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Chapter 10 - Preacher

Preacher was in a foul mood. He didn’t get any fucking sleep, because he kept thinking about his Hummingbird. He hadn’t wanted to leave her in the crap apartment with the death trap stairs, but he really hadn’t had a choice. With Snake being only a prospect, his hands were tied. He sat at the bar in the clubhouse and stared into his glass of whiskey.

“Hey brother,” Steele greeted as he clapped him hard on the shoulder and took a seat beside him. Steele nodded to Smoke to indicate he wanted a beer. After the prospect had placed the bottle and moved away, Steele leaned in closer.

“You good?” his VP asked.

“No,” Preacher growled back.

“Care to shed some light on why the fuck not?” Steele questioned with a raised brow.

Preacher looked up from the glass, scanned the room to make sure nobody was sitting within hearing distance, and turned to his VP.

“This conversation stays between us,” he snarled.

“Always does,” Steele reminded him. “Talk to me.”

“You know right away Cassie was your one?” Preacher asked.

Steele immediately turned serious. “When I saw her in the restaurant I felt a strong pull, but I didn’t know for sure until I actually stood beside her and talked to her. I couldn’t deny it then.”

“What about the other guys?” Preacher pushed.

“Dragon I can’t speak for, as he was with Ali before he us. I know Shadow figured out your sister was his the minute he saw her in The Outlaws clubhouse. I also know Trike did too, when he met Misty at the lake the night Carly left her stranded. Like Dragon, Mario and Tripp both knew their girls from before. But Jude fell fast, even though I know the fucker fought it for a long time,” Steele smirked.

When Preacher nodded, Steele narrowed his eyes.

“You’ve found your one,” Steele declared, and Preacher dropped his head.

“I fucking have,” he sighed. “Girls all I can fucking think about. She’s a cute little thing, and I just want to haul her close and protect her from the world.”

Steele chuckled. “Fucking poet,” he snorted. “You know you’re fucked right?”

“I hear you brother,” Preacher growled. “I don’t have the time or the room for this shit in my life. I have a fucking MC to run. I’m the god damned president, my head needs to stay with the club. If I fuck up, or get distracted, brothers will get hurt.”

Steele’s face turned to a mask of fury. “You fucking think the girls make us weak? Do I look weak to you?” When Preacher eyed him in surprise, Steele continued. “The girls make us fucking stronger. I love my brothers, and I love this club, but my Little Mouse gives me something to fight for. She’s mine, and she depends on me to keep her safe. It means I need to be stronger, and tougher, so that I can do that. Fucking weak my ass,” Steele huffed.

“I don’t know whether I’m ready for all that,” Preacher admitted.

“Well you better fucking figure it out,” Steele ordered. “The way things go around here, she’s either already in trouble, or will be soon. Us fuckers never get our girls without a fucking fight.”

When Preacher just glared at him, Steele narrowed his eyes.

“Fuck me,” Steele growled. “She’s already in trouble.”

Preacher didn’t bother to deny it.

“Bad?” Steele pushed.

“Bad enough,” Preacher replied.

“You need help?” Steele demanded.

Preacher looked down at his glass, then lifted it to his mouth and took a healthy swig. “Not yet, but I have a feeling that will change.”

“Right, well don’t wait too long grandpa, because things move fast around here.”

Preacher glared at his VP. “I’m twenty seven, that’s only a year older than you fucker. You need me to take you outside and teach you some manners,” he growled.

Steele busted out laughing. “No thank you. I was taught early on to respect my elders.” Then the ass jumped from the stool before Preacher could grab him, and took off.

“Fucking bikers,” Preacher grumbled as he downed the last of his whiskey.

Then he turned and found Mario headed his way.

“Got a minute?” Mario asked.

“Definitely,” Preacher immediately responded. Then he turned and headed for a table Mario stopped at. He wasn’t surprised to see Trent headed their way as well, and Steele turning back to join them. It was time to get some answers.

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