Irrevocably His

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Chapter nine

Arabella’s (POV)

Finally home, I could see the familiar sights of the neighbourhood. As the cab pulled over the roadside of my apartment, I took some changes out of my purse and handed over the cab driver. I got down from the cab and headed upstairs towards the elevator saying hello to Vincent the security guard of the building and let the elevator take me up to my place which was on the fifth floor.

Just as I was about to ring the doorbell to my place, then Radnika, Mr.Pogaat’s wife, the one that owns the travel agent appeared in the hallway and by the looks of it all dressed up in the Indian attire Saree.

“Oh Ell what a pleasant surprise, I thought you were supposed to come back only tomorrow at least that’s what Jemi told me, “she asked rather confused.

“Actually I was Radnika, but something important came up at work so I had to rush back,” I answered coolly and managed a smile, “you look beautiful Radnika, date night?” I inquired teasingly.

“Thank you, Ell, how I wish it was a date night, actually I’m going to my niece’s graduation party. Will catch up later okay I am already running late, it is good to have you back Ell,” she smiled and gave me a hug and walked towards the elevator.

I rang the doorbell and Jemi opened the door and gave me a raised eyebrow combined with a shocked expression, I gave a small smile not quite reaching my eye and walked towards my room sat my luggage near my closet and sat on the bed obviously feeling the silent stare from Jemi. I finally took courage and faced her; she was sitting on my favourite purple sofa near the window. It is my favourite spot, that is where I sit and lose myself in the written words.

I ran my hands through my hair brushing it back and confessed rather dramatically,” I messed up royally and somehow I don’t regret it and the problem is as strange as it may sound I like him and I only regret that I chicken out by running away from him and me...,“I was ranting like a mad woman, I was stopped midway by Jemi raising her right index finger to her lips, indicating me to keep quiet.

“Whom are you referring to Ell, Oh my God! Did you meet someone there? And hold on what do you meant by running away, tell me everything in detail properly from the start and I mean it do not leave out anything, “she eyed me curiously and waited in anticipation for my explanation.

I sighed and told her everything about my encounter with Dominic,“ Jemi I know at that time I thought what I did was right, I shouldn’t make my decisions based on dreams, but it really did freak me out because you know the episode with Richard and I just got so scared, I didn’t want to get hurt,” looking at her but my mind was elsewhere it was haunted by Dominic, his velvety deep voice, his masculine scent, his handsome chiselled features.

I could still feel his touch and somehow thinking about it made me miss him, this is insane when did my life become this complicated. I groaned with frustration and bobbed down on my bed, my head resting on the bed.

Jemi finally spoke up, “I am proud of you Ell, finally you lose the nickname uptight granny, hmm, by the way, is Dominic King, the Dominic King you are talking about.”

I got up and eyed her confused, “do you know him?”

“No of course not, not in that personal level but I read about him, if he is the same guy then, Ell he is the richest guy on the planet not to mention devilishly handsome. Lets Google him,” she took out her phone and started typing and came towards me and sat on the bed with both her feet up.

“Is he the one, “she enquired showing me the picture on the phone, my mouth dropped and my whole body went numb, I knew he was rich but I didn’t know he was that rich. And of course since I decided from the beginning it was just a onetime thing I didn’t bother to look him up, it didn’t even cross my mind. I was too indulgent in the idea of that phrase, go with the flow.

Obviously seeing my expression Jemi yelped bouncing on the bed startling me, “I’m lost for words Ell so it’s the Dominic King huh! The multi-billionaire one of the richest men in the world not to mention the family dynasty he comes from, the sole heir of the King’s dynasty, anyway but why on earth did you end it that way with him, clearly the guy seemed to want you.”

“Well that’s the problem Jemi, I don’t know in what way he wanted me, I knew if we continued I wouldn’t want something casual and I’m really not sure about his true intentions. And like I said I don’t want to go through another drama.”

“How do you know it’s going to end up badly, just because your relationship with that spineless ass ended badly why do you assume it is going to be the same with Dominic,” she reprimanded.

I sighed looking down mindlessly at my hands on my lap, “I don’t know Jemi. I guess I am scared to get hurt again. Trusting a man is not going to come easily,” I sighed and my mind drifted towards him and our time together and strangely despite my apprehensions, the thought of him brought a smile to my face.

I stood up and walk towards the window and glanced outside, night has already settled in only faint light from street lamps illuminated the darkness. In the vision of the darkness before me, I started hoping that he won’t remember me in a bitter way.

