Irrevocably His

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chapter eight

Arabella’s { POV }

“You must be very special to Mr. Dominic, Miss Arabella,” said the middle age housekeeper beaming at me.

“Oh please call me Ell, Helena and why do you assume that way.”

“Because I have been working for the Kings family for more than twenty years now, I first worked for his family in New York but since my husband died two years ago and with no children of our own and too many memories of him, I wanted to get away and Mister Dominic was so kind enough to employ me as a housekeeper for this place and the villa back in the city.”

Certainly quite astonished at the mention of the villa in the city I interrupted her,“Back in the city? Oh, My! He has houses everywhere he sets his foot on,” to which Helena laughed.

“Mostly, what I mean is Ell he never brings his women to any of his places; he is very discreet about his affairs. He brought you here to his very private place, which his parents haven’t even been to and telling me that he is bringing a special guest, shows he cares for you more than you think,” she smiled at me.

Awkward that’s what I felt but I tried to act casual,” Oh it’s nothing like that Helena, we are just friends, we met only day before for the first time, he is just kind to show me around.” Yes, right I snorted in my mind friend you have been kissing and sharing a room with. The thought made me blush, and Helena didn’t seem to miss my rather flushed cheek, she gave me a knowing look and stated, “well if you say so Ell, but my instinct tells me I’ll be seeing more of you in the future,” she winked at me.

I pretended to act busy by kneading the dough, I was preparing cauliflower parantha which is Indian flatbread made of flour and stuffed with cauliflower. I learned how to make it from my Indian neighbor Mr. Pogaat’s wife Radnika, the owner of the travel agent whom Jemi got the flyers from.

She is in her early 50s, they are both very sweet couple they have an only daughter who is a doctor was married and settled in Chicago. I love everything about India the diversity and the place, would love to go there one day and of course the food, though I cut down on the spices whenever I make it.

This morning I decided to make breakfast for me and Dominic, I thought we could have a little picnic on the beach, he was still sound asleep when I woke up. Seeing how peacefully he slept, I quietly sneaked out of his room and freshen up and got ready in the other room.

For the breakfast, I made the cauliflower parantha, Greek yogurt with a sprinkle of roasted and crushed cumin seeds, mixed berries salad and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Satisfied with myself, I excused myself from the kitchen to check if Dominic was up, just then my phone rang. It was an unknown number.

“Hello, I’m I speaking to miss Dickens.” It was a man with a croaky voice.

“Yes speaking.”

“This is Jared Johnson, I am Leonard Steward’s attorney, I wanted to discuss the case, I heard you are fighting pro bono for your client Linda Banks? Miss Dickens, it would be of the best interest of your client and also for you if she settles this case out of court and it’s been what only a year since you opened that little private practice with your friend. It would be a shame to see it close down, and what you being a woman in a man’s world, rubbing shoulders with the wrong people can make your life very tough.” I snapped the moment he said those appalling words. How dare he.

Through gritted teeth, I answered back,“Listen to me loud and clear Mr. Johnson. I am not scared of your threats and if you must know I can use that against you and your client. To make it sufferable for both of us, you don’t have to worry about my client’s welfare or mine for that matter. Tell Mr. Steward that I’ll see him in court in three months. Good day.” Before he could say anything I cut his call.

I was so annoyed how he dare call me and tell me what was right and wrong for my client. Some men have this nerve of belittling women whenever and however they want. I was literally shaking with anger, my heart palpitating fast. To calm myself I took a deep breath closing my eyes and released it slowly.

{In third person’s POV}

“Is everything alright baby, who was that and why was that person threatening you?” asked Dominic, his voice filled with concern hugging her from behind, she smelled so fresh he could smell a trace of the raspberry shampoo on her freshly washed hair. The moment he opened his eyes, the first thing he did was laced his hand on the bed trying to get hold of her but noticed it was empty, releasing she got up already he got a little annoyed that he couldn’t kiss her good morning on the bed.

