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Chapter 6 - Macy

Macy dragged herself carefully up the rickety stairs to her apartment and unlocked the door. She made it as far as the couch, before falling onto it. She had suffered through her first day of work, and she absolutely hated it.

That little Chinese lady, who she had found out was named Mrs. Tang, was a slave driver. Macy had gone slowly, as she was completely terrified of the hot steamers, and Mrs. Tang threatened to dock her pay if she didn’t go faster. They glared at each other, until Macy finally relented and tried to speed up.

She was sweaty, she was exhausted, and she was starving. She had hurried upstairs on her break and eaten a container of noodles, but she worked that off hours ago. Macy closed her eyes, figuring she’d just rest for a minute, and then fell promptly to sleep.

When she eventually woke, Macy was surprised to see it was dark outside. She sat up groggily and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. When her stomach growled, she remembered it had been a long time since she last ate. Sighing, she climbed to her feet, headed to the tiny kitchen, and made herself a peanut butter sandwich. She washed it down with a glass of water.

Then, still feeling the sweat that coated her skin, Macy knew she better have a shower. The last thing she wanted was to deal with dirty sheets. She grabbed some clothes and locked herself in the bathroom. Leaning down, she turned on the water, then stripped as she waited for it to heat up. Thankfully it only took a minute, and she was grateful. She grabbed the lever and pulled, so the water came out the shower head, then climbed inside.

Macy didn’t even get the chance to wash her hair, when the shower head cracked and fell, hitting her on the forehead. She cried out from both the pain, and from the jet of water that blasted her in the same spot the shower head had hit. She sputtered and tried to move, but the force of the water was too strong, and it slammed her against the back wall. Desperate, she lifted her foot and kicked the stupid lever so the water went back to coming out the tap.

Macy fought to hold back the tears as she turned around, turned off the water, and climbed out to survey the damage to her head. The shower head had hit her just below her hairline, and of course it as bleeding. She quickly cleaned off the blood, bandaged it, and then got dressed.

Macy didn’t know much about shower heads, but when she examined it, it looked like the nozzle had literally snapped and then fallen off. She was curious about how long it had been on there, because when she got a good look at it, it looked ancient.

Sighing, she fisted it in her hand and headed down to the laundry mat. She wasn’t in the mood to fight with Mrs. Tang, but of course that’s what ended up happening. She showed her landlord and new boss the shower head, and asked her as nicely as she could to fix it. Mrs. Tang took one look at it and declared it was her fault, refusing to help. The stupid lady then turned and stomped away.

Macy would have called Snake but she didn’t have his number, and she didn’t have a way to get there. The compound was about fifteen minutes away by car, by foot it would take her hours, and it was dark. She headed back up to her apartment and looked around in defeat. Knowing she had no other choice, she grabbed her measly thirty dollars, threw the damn shower head in a grocery bag, and headed out. The hardware store was about a ten minute walk away.

Macy trudged down the quiet street and was almost there when she heard the distinctive sound of a motorcycle coming up behind her. She knew her chances of it being Snake were slim, but when she heard it stop directly behind her, she figured it had to be him.

Huffing in agitation, she slowly turned around. Then she gasped as she found herself staring into the eyes of the beautiful biker she was always dreaming about.

“Where you headed hummingbird?” the biker growled as he eyed her curiously.

Macy blinked at him as she watched him climb off his Harley and head towards her. Then what he said slowly registered.

“Hummingbird?” Macy whispered in confusion.

When he tilted his head and smirked at her, she knew she was a goner. The man was handsome, but he was an absolute god when he smirked.

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