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Chapter 13 - Preacher

“I think this needs to continue in church,” Preacher finally declared. “If we got this fucker headed our way with kidnapping and destruction on his mind, we need the entire club in the loop. I want everyone here that can be here in ten minutes.”

Snake immediately piped up. “It involves my family, I need to be included.”

“And you’re not a fucking patched member,” Preacher growled to put the prospect in his place. “After church, you and me can have a sit down. I’ll let you know what we’ve decided. You won’t be left in the dark. I also want to discuss a few things with you anyway, so we’ll get that done too.”

Snake knew not to argue, so Preacher shook his head at the pissed off prospect. Snake finally nodded and left the table.

“He gonna be a problem?” Mario questioned in concern.

“He better not be?” Preacher snarled. He downed his whiskey in one gulp, let the burn fester, then headed to the room they held church in.

Exactly ten minutes later, the room was full. Smoke and Snake were left in the common room, and Doc volunteered to man the gates. Mario also had a couple of his men show up to help keep an eye out while they were busy.

Preacher decided to start by laying out everything he knew. Once he was done, and the brothers were up to speed, he let them speak up.

“So we’re backing prospects now?” Shadow asked with a bite to his words.

“No, we’re protecting the club and the town that relies on us,” Preacher declared. Shadow nodded in acceptance.

“So we bring the girl in?” Raid suggested.

“We can’t,” Preacher sighed. “Snake isn’t a fully patched member and the girl isn’t claimed.”

“What’s she look like?” Dagger immediately asked.

“Not fucking happening,” Preacher growled without thought.

“But if I claimed her, the problems solved,” Dagger said with a grin.

“You make a move on her, I’ll shove my foot up your ass,” Preacher vowed.

“Uh, someone’s in a mood,” Dagger huffed as he crossed his massive arms. “You claiming her yourself?”

Preacher sighed, knowing he needed to be honest with his club.

“Not yet,” he admitted, as he eyed the brothers around the table. “I’ve met her fucking twice.” Then he turned to Shadow. “Plus we have rules about brothers dating other members sisters.”

“Yep,” Shadow instantly agreed. “Unless you want the five hits like I took. I’d say I got off easy though, I’d fucking die for my baby girl.”

“So she’s your one?” Trike questioned, looking like he was ready to celebrate.

“Definitely,” Preacher replied. “But right now she’s safe where she is, and until I claim her, that where she needs to be.”

“So what if we patch Snake in?” Raid asked. “His time as a prospect should be done soon anyway.”

“The guy needs an attitude adjustment first,” Steele growled. “Fucker can’t be a part of this family if he can’t even look after his own. He treats his sister like shit, and I don’t want him patched in until he changes.”

“Agreed,” Preacher declared. “So until then we put a brother on her twenty-four seven, and we give Darren and Colin a call and let them know what’s going down. They can probably get us some more intel on Pike too.”

“Sounds good,” Steele agreed. “How long you plan on fighting the pull for?”

Preacher glared at his VP. “I’m putting the club first like I always do. It’s a big fucking step, and I want to make damn sure I’m not making a mistake.”

Jude snickered from the end of the table. “Yeah, good luck with that. The pull is hard to ignore. The more you deny it, the crazier you get. Plus my rainbow almost blew up before I accepted it. Fucking gutted me.”

Preacher hung his head. The thought of anything happening to his Hummingbird gutted him too.

“I hear ya,” he said. “Let me deal with Snake and wrap my head around this, and then I’ll fucking pull her in.”

“Pull her in fucking quick,” Tripp advised. “Our track records shit.”

“So we’re building another cabin,” Dagger questioned with a frown.

“Do I look like the fucking cabin type?” Preacher sneered.

“It grows on you,” Shadow promised.

“Well nothings fucking growing on me,” Preacher growled as he threw back the last of his whiskey.

“So she’ll be living in your tiny fucking room?” Dragon snickered.

Preacher frowned, knowing with certainty that wouldn’t work. Shit, he thought, now what the fuck was he going to do with her?

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