He got up and quickly finished using the bathroom, got ready and went downstairs; he heard her voice in the hallway it seems like she was on her phone. He heard her say something about threats and as he went nearer to her, she was saying to whoever it was on the phone that she would see Mr. Steward in court in three months, she sounded so sexy all lawyer like professional and full of authority. Here she was being threatened but still acting brave and ready to defend her client; Dominic became extra smitten with her.

There was nothing like beauty with brains and to top that a kind and loyal person, and these were the qualities that attracted Dominic towards Arabella, the more he gets to know her the more he was drawn towards her.

She was startled by the sudden unexpected physical contact and the deep voice, realizing who it was she shifted her body to face him, his hands around her waist, she looked up at those grey-blue eyes which was felt with so much concern for her and that warmed her heart, she smiled and said,” just some egoistic caveman making childish threats, nothing I can’t handle,” she gave a peck on his lips but he pulled her and deepened the kissed, kissing her hungrily once they released each other.

Still not convinced by what she said, he eyed her intensely.

“Arabella you would tell me if you are in problem right, the thought that someone wants to hurt you is making me feel very apprehensive and worried.”

She pushed him away from her lightly,“Oh come on Dominic I’m used to it, it is common in my line of work, I’ll be fine okay. But if you don’t have breakfast with me by the beach I’ll be upset because I prepared it,” she said pouting; it was amazing how carefree she could be with him, she thought feeling at ease after that unpleasant phone call.

“Hmm I shouldn’t upset my lady then, let’s go.” He smiled pulling her closer to him and cupping her face with both his hands gazing down at her,” I mean it, baby, I would like to know if someone is trying to hurt you, I’m dead serious about it okay.”

She just nodded,” I will. Wait here I’ll go and fetch the food basket,” As she turned to go towards the kitchen, then Helena appeared in the hallway with the basket.

“Here I thought you guys should go enjoy your breakfast before the sun becomes too harsh,” She said handing the basket to Dominic. Beaming at both of them she told them to have a good time and excused herself.

Once they settled on the beach, they spread the mat on the sand and she sat down crossing her leg and started arranging the food.

“I hope you like Indian food.”

“I don’t hate it nor like it, but since you cooked maybe you might change my mind,” he smiled.

“I hope so,” she smiled back at him.

By the end of breakfast, Dominic still had aversion towards Indian food but decided to keep it to himself because firstly, she put in so much afford to make it and secondly, it was one of her favorite cuisines, he didn’t want to be a spoilsport making her feel guilty that she made something which only she enjoyed.

Once they got back to the house, they bid their goodbye to Helena and hit back to the city. Arabella, suggested they watch the newly released movie Wonder Woman, to which Dominic agreed but he knows it was going to be two or three very long hours for him. He was not at all interested in such type of movies which obviously she was so much into, he was invited for the special premiere of the movie but had to skip it because of work, if only he knew Arabella, then, he would have taken her, he came to know she loves reading comics, Thor and Wonder’s woman were her favorite characters. She seemed so excited her eyes lighting up talking about it, he was really amused by her, she was nothing like the women he dated. The women he knew would maybe watch the movie, but definitely not read it.

“This is so beautiful Dominic,” she complimented glancing at the villa as they got of his car, it was a blue canvas boutique villa situated at the highest point of the city.

“Thank you, babe.”

Arthur, Dominic’s driver as well bodyguard still with the serious face who was standing near the driveway of the villa nodded a hello to her and drove the car away towards the garage.

They walked hand and hand inside the villa with his butler Morris following behind them with her luggage. Dominic insisted she stay with him and told her they will leave together for New York in his private jet day after, she agreed on staying with him but on the condition that she travel back home alone. She already bought the ticket and it made no sense canceling it, also even if she did cancel she won’t even get a full refund. To which he reluctantly agreed.

Once they were inside the villa, Morris called out behind them,” sir which room should I keep the luggage in.”

“My room Morris.”

The butler nodded and went upstairs towards his room. She stared at Dominic flushed but before she starts to protest, he said.

