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Chapter 8 - Macy

Macy silently followed the biker through the aisles, as he headed for the plumbing section. She had no idea what was happening, and she was completely confused. He seemed to want to help her, but she had no idea why.

When he stopped she could only stare at him, as he started shuffling through the boxes on the shelves. Suddenly he turned and looked down at her.

“Hummingbird?” Preacher called with a knowing smile. “Are you even listening to me?”

Macy couldn’t stop the blush that she knew crept across her cheeks. She looked at the ground and shook her head no.

“This ones a good one, and it should last for a long time,” he most likely repeated, as he showed her a box.

She ignored everything but the price tag, and she paled at how expensive it was. She immediately took it from him and placed it back on the shelf. Then she squeezed past him so she could see the boxes herself. When she saw one that was priced at ten dollars she snatched it up and grinned.

“This one will work,” Macy told him.

Preacher frowned as he studied it, then he shook his head. “That ones crap,” he growled. “You’ll be lucky if it doesn’t break the first time you use it.”

She wasn’t happy, but she nodded and placed it on the shelf. Scanning again, she grabbed one that was fifteen dollars. She held her breath as he looked at it. He glanced at the price, then he frowned down at her.

“Are you worried about the price?” Preacher questioned, with a look on his face that let her know he was cottoning on to her.

Macy had no idea what to say. She knew if she told the biker she only had thirty dollars in her pocket, he’d get mad. She loved her brother, and she definitely didn’t want to make trouble for him.

“I’m only here temporarily,” Macy decided to tell him. “I don’t need a good one.”

“That’s true,” Preacher admitted. “But you also don’t want to have to replace it again.”

He again put the box down and picked up another one. She cringed as she looked at the price. This one cost twenty five dollars, and with tax, she figured it would leave her broke. It was still cheap compared to the rest, but it was still too expensive for her. She dropped her head in defeat and looked to the floor.

“Okay,” she whispered, not wanting to upset him.

Immediately Preacher’s large hand covered her chin, then her head was tilted up. She was surprised to see an almost tender look on his face.

“I’m buying the shower head,” he told her. “I’ll take you back, install it, and make sure it works right. Don’t worry your pretty little head over something so silly Hummingbird.”

Then he let her go, turned, and head to the front of the store. Macy huffed as she watched him walk away. She had to harden her heart, because she knew without a doubt that if she let him in even a little bit, he’d end up owning hers.

She hurried down the isle and caught up to him just as he was handing the cashier some money. With a nod of thanks, the biker grabbed the bag and headed back outside. She followed him to his bike, then stopped when he climbed on.

“Where you staying hummingbird?” he asked.

She smiled again at the nickname. Every time he said it her heart beat faster.

“Do you know where the laundromat is?” Macy questioned. He nodded, so she continued. “I’m in the apartment above it.”

“Okay, that’s not too far. Hop on,” he ordered.

“What?” she asked as she eyed the massive bike.

“I’m not leaving my fucking bike, so hop on so we can get this done,” he demanded, as he turned and put the bag in a side pouch.

Macy eyed the bike carefully, decided on a good approach, and climbed on. Then she squealed when the biker pulled her close to his back, grabbed her arms, and wrapped them around his heavily muscled stomach.

“Hold on Hummingbird,” he ordered with a grin.

She did just that with a smile of her own, tightening her arms, and laying her head against his back. She heard him growl, and wasn’t sure why, but she didn’t move. He told her to hold on, and that’s what she was doing.

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