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Chapter 4 - Preacher

Preacher sat at his desk and tried to concentrate on the numbers he was desperately trying to make balance. No matter how many times he entered them, the damn things wouldn’t come out right. He pushed away from his desk and dragged his hands through his hair in frustration. Trike was now in charge of the books, but with Misty days away from giving birth, he’d told the nervous biker to stay with her. He was regretting that decision more and more though.

As he leaned back and stared at the ceiling a pretty face popped into his head. Every time he stopped to breath these days that happened. Macy had shown up at the clubhouse three days ago, and she was all he could think about. He’d had plenty of women, and some he really liked, but none of them affected him the way she did. He had only seen her once, but it was enough to drive him bat shit crazy.

When Snake had gotten back from taking Macy wherever the hell he dropped her off, Preacher had dragged the prospect into his office and given him hell. If he wanted to remain prospecting for the Knight’s, he better change his attitude, or get the fuck out.

When Preacher questioned him about why he hated his sister, Snake had stuck with his original answer. That had only pissed him off more. When Preacher explained a newborn had nothing to do with the decision that had been made, Snake had only shrugged.

Preacher’s own mother had died of cancer when he was small, so he understood how devastating it was. But, that was no reason to blame Macy. Both of them grew up without a mother, and Preacher explained they should have had each other’s back. When Snake only shrugged, Preacher had furiously walked away. He’d give the brother two weeks, and if his attitude didn’t improve, or shit hit the fan, he was done with the fucker.

Preacher needed to learn more about the situation Snake’s father Wes was in. It was now affecting club business, and even though Snake was only a prospect, he didn’t need any more trouble coming to his door. Preacher didn’t want to admit he was worried about the girl either, but when Wes had admitted the loan shark wanted her as payment, he had seen red.

He picked up his cell, and hit Mario’s button. The man answered on the first ring. Getting Mario to become part of the club had been a fucking great idea. Mario still ran his lucrative business, but he now lived on club land with his girl, and was more accessible than before.

“Preacher,” Mario greeted. “What’s up? Need some new ideas about how to lock Dagger in his room,” he chuckled.

“You got a minute,” Preacher questioned with a hint of a growl, completely ignoring the joke.

Mario caught the growl and read the vibe, and Preacher appreciated the serious tone Mario instantly switched too.

“What do you need?” Mario questioned.

“Snake’s father showed at the gate with his daughter Macy a couple days ago,” Preacher told him.

Mario sighed. “Yeah, I heard about that. Heard Snake was an ass too.”

Preacher wasn’t surprised that word had traveled fast through his club. “Apparently his dad is heavily into gambling and has gotten himself in over his head. He owes a loan shark some dough, but I don’t know who the fucker is, and I don’t know how much he’s in for.”

“What’s the name of Snake’s dad?” Mario inquired.

Preacher told him everything he knew, which wasn’t fucking much. “You need to find this asshole, because if this debt isn’t paid, he wants the daughter instead.”

He could hear Mario’s cursing through the phone. All of them condoned violence against women. “I’ll get Trent and Nick on it right away.” Then he paused a minute. “Snake’s only a prospect, he’s not an official part of the club yet, why get involved?”

“I’m not getting involved, but I don’t need fuckers trying to blow up my compound again either. The more I know the better,” Preacher declared.

Mario chuckled. “Right. Dagger will get a hard on if he thinks dynamite may be needed again.”

“Fucker stock piles the shit,” Preacher agreed with a frown. “What’s my timeline?” he pushed.

“I should have something by morning,” Mario promised.

“Appreciated,” Preacher sighed, then promptly hung up.

As he leaned back he thought of the girl once more. This was beginning to get fucking complicated.

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