“Don’t worry babe we are just going to sleep,” he was grinning at her, his eyes gleaming with mischief. He locked her in his arms and gave a long smack on her lips and said still with that mischievous attitude,” but I can’t promise you I’ll be on my best behavior.”

“Oh you better and don’t worry Dominic, like I said before, I’m not easily seducible,” her arms were now circled around his neck; clearly her words didn’t match the actions she mentally thought.

“Did you?” He teased leaning down and captured her lips giving her a searing kiss. They kissed each other like there was no tomorrow, they couldn’t get enough of each other. They had to reluctantly let go of each other just so they wouldn’t be late for the movie.

They were finally back at the villa after what seems to be a rather long evening, surprisingly Dominic enjoyed the movie. They were on the terrace enjoying the cool breeze from the sea and relaxing on the sofa, her head leaning on him their feet up on the center table. It was a starry night, looking up Arabella said, “I love starry nights, so romantic.I can stay like this for hours just watching,” she smiled.

“You are quite the romantic aren’t you.”

She left her head from his shoulder, holding his gazr,” yes I am, I’m such a hopeless romantic, I can’t help it.” She beamed at him.

" will good then, I can learn a thing or two from you, I do not have a single ounce of romantic bone in my body,” rolling his eye dramatically, which made both of them laugh.

Like every new acquaintance do they spend time getting to know each other, by sharing about themselves their life, their likes and dislikes. By the time their conversation slowly dwindle down, they decided to retire to bed.

Once they settled themselves on the bed they laid in a spooning position, his right hand holding her possessively and closer to him. She tried to close her eyes and sleep but the erratic beating of her heart won’t allow her to do that. It was not the first time she was laying in the same bed with him, but tonight she felt so on edge, her body unceremoniously aching for a touch from him. She wondered whether he too was having trouble sleeping.

She felt him move even closer to her, his hot breath near her ears,” I want to kiss you so badly.” He whispered in her ears his tongue caressing and biting her earlobe, sending Goosebumps all over the body.

Without hesitation, he turned her over and captured her mouth wildly and she kissed him back with the same intensity.

Stopping the kiss to catch some air both of them panting, he rested his forehead on her’s,” I want you so bad Arabella. Say you want me,” he pleaded kissing her chin and slowly sensuously trailing down to suck the hollow of her neck. She gasped at how his mouth skillfully moved numbing her senses.

“I...I want you, Dominic.” Saying that she pulled him closer and kissed him hungrily, riding with pleasure.

“I’m going to show you how much I want you, Arabella,” with that he took her, taking her to great ecstasy, making her body respond to everything he gave, a euphoric feeling.

She tried to match his every move but he completely dominated and possessed her. All she could do was cling on to him trying not to lose her mind because she had never ever felt this way, it scared her and at the same time excited her. After they were finally spent on continuous lovemaking, they finally dozed off her head on his chest and his arms wrapped around her.

I am getting married she exclaimed so happily, as she walked down the aisle. Strangely her grandpa was not by her side and she was wearing a black wedding gown instead of white. With so much doubt on her head, she was walking down the aisle glancing right to left searching for a familiar face but she didn’t see any. As she reached the end of the aisle, she saw Richard but he was standing with a girl her back facing towards her. And before she could wrap her mind around where she was she suddenly found herself in her office and a familiar cold penetrating voice of a woman telling her” You are not good enough for Dominic, too low class,” it was Richard’s mother. Arabella covered her ears with both her hands and started screaming tears flowing down her cheek “stop it.”

She was still crying and saying “stop it,” when she was woken up by Dominic’s voice he was cradling her in his arms, she must have unconsciously got up and started crying.

“Baby it’s okay it was just a dream, shhhh,” he was now making her sit on his lap and cradling her and rubbing her back slowly up and down, trying to soothe her. Seeing her like that so vulnerable broke his heart, he never wants to see her like this. He told himself he would never let anyone harm her.

