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Chapter 3 - Macy

Macy kept her head down the entire time she sat in the car. She was embarrassed and ashamed. Her father started gambling when her mother died, and every year it was growing considerably worse. He had good runs, but they never lasted long. This time owed a considerable amount of money, and he was terrified for her safety.

Macy tried not to look at any of the bikers, but her eyes drifted to her brother every so often. It absolutely killed her that he hated her so much. He helped raise her when their father was at work, but he never showed her an ounce of love.

When she was being delivered their mother suffered several complications. It came down to a choice of saving either her or Macy. Unfortunately, their mother had been coherent and had chosen Macy. Some days Macy wished she hadn’t. Snake had been five at the time, and their mother had been his whole world. He was destroyed when she died. Of course, he blamed Macy for her death. He had wanted their mother to choose herself instead.

Their father had attempted repeatedly to change Snake’s mind. Over the years he had begged and pleaded, then he tried to force the issue, finally he used guilt and told him that his mother would have been crushed over his attitude. Nothing worked, Snake simply held onto his hate let it fester.

Macy’s attention was suddenly drawn to another biker. He was slightly taller than the others, and he stood in front. He had wavy, short, jet black hair, a moustache, a trimmed beard, and black tattoos covered both his arms. He was breathtaking. Snake had been infatuated with bikers since he was fifteen, and when he talked, she always paid attention. She understood right away that this man was the president.

He seemed furious by Snake’s attitude, and it looked like he was quickly loosing his patience. Snake seemed to be holding his tongue though, so the biker turned back to her father. They talked for a minute, then her father motioned for her to get out.

Macy climbed out of the car with her head down, and was just in time to catch Snake tell the men she had killed their mother. Some men gasped, and she couldn’t hide the heartache she felt from Snake’s words. She watched as her brother snatched her duffle bag from the car, and she knew that meant she should follow him.

As Macy passed the president, he caught her eye. She couldn’t believe how intense his stare was. It was almost like he could see through her, and that unnerved her. She also felt a strong pull to him, and that terrified her.

“How did you kill her?” the man questioned gently. He didn’t seem repulsed by her, or angered by what Snake said. He almost seemed curious.

“She gave birth to me,” Macy whispered. Then she dropped her head, severing the contact, and kept walking.

Snake led her to an older looking truck. He threw her duffle in the bed and climbed in the drivers seat. Sighing, Macy opened the passenger door and climbed in as well. He started the truck without a word and pulled through the gate. She was surprised to see her father had already left. She hoped he was going to be okay, even though she knew her thoughts should be on herself.

Macy glanced at the president one last time, and found his eyes still on her. The intense stare was back, and she couldn’t look away. She even turned slightly in the seat so she could watch him longer. When Snake turned down the road, and she lost sight of him, she finally gave up.

“Thank you for helping me,” Macy told her brother as she faced the front once more. “I know you didn’t want to, and I appreciate it.”

Snake looked at her a minute, then sighed and nodded. After driving for about ten minutes he stopped at a laundry mat. He turned off the truck, climbed out, and retrieved her duffle from the bed. Confused, she climbed out as well.

Macy followed him to the back of the building and up a rickety set of stairs. It was then she realized there was an apartment above the laundry mat. He unlocked the door and she followed him in.

Inside was a small living room and kitchen, and she could see a bedroom down the hall. It was clean and tidy, but sparsely furnished and a bit run down.

“I’ve got this place paid up for the next two weeks. The laundry mat downstairs is run by the landlords. Tell them you’re related to me and they’ll give you a job. Grocery store is a block away,” Snake explained.

Macy watched as he placed a set of keys on the counter. Then he dug into his pocket and pulled out a few twenties. He placed them on the counter as well.

“Spend it sparingly,” Snake ordered. Then he turned and walked out.

Macy stared at the door, realizing he hadn’t even bothered to leave his number.

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