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Chapter 11 - Macy

Macy trudged up the stairs after her third exhausting day at work. She had hoped that as the days went by, the job would get easier, but it was only getting worse. She was sore everywhere, and she was so exhausted, she had no idea how she was still standing. She decided Mrs. Tang was a child of the devil. She didn’t understand how one tiny Chinese woman could be so cruel. The lady yelled all the time.

Reaching the top step, Macy unlocked the door and headed inside. She literally stripped on the way to the bathroom, dropping her clothes where they fell. She stepped on the thin bath mat and started the shower. As soon as she had the water steaming hot, she climbed inside and pulled the curtain shut.

The shower head worked amazing, and it was so much better than the old one. She had no idea how to thank Preacher, but she knew she was in his debt. She didn’t know what she’d been thinking, heading out on her own to buy one. Firstly, she had no tools to assemble the stupid thing with. And secondly, she wouldn’t know how to install it anyway. Preacher had been a godsend.

Macy stayed in the shower until the water ran cold, then sighed in agitation and reluctantly climbed out. She hurriedly dried off, towel dried her hair, and braided it damp. Then she padded across the hall to her bedroom and got dressed. She eyed the bed longingly, but figured if she went to bed hungry she’d wake up starving.

Heading to the kitchen, Macy eyed her cupboards. Ramen noodles and peanut butter stared back at her, and she had to look away. After eating them for the past several days, she wanted something different. Sighing, she moved to the stash of money she had left and pulled out a ten. It was probably being reckless, but she really wanted a burger, and she remembered there was a fast food place around the corner.

Decision made, Macy shoved the bill in her pocket and headed out. She took her time walking to the take out restaurant, she was just too tired to go any faster, and it was a nice evening. Once there she pushed the door open and headed inside. Just her luck, there was a huge line up, so she figured she’d be there a while.

Macy studied the line and realized there was a huge biker near the front. She knew if she tried to leave, he’d probably see her anyway, so she looked to the floor and stayed where she was.

A minute later she heard him curse, and looked up to see her brother staring down at her. She froze at the frustrated look on his face, knowing she should have bolted the minute she saw him. When he turned back around and cruelly ignored her, she looked back down at the floor sadly.

A minute later his food was ready, and Macy watched warily as he approached with two bags. She was shocked when he stopped right beside her. Looking up, she couldn’t mask the sadness at seeing him. He shoved a bag into her arms, and she was forced to grab it before it fell.

“You got a job at the laundromat yet?” Snake growled. Macy nodded up at him in reply as she held the bag to her chest. “Good. You get paid yet?”

She shook her head no and looked to the floor again. Then she heard him sigh in frustration as he reached into his pocket, pulled out a couple bills, and shoved them in her free hand. Without a word he turned and strode towards the door.

“Thank you,” Macy whispered. She didn’t think she said it very loud, but he stopped at the door and turned. He studied her intensely for a minute, then frowned and walked out.

She waited a minute, and when she heard his Harley pull out she left herself. When she reached her tiny apartment she hurried up the stairs and let herself inside. Setting her food down, Macy finally opened her hand, and was surprised to see two tens in it. That meant she now had fifty dollars.

When her stomach growled, she opened the bag and dug into her food. It was the best burger ever, and that was just because her big brother bought it for her.

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