Turning to face Jemi I smiled as I continued speaking,” But you know what Jemi aside everything, I had the most wonderful time with him I felt so carefree with him. He made me feel so special and wanted and for once I just let my guard down. He made me feel and experience things I never thought I would do or feel, I didn’t worry about the consequences, I just let him take care of me; I felt that sense of security which I never felt with Richard.”

I confessed taking a sit on the purple sofa and continued speaking, “God! my feelings are so contradicting, one side I am like, I miss him and wish I wasn’t so impulsive with my decision but on the other side I am satisfied with my decision and that I should stop thinking about him. Just treasure the moments I had with him and move on because who knows it might not be a big deal for him like it is for me. I am sure he must have already moved on and forgotten about me, “somehow the thought that he must have forgotten me stink my heart.

“I’m glad to hear that Ell. And as for whether you want to be with him or not it’s not up to me but you and since you have already made up your decision on not going any further with him, I respect that as long as you are happy. But I hope you won’t regret it.” She stated holding my gaze thoughtfully.

“I won’t regret it, “I returned abruptly making Jemi raise an eyebrow.

Ignoring her raised eyebrow I mumbled, “anyway I’m so tired Jemi let’s call it a night, I’ll do the unpacking tomorrow.”

She got up from the bed and gave me a hug, “sure and have wet dreams about your King, “she chuckled as I pushed her away from me laughing.

“You and your dirty mind. Oh! By the way, Mister Stewart’s lawyer called threatening me,” I said yawning too tired, “I’ll explain everything tomorrow.”

“Okay, goodnight Ell,“with that she walked out of my room shutting the door behind her.

Since I had a snack on the plane, I wasn’t hungry so decided to skip dinner. I took a quick shower, got ready for bed, switched on the bedside lamp and tried to shut my eyes and sleep but his face kept appearing and I tossed and turned for like forever and finally sleep took over.

The next day as Jemi and I walked into the office at 9:00 Am, we were greeted by our assistant as well as receptionist Alex Maxwell.

“Good morning Alex, “both of us called out in unison unintentionally.

“Good morning ladies. How was your trip Ell?” Alex inquired smiling brightly as always. His preppy dressing and always with the bright bow ties truly represents his cherry personality.

“It was good, I had a great time, “I replied smiling back at him.

“By the way Ell, a rather big bouquet of red roses came for you, I kept it in your room.” He pointed his chin towards my office room.

“I see. Who did it say it was from,” Curiosity filling up my mind.

“That’s the problem, the delivery person didn’t tell me, he only said you will know in four days who is it from. There was just one letter written on the card, the letter “I.” His brows furrowed in confusion.

“My six sense tells me it is Dominic, definitely and I am always almost 99% correct,“Jemi stated confidently like as if she had witness him sending me the flowers.

Walking towards my room, ” Not at all, I am positive I didn’t give out our office address to him, maybe it’s just Michael playing a prank again, “rolling my eyes and opened the door; the humongous flower on my table shocked me.

I searched for the card and truly it was just written boldly in black the letter “I“, who could it be, I thought, judging by the size and the quality of the roses, I was sure it was not Michael anymore.

I mean these flowers must have cost a fortune to the owner and even though Michael could effort such expensive things I don’t think he would go to this length just to prank me. I know so much about flowers from one of my many times of being an assistant to my grandpa in his flower shop and I can easily recognize expensive flowers from cheap ones.

Jemi stood there admiring the roses and smelling it, “I’m telling you Ell its Dominic, people like him have top-notch private investigators, they can get information about anybody with the snap of their fingers, “she said snapping her fingers in the process.

Is it true I thought, will Dominic go to this much trouble just to get in touch with me? But then again why would he act in jest and riddles, is it really him? Part of me felt excited but then again if it really was him I didn’t want to face him after how I ended things with him. And I know seeing him will weaken me, because I admit I am really attracted to him and I might end up agreeing in seeing him more and it is I feel unhealthy for me and I really can’t deal with it right now I was too confused about my feelings for Richard and my sudden attraction towards Dominic it was all too overwhelming. If it’s really him, I’ll tell him I am not interested to further our relationship and try my best not to melt in front of him. I heaved a deep sighed thinking I need to really start practicing to appear emotionless if I have to convince him.

Confusion clouding her mind but in the mind and heart of a certain man standing in a tall skyscraper office in Upper East Side Manhattan, overlooking the equally tall buildings before him from the tall clear glass windows. His heart and mind was made up about her, she belongs with him, and there were no ifs and no buts and certainly no room for confusion. He will pursue her and keep clearing her doubts and fears until she fully accepts his arms are where she belongs always.

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