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Chapter 12 - Preacher

Preacher sat at the table and nodded in thanks to Smoke as he place a new glass of whiskey in front of him. With the way things were going, he figured he’d need it. Mario, Trent and Steele sat too, and then he wasn’t surprised when Dragon, Navaho and Jude pulled up chairs and joined them.

“Is this something we need to discuss in church?” Jude questioned as he eyed the other brothers.

“Not yet,” Preacher answered, “but that may change once I hear what Mario has to say. Where the fucks Snake?” he growled, as he surveyed the room.”

Steele reached in his pocket, pulled out his cell, and made a call. “He’s just pulling up to the gate now.”

“This about the trouble his fathers in?” Dragon asked as he reached for his beer and took a long drag.

“Yep,” Preacher replied. “If troubles coming, I want to be prepared.”

“Oh we’re prepared,” Dagger smirked, as he twisted a chair around backwards and straddled it. “I put the rocket launchers and grenades from Jude’s fiasco in my room.”

“Jesus Christ,” Jude snarled. “Shouldn’t you lock them up or something?”

“They’re in my closet. And I’ve got a combination lock on the door,” Dagger happily informed them.

“Oh, well that’s okay then,” Jude snorted sarcastically.

Preacher sighed. “Get them out of your room and store them with the rest of the fucking weapons,” he furiously ordered.

Dagger pouted, but he did so nodding. “Should have kept my mouth shut,” he muttered.

Finally Snake stepped in and headed their way. Once he was seated Preacher looked at Mario and signalled with a flick of his wrist to start.

“Trent and Nick did quite a bit of digging and came up pretty lucky. Based on Wes’ address, the biggest loan shark in the area is a guy named Pike,” Mario explained.

“Shit,” Snake cursed. “I went to school with the guy. He’s a real nasty fucker. His father used to beat him, and word is when Pike turned fourteen he took a fucking crow bar to him. Bashed his head in. Since then there’s been at least five murders that the local cops know he’s responsible for, but can’t pin on him.”

“Right,” Mario confirmed. “His last girlfriend also disappeared. No ones seen or heard from her in five months. Word is, Pike doesn’t seem at all bothered by it.”

“So how much does Wes owe?” Dagger questioned.

“I couldn’t get an exact number, but rumour is it’s in the fifty thousand dollar range,” Trent told them.

“Fuck,” Dragon said. “That’s a shit ton of coin.”

“I made some calls to a couple local contacts, and they asked around,” Mario continued. “Looks like Pike’s been sniffing around your sister for a long time. Apparently she wants nothing to do with him.”

“Yeah, he tried to get in her pants in high school too, but I shut that shit down,” Snake growled.

Preacher turned to face him in surprise. “I thought you hated her?” he asked with a raised brow.

“She’s still my fucking sister,” Snake sneered in response.

“So you knocked some sense into him?” Steele pushed Snake.

“I did,” Snake told him. “He may be meaner, but I’m fucking bigger.”

“So he couldn’t have her back then, what’s to say he didn’t set your dad up to take a heavy hit at the tables. Maybe force his hand,” Jude declared, and Preacher had to agree with him.

“Right,” Dragon continued. “Get the girl another way. He know’s your dad can’t pay the debt, and offers a solution.”

“But he had to know dad would take her and run?” Snake countered. “He may be a bit of an ass, but he’d never hand Macy over.”

“So how do we know the fucker didn’t have Wes followed here?” Navaho asked, finally adding his two cents.

“We don’t,” Preacher sighed. “But it’s been about five days, and there’s been no sign of him that we know of. My guess, if he knew where she was, he wouldn’t waste time coming after her.”

“So we can’t go after him yet?” Dagger huffed.

“Not unless we want retribution,” Preacher replied. “But the minute he steps foot around here, he’s as good as dead,” he growled.

“So your getting the club involved in this?” Steele inquired with a raised brow.

“Damn right,” Preacher decided. “The loan may not be our concern, and Snake isn’t a patched in member yet, but I’m not letting a murderer show up and start trouble.”

“Okay,” Steele agreed with a menacing grin. “Let’s make a plan.”

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