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Chapter 14 - Preacher

Once church was over, Preacher grabbed Snake and headed for his office. Steele raised his brow in a silent question, but Preacher shook his head. This chat needed to be between just the two of them.

When Snake entered the office Preacher slammed the door, walked around his desk, and sat. He motioned to the chair on the opposite side of the desk, and Snake reluctantly sat too. By the look on the prospects face, he was more than ready to do battle.

“First things first,” Preacher stated. “I’m the fucking president of this club. You can speak your mind, but don’t fucking disrespect me. I know you’re pissed and I know you have quite a bit to say, but keep that in mind, because I have no problem cutting your fucking ass from this club.”

Preacher glared at the prospect for a minute, silently daring him to say something. When he remained silent, Preacher continued.

“First thing I want to ask, is if you’ve thought about the place you left your sister in?” he demanded.

Snake immediately scowled. “I lived there for over a year. There’s nothing fucking wrong with it. It’s small, but it’s clean and it’s warm.”

Preacher raised his hand. “It’s shit, and it’s over a fucking laundromat.”

“Fine,” Snake grumbled. “But it’s all I got.” Preacher gave him that and nodded.

“How much money does she have?” he asked next. “She didn’t look like she came with much, and with Wes owing money, I doubt he had any to give her.”

“I gave her sixty when I dropped her off, and another thirty when I saw her yesterday,” Snake replied. “Is this really any of your business?” he growled.

Preacher sighed. “So she’s been there almost a week. I’m assuming she had to buy groceries and shit.” Snake nodded and he continued. “And basic things like bathroom supplies.” When he paused, the prospect nodded again. “That’s not much money. What about rent?”

Snake sat up straighter and seemed to get angrier. “It’s paid until next week, and she’s got a fucking job. I’m a god damned prospect. Only patched members get a cut. Prospects get shit. I earn a bit from working on the cars and that’s it. I had an apartment that I signed a lease on. I had to pay the rent until the lease was over. I have a fucking bike that keeps breaking down. And I’m still paying for the damn thing. I gave her everything I could spare.”

Snake eyed Preacher carefully. “You always this curious about prospects? Seems you’re digging a little too deep,” he sneered. Then Snake leaned forward as he considered something and placed his hands on the desk. “How the fuck do you know where I left her?”

“It’s my fucking job to know,” Preacher growled. “With the possibility of Pike bringing trouble our way, I need to know everything.”

“I understand that,” Snake admitted. “But you’re taking an awful interest in my sister.”

“And you don’t fucking give a shit about her?” Preacher accused.

“I hate her,” Snake agreed. “But I fucking love her too,” he sneered.

“Fucking explain that?” Preacher sighed in aggravation.

“You know what loosing your mother does to you at such a young age?” Snake asked, but he continued without waiting for an answer. “It god damned guts you. Then I had a father that couldn’t cope, and a newborn to live with. My mother had cancer, and she stopped the radiation when she got pregnant. She chose Macy over herself. So yeah, I was pissed.”

“So you grow a set of balls and get over it,” Preacher growled.

“I wasn’t finished,” Snake growled back. “Macy was home about a month when she got sick. Turned into pneumonia fucking fast. Doctors said she was too young to fight it, and there wasn’t anything they could do. It was like loosing my mother all over again. She suddenly got better, doctors couldn’t explain it, said it was a fucking miracle. To this day, if she gets a cold, it turns bad fast. She’s had to be really damn careful, and she’s been back to the hospital three times.”

Preacher stared at the prospect, not sure what to say. He decided it was best to let him get it out, so he nodded to continue.

“My dads a jerk. My sister though is an angel. I lost my mom and it gutted me. I lose her, it will fucking end me. So you live with that on your chest, and see how you deal with it. You think I treat her like shit, well I still look out for her, I just keep my fucking distance,” Snake told him.

Preacher watched as Snake stood and headed for the door. “I got a car to work on in the shop. We done?” he questioned. Preacher nodded and the prospect walked out.

It turned out Preacher had a lot more to fix then he thought.

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