving my face,” so for how long will you be here?”

“I’ll be leaving in three days, I wish I could stay longer,” I pouted.

“Why can’t you stay longer? Work or is someone demanding your presence.” He sounded irritated.

I was taken aback by it and decided to tease him,” Yes, someone very demanding, and wants my attention always, very possessive I must say,” I concluded with a serious face.

The moment I said that his facial expression darkened and he just muttered,” Oh.”

I burst out laughing,” I am just joking there is no one. It’s my job that is demanding my attention; I’m a human rights lawyer.”

I sensed him relaxing as he flashed me a mischievous smile,”Lawyer! Hmm, I better be very careful then tomorrow, since you threatened to sue me already.”

We laughed as he said that.

I didn’t want to go back to the hotel at all, I was having a very good time and as much as it scares me to admit it, I was really enjoying his company. Downing my last wine, “I think I should push off, it’s late and judging by what we will be doing tomorrow I think we both need to retire to bed early.”

“You are right, I’ll drop you, just a second I’ll call my driver,” he fished the phone out of his pocket and spoke, “Arthur take out the car, no... You back to the villa I’ll be driving,” cutting the call he drank his last wine and we both got up from the chair to leave for my hotel.

He held my hand as we walked out of the yacht and towards his car; he took the car key from his driver. Arthur seemed to be hugely built for a driver and looked like a spy with his black suit and serious face.

Once I got in the car, I told him the address of the hotel and he drove towards it.

“Arthur looks too scary to be a driver; I bet no one dares to mess with him.”

He chuckled as I said that,” Arthur can appear too serious for his own good. He is my driver as well as my bodyguard. He has been working for me for the past three years now.”

“Oh, no wonder he looks all build up ready to trash anybody...So what time should we meet up tomorrow?” I asked.

“I have got some work in the morning and it might continue until lunch, so shall I come pick you up at three?”


“Here save your number and I’ll call you once I am free.” He handed me his phone to me.

I took the phone and saved my number and gave it back to him, after driving for a while we finally reached the hotel. He parked the car in the parking area of the hotel.

Unplugging the seat belt I turned to face him, “thank you for today Dominic, I really had a great time “I smiled at him, I really wasn’t thanking him just for the sake of formality. I really did have a good time.

He lifted my right hand to his lips planting a light kiss, “I had a great time too Arabella. I am looking forward to tomorrow.”

Holding my eyes with intense grey-blue eyes, he leaned towards me and without any hesitation; he kissed me full on the lips. I was taken aback by his boldness, but as his tongue traced my lips and his teeth nipped my lips begging for entrance, I obliged, opening my mouth letting him fully consume me with his need, my need.

It was not like the first kiss we shared earlier. This was filled with urgency; he seemed more demanding and rough. Without breaking the kiss he pulled me on his lap, I was sitting sideways, his hands around my waist. He deepened the kiss and I tried to match his every move as I tugged my fingers in his hair, pulling him closer melting completely into him.

After what seemed to be a long session of kissing, we finally parted our lips, both of us panting, eyes staring at each other with million emotions and messages conveying to each other. I was so dumbfounded with what just happened, this man was someone I barely knew. Yet I feel this deep strong connection, but how? It was crazy, maybe I was crazy.

I licked my lower lips with my tongue, fingers tracing my lips. I couldn’t move, too shaky and dazed by the kiss I didn’t make a move to get down from his lap.

Since I just sat there staring at him, he made the move by cupping my face with his hand, “I could get used to this Arabella, us together, I know we just met today...”

His words brought me back from my dazed stage, I interrupted him, it scared me as to where it was leading, I didn’t want to hear what he had to say, “Dominic I’m sorry. Right now I am not looking for anything.” I stated with conviction.

The old me would never say this but I didn’t want to start any form of deep connection with anybody so I told him,” let’s just enjoy each other’s company these three days, with no strings attached, and after these three days, you go your way and I’ll go mine.” I finished and waited for his reply.

He just stared at me intensely as if he was imprinting the words I just said. He gave a small smile and planted a soft kiss on my forehead pulling me closer to him hugging me, “as you wish Arabella, but just know that I like challenges.” His voice held so much promise and determination, I shivered.

Having said that he slides me to my seat and got out from the car and opened my door.

He walked me to the hotel and at the entrance of the lobby of the hotel he gave me a peck on my lips, “I’ll see you tomorrow Arabella. Goodnight.”

I muttered a soft goodnight back and marched inside the hotel, I glanced back just before I entered the hotel lobby, he was still standing there, his face masked with an unreadable expression. I gave a small smile and went inside.

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