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Chapter 17 - Macy

Preacher stayed for another few minutes and they talked and cuddled some more. Macy was surprised at how easy it was to be around the big biker. He made her feel comfortable, and that was completely new to her. She was reluctant to move, but she couldn’t be late getting back to the laundromat.

He followed her as she locked up, and helped her down the rickety stairs. When he reached the bottom he pulled her close, and she found herself in heaven once more. He surprised her by kissing her, then he let go and gave her a gentle shove in the direction of the side door.

“I’ll see you tonight Hummingbird,” Preacher promised.

Macy smiled at him shyly. She figured something would probably come up to cause him to cancel, but still nodded to please him. Once inside, she turned back and watched as he climbed on his bike and rode away. She stayed in the same spot until she could no longer see him.

“Why you just stand there?” Mrs. Tang yelled. “Get back to work. You late anyway. I dock your pay.”

Macy turned and looked at the clock, then down at her watch. This time there was a ten minute difference. Either Mrs. Tang was changing the clock and messing with her, or her watch wasn’t working right. She had a funny feeling her watch wasn’t the problem.

Two hours later Macy was sweating again. She looked at the clock and knew she still had an hour left, but she was really tired. She sighed and wiped the sweat from her brow as she pulled the last pair of pants out of the steamer. She carefully folded the hot garment and added them to the top of the pile of the ones already done.

Macy turned to the pile of shirts, and carefully started feeding them through the steamers. Slowly but steadily the pile started to go down. She was half way through when Mrs. Tang showed up again.

“You too slow. You should have everything done,” her boss yelled. Then she pointed to the pile of blouses that Macy hadn’t gotten too yet. “You do them too.”

Macy looked at her watch and realized her shift was almost over. She looked at Mrs. Tang’s furious expression and sighed.

“My shift ends in ten minutes. I really don’t think I’m going to get all that done in the time I have left,” Macy explained.

“You finish. Work until they done. Stay until they done,” Mrs. Tang ordered as she pointed a finger at her threateningly. “But no more money. You learn to do work on time.”

Macy shook her head. “I have plans, and I don’t want to work longer if you won’t pay me.”

Mrs. Tang squinted her eyes then started heading her way. Macy immediately took a step back, almost afraid of the tiny angry woman. Mrs. Tang reached over and picked up a large metal ruler off a table as she kept coming.

Again Macy took another step back, not realizing how close she was to the steamer rollers. When her back hit the hot roller she screamed in pain. She jumped forward, but she knew it was too late, as she immediately felt the skin on her back burning. She cried in pain as she fell forward and tried to pull the tee she was wearing away.

“Get out,” Mrs. Tang bellowed. “You try to break my steamer. You fired.”

Macy actually stared at the woman in shock for a minute. Then she turned and fled as the tears fell furiously down her cheeks. She rushed up the stairs and hurried inside her tiny apartment, terrified she was going to pass out from the pain.

Because the burn was on her back, Macy couldn’t see it, and she couldn’t reach it. She panicked for a few minutes, and then her eyes caught on the cell phone laying on the counter. She snagged it and hit the only button she had programmed.

“Hummingbird,” Preacher greeted. “You couldn’t wait until tonight to talk to me?”

Macy tried to talk, but she only ended up crying harder. She was in pain, she was hysterical, and she needed him.

“Where are you?” Preacher yelled into the phone harshly, and she knew he understood something was wrong.

“The apartment,” she choked out through her tears. “It hurts,” she managed tell him. She heard a motorcycle starting up in the background, and then he was yelling again.

“You hold tight baby, I’m on my way,” he promised.

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