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Chapter 5 - Macy

Macy stared at the little Chinese woman in stunned silence. She had come in to explain that she was Snake’s sister, and would be taking over the apartment. She had also mentioned Snake told her she may be able to get a job at the laundromat. The Chinese lady had responded, but it wasn’t sinking in.

Because Macy hadn’t answered, the Chinese lady looked extremely irritated. “You work five days a week. Hours are seven until three,” she repeated. But that wasn’t the part that Macy was having trouble with. “You work in steam room. Feed clothes in hot rollers.”

Macy looked around the steam room they were currently standing in with trepidation. The hot rollers were massive and took up half a wall, but it was the smoke that was rising from them that terrified her. One wrong move, and she’d find herself badly burned.

She turned back to the lady and pleaded with her. “Can’t I just fold the laundry?” she questioned nervously.

The Chinese lady threw her hands up in the air and Macy took a small step back. “You steam clothes, then fold clothes,” she angrily demanded. “You want job or not?”

Macy sighed in defeat. She’d already been to the few other businesses in town, and no one else would hire her. She would have called her brother, but she knew he’d only yell at her for not coming here in the first place, like he had told her to.

“Fine,” Macy warily agreed. “When can I start?”

“You come in tomorrow morning, seven o’clock,” her new boss demanded. “I pay you cash each week. You be on time.”

Macy nodded, thanked the lady, then quickly fled. She knew the job would be hard, but she needed money to pay the rent. She climbed up the rickety stairs, holding the rail the whole way, and unlocked the door to the apartment. She hated living here, it was small and it was dark. She collapsed on the couch and pulled the money she had left from her pocket.

Macy had thirty dollars, from the original sixty Snake had left her. The cupboards had been bare, and Macy had been forced to spend some of the money on groceries. Of course she was used to being on a budget, thanks to her fathers gambling. She bought a lot of ramen noodles, a couple apples, a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and a carton of orange juice. She figured she could water down the juice to make it last longer. She also bought toilet paper, a bottle of windex, laundry detergent and some basic bathroom supplies.

The rest of the day had been spent washing the bedding in the bathtub, along with the tiny amount of clothes she had with her. She had then used her hairdryer to dry them as best she could. She absolutely refused to go downstairs to do her laundry. She had a feeling the Chinese lady would yell at her and charge her.

Macy moved to the cupboard and grabbed one of the packets of noodles. Then she filled a pot with water and placed it on the stove to boil. Ten minutes later she was sitting on the couch, staring at the wall as she ate. She was used to being alone, but she really wished she had company. Sometimes the quiet got to be too much.

When Macy was done she leaned back and stared up at the ceiling. As she had done for the last couple nights, she thought of the huge biker. He had taken her breath away with his good locks and growly voice, and he was always on her mind. She knew she’d probably never see him again, but she couldn’t help wondering what would happen if she did.

Macy closed her eyes and dreamed of him sweeping her off her feet. They’d laugh, they’d kiss, he’d hold her tight, and everything would be perfect. He’d love her more than life and treat her like a priceless treasure.

Macy shook her head, knowing it was only a ridiculous pipe dream, and headed back to the kitchen to dump her container. After a quick glass of water she headed to bed. She undressed and slipped on the tee she had long ago stolen from her brother. She used to do his laundry and he never noticed it was missing. As she fell asleep she held tight to her fantasy, and dreamed of the huge biker once more.

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