Noticing that she was calming down, he cupped her face and kissed her forehead concern lacing his voice,“I’m here, I’m here okay, don’t be afraid it was just a dream, do you want to talk about it?” Realizing it was too dark to see her face. He switched on the bedside table lamp. The sight of her twisted his stomach in an uncomfortable way, she was still crying silently crying her head leaning on his chest.

“Baby are you fine,” He asked looking down at her.

“Ye...yes Dominic,” She nodded and looked up at him,” I’m sorry I woke you up.” She mumbled.

“Arabella don’t ever say you are sorry okay at least not to me. Tell me what do you want to do, you want to lie down or even if you want to stay like this also I don’t mind.” His tone filled with concern.

“I think I’ll lie down and I want you to hold me okay.”

“Do you even have to ask me for that,” he said gently lifting her up from his lap and laid her down on the bed, head resting on the pillow.

Switching off the bedside table lamp, he pulled her towards him and made her head rest on his chest, wrapping his arms around her possessively and planting a kiss on top of her head,“you can tell me about the dream if you want to.”

“I don’t want to talk about it, Dominic.” She sighed.

“Sure baby as you wish, try to sleep now then, goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” she replied.

But sleep was far from Arabella, the dream won’t let her close her eyes, because if she does she feared those voices might come back. Seeing Richard reminded her of his rejection and now being told by his mother she was not good enough for Dominic, her cold voice telling her how different their status was even if it was just in a dream, made her heart ached so much, this pain was different.

No she told herself not again I cannot do this to me, I have to break things with Dominic before I end up getting hurt again, who am I kidding I can never do casual relationships, I have to end it before it’s too late.

He was from a different world and people from their world never see their future with people like her, just like Richard, Dominic would leave her and go she thought.

If she doesn’t stop this now, she will get hurt and this time she might not recover, she slowly got down from the bed and took her belongings and walked out of the room, glancing at Dominic for one last time, he was fast asleep, thank goodness he was not such a light sleeper, closing the door behind him and quickly changed in the next room.

On her way downstairs, she called a cap and within few minutes she was on her way to the airport.

She began typing on her phone,“Dominic I am sorry I can’t do this. Let this just be a onetime thing with us with no strings attached, sorry I had to leave like this. It’s for the best. Take care.” she sends the message to him and switched off her phone. Telling herself mentally over and over again that this was for the best.

She luckily got a ticket back to New York and after a while, she was on her way home. Her mind more scattered then she left for Greece from New York.

So much for trying to refresh her mind in a new place. The feelings she has for Dominic were so confusing, how easily he was replacing Richard in her mind and heart was scaring her.

Oh! for god sake Arabella, you just met him get it together and besides, he won’t even remember you or come after you, she scolded herself mentally.

Strange as it is for her. She can handle tough situations in her work with great composure and always make clear and practical decisions. But when it comes to love, relationships, matters of the heart, she behaves like a weakling easily breaking down and above all make all kinds of indecisive decisions she heaved a deep sigh thinking about it.

But whatever be it this past few day with Dominic was the best time she had in a long time and he made her feel so special and good about herself which was totally crushed by Richard and his mother.

Dominic made her do and feel things she thought she was never capable of feeling or doing. He challenges her, stirs in her a euphoric sense of freedom to not be so calculative and uptight, but to be carefree and just let go.

The feeling of regret seems to have slowly sipped into her heart and mind, wanting her to back to him. But she pushed that thought away and to distract herself she took out her iPod and started listening to the musical Piece, a melody of tears by Beethoven and slowly drifted off to sleep.

Back in Santorini, someone was pacing up and down the master bedroom with full of anger. He reread the message sent by her and tried calling her but it was switched off. He threw the phone on the wall shuttering the phone into pieces.

He thought to himself,” This is how you want to play then, Arabella. You can run you can hide but I’ll find you, you are mine and I’ll have you.”

With that thought, he walked out of his room called out for Arthur telling him to get the jet ready for New York.

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