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Chapter 2 - Preacher

Preacher nodded at Raid when he arrived, and the brother hit the button to open the gate. They stepped back as it rolled open and the car drove through. When he looked towards Snake, the brother was practically sneering at the car. Preacher hated crap like this. Drama drove him fucking nuts.

Once the car was through Raid closed the gate. Preacher headed straight for the drivers door with Steele and Dragon flanking him. “Can you get out of the car?” he ordered Snake’s father.

The man nodded nervously and stepped out. When Preacher turned, expecting Snake to be there, he found the brother still standing where he’d left him.

“Snake,” Preacher roared in annoyance. “Get your god damned ass over here.” The brother actually scowled more before dragging his feet in their direction. Steele started chuckling beside him, finding the whole thing funny. “Fucking daycare,” Preacher growled.

When Snake was finally beside them, Preacher sighed and turned back to his father.

“What brings you to our door?” he questioned.

“Got myself into some trouble,” the man told him.

“Fuck me,” Snake barked, then he turned and started to head back towards the clubhouse, obviously finished with his father.

“You take one more step in that direction, I’m gonna let Dragon teach you a god damned lesson in manners,” Preacher shouted in warning. Snake immediately halted and turned back to them.

“You bring trouble to my door?” Preacher growled at Snake’s father, as he twisted back around.

“No I did not,” his father answered.

“You’re fucking gambling again,” Snake accused as he joined them.

His father hung his head. “Got in a little too deep this time.”

“What’s your name?” Preacher growled.

“Wes,” the man answered.

“Well Wes,” Preacher acknowledged. “We don’t pay off debts.”

“Don’t expect you too,” he quickly interjected. “Not why I’m here.”

“Then spit it out,” Snake ordered as he crossed his arms and glared at his father.

Wes turned to the car and motioned, for who Preacher assumed was the sister, to get out. Then he watched as the door slowly opened and a girl got out.

She looked to be slightly taller than the other girls, but not by much. With Preacher’s height, he’d still tower over her by at least a foot. She had the prettiest strawberry blond hair, and the tiniest waist he’d ever seen. He could do nothing but stare. She was the most stunning thing he had ever seen. Her eyes darted around the area nervously, and the action reminded him of a hummingbird.

Growling in annoyance and shaking himself out of his stupor, he turned back to Wes. “What the hell has this got to do with her?”

“The man I owe money to threatened her. He wants to take her as payment,” Wes told them.

“So what’s the problem?” Snake pushed, not looking at his sister once.

Preacher turned and moved so he was in the brothers face.

“You like prospecting for this club?” he sneered with barely controlled anger.

“I do,” Snake growled in response.

“Family means everything,” Preacher spat. “You don’t disrespect your sister like that, you hear me.”

“I fucking hear you,” Snake returned while holding onto his anger.

“Watch your fucking mouth. You’re treading on thin ground,” Preacher growled. Then he turned his attention back to Wes.

“What do you want from us?” he asked.

“I want Snake to look after his sister while I figure out a way to pay off my debt,” Wes explained.

Snake opened his mouth to say god knows what, but Preacher glared at him, and he instantly shut it.

“Snake’s only a prospect,” he told Wes. “We only take in family of patched members or their women,” he felt the need to explain.

Wes turned to Snake then. “I can’t keep her safe and I don’t want him to get his hands on her. You’re the only person I trust with her safety,” he pleaded.

Dragon instantly turned to Snake. “You got somewhere you stayed in before you prospected?” he demanded furiously.

Snake dropped his head and then spoke to the ground. “I still have my apartment for another couple weeks,” he admitted.

Preacher nodded. “You take her fucking there. Make sure she gets settled. Then we fucking talk,” he ordered.

“What did she do to you anyway?” Steele asked, trying to get a read on the brothers attitude towards the girl.

“Killed my mother,” Snake growled, shocking them all. Then he moved around the car, reached into the back, and pulled out a duffle bag.

Preacher’s head whipped around to face the girl. A tear was rolling down her cheek as she looked at her brother, with devastation clearly written all over her face. When Snake ordered her to follow, she dutifully did as requested. Preacher caught her eye as she walked passed.

“How the fuck did you kill her?” he asked incredulously.

Another tear fell as she whispered five heartbreaking words. “She gave birth to me.”

Preacher watched her walk away and once more thought of a hummingbird. Only this time the hummingbird was broken, and for some unknown reason, that fucking bothered him.

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