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Chapter 7 - Preacher

Preacher pushed his Harley faster as he flew down the deserted country road. He loved riding on the backroads, and it was one of the reasons he’d chosen to place the clubhouse where he did. Most MC’s were found smack dab in the middle of town, but he wanted his away from everything. He loved the peace and quiet of being further out.

But Preacher found riding by himself, just after the sun set, absolute freedom. He loved his club. He made something from nothing. The club had gone through a lot of shit lately, hell the last people to attack had fucking rocket launchers, but they had survived. He was proud as fuck of his brothers, and the woman that loved them, but his passion was riding

Preacher slowed as he took the oncoming turn, then pushed the throttle once more as he hit the last stretch before town. He figured he’d ride straight through, loop around, and head back to the clubhouse. It was dark, but still fairly early, so the streets were mostly deserted. The odd person he passed stopped to wave as he rode by. His club was welcome, and the locals let him know it.

Preacher knew, being president of an MC, he intimidated people. He also knew his many tattoos, worn leather vest and motorcycle didn’t help matters. But he figured it was his size that scared them the most. Preacher understood he was a big guy. He was taller than any of the brothers, and he had a shit ton of muscle.

Up ahead he saw a lone figure walking along the sidewalk. He could see right away it was a girl, but something about her caught his interest. He slowed his Harley as he got closer, watching her the entire time. When the girl passed under a street light, he caught right away why he had been so fascinated with her. It was Macy. Snake’s sister slowed as she heard his approach, so he parked his bike and called out to her. She turned around, and then her eyes widened as she looked at him.

“Where are you going Hummingbird?” Preacher questioned. Then cursed himself for using the nickname, but it was too late now to take it back. He climbed off his Harley and moved closer to her.

“Hummingbird?” repeated quietly, and he couldn’t help but smirk at her.

“Next to my huge ass frame, you’re like a tiny Hummingbird,” he patiently explained. Preacher then watched in rapt attention as a small, shy smile graced her lips. It made her even prettier.

“I’ve never had anyone give me a nickname before,” Macy admitted. Then she tilted her pretty head. “I like it,” she admitted.

If that was how she felt, Preacher would call her fucking Hummingbird from now on. Then something on her forehead caught his attention. He got close, placed his finger under her chin, and turned her face towards the light. A god damned bandage was taped just below her hairline, and blood was starting to drip from under it.

“What the fuck happened to your head?” he growled in concern.

Macy blinked again, staring at him, then lifted her hand. Preacher looked down to see she held a plastic bag. He let go of her chin, and then swore when she looked disappointed. Ignoring how that made him feel, he took the bag and looked inside. Reaching in, he pulled out the broken shower head.

“This is what made that cut on your head?” he asked. Then he watched as she nodded in response.

“It fell off,” she whispered.

“So you’re headed out to buy a new one?” Preacher asked. Again she simply nodded. The girl was fucking quiet, but he liked that about her.

“Okay,” he sighed. “Let’s go.”

“Uh, what?” Macy asked with a tiny frown.

He looked down at her. “You need a new shower head, the hardware stores about a half block away, let’s go,” he repeated.

Then Preacher turned, leaving his Harley where it was, and started walking. He completely ignored the stunned look she had aimed at him and continued on. He smiled contentedly when he heard her run to catch up. As soon as he reached the door to the store he stopped her.

“You’ve got a bit of blood leaking from the bottom of your bandage,” Preacher told her. Then he used his free hand to grab the bottom of his tee, lift it up, and dab at the blood. “We’ll get your shower head, then I’m taking a good look at that cut,” he ordered.

When he held the door open for her, Macy just stood there, and it looked like she was trying to figure him out. Then he watched as she raised her hand, touched her injured head, and blinked up at him again.

Preacher looked up to the sky. The tiny thing looked cute as a button when she blinked at him like that. Fucking complicated he thought, as he watched her finally step into the store.

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