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The President’s sister has been kidnapped, and Shadow knows he’s the best choice to go in and get her. But when he falls for her, he has to fight both her brother and the men that took her! Shadow has been a Navy Seal for the past eight years. After several tours, and some close calls, he decides to call it quits. With the open road ahead of him, he sets out to find a new place to belong. Shadow missed the closeness of the seal team, and decided to look for a motorcycle club that would provide him with the same feeling of family. When he finds The Stone Knight's MC, he decides to stay. When the president's sister is kidnapped by a rival club called The Outlaws, he agrees to go in alone and get her back. When her sad eyes lock on his, he instantly knows he'll do anything to save her. He'll ride hard, to return her safely to her brother. But when he gets home, with a rival club on his tail and a war brewing, will his president let him keep the girl he can't seem to be without, or will he consider it a betrayal to the club?

Romance / Action
Megan Fall
5.0 80 reviews
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Chapter 1 - Shadow

The wedding had been beautiful. No matter what the brothers said, to rile Trike up, the smile never left his face. He was an extremely happy biker. And, Misty had been a stunning bride. Her white sundress had fit her perfectly, and she wore the prettiest blush all night, as the brothers teased her.

Shadow was happy for the couple. Misty had been through hell. Her brothers girlfriend had tried to kill her, on two separate occasions. The first, was when Misty was still blind, and the girlfriend moved the furniture, so the poor girl fell into a glass coffee table. And the second time, was when she shot her and blew up a mine, trapping her inside.

Both times Trike had saved her, and now that the threat was eliminated, they could enjoy their time together. Shadow was glad Misty joined the club, because with her came her brother, Noah. Noah had quickly become the brother he was closest to. Both had served in the military, and both were around the same age. Of all the brothers here, he trusted Noah the most.

The last year had been hard on him. He had joined the navy fresh out of high school, and he had loved it. He trained hard, and quickly passed the Navy Seal requirements. From there, he had been drafted into a secret branch of the seals. He was known as a Shadow Warrior, and his team could slip in and out of places, completely undetected.

After five years of that, he was done. He loved his job, and he loved his seal brothers, but the time had come to move on. He knew it was only a matter of time, before he was killed in the line of duty. Unfortunately, he had watched many seals die over the years, and he didn’t plan to be one of them.

So, for the last year, he had packed a bag, hopped on his Harley, and ridden all over the country. He loved the freedom of the open road, and he loved having no one to answer to even more. But after a while, he decided it was time to find somewhere new to belong. He missed his seal brothers, and he missed the family type relationship they provided.

Three months later, he stopped at a bar, and met Preacher. The man was a bit older than him, but they got along like long lost best friends. Shadow was amazed by the instant friendship that started that day. When he found out Preacher was the president of The Stone Knight’s MC, he decided to check it out.

That evening, he became a prospect, and found himself engulfed in a new family. Six months later, he was a fully patched in member. Apparently, most prospects were patched in after a year, but Shadow had proven himself. Plus, with his military background, the brothers decided to cut the probation period in half. And Shadow couldn’t be happier.

The wedding was long over now, and there were only about half the brothers wandering around, when Preacher’s cell rang. The brothers all stopped talking, to glance his way.

“Preacher”, the president growled into the phone. “I’m at a wedding, what the hell do you want?” Then there was silence, as the man waited for whoever was on the other end to speak again.

“What”, Preacher suddenly bellowed, as he threw his bottle as hard as he could, against the gravel surrounding the fire pit. Then there were rapid fire question, as the brothers looked on in concern.

How long, which direction, and how many men, were growled from Preacher. Then he turned off his phone and roared up at the sky. The brothers stared at Preacher in shock. The man was always calm and controlled, so this meant something was seriously wrong.

“My baby sisters been kidnapped”, he finally shared. “I’m leaving in the next fifteen minutes, to rip out the throats of everyone that took her. Anybody that wants can go with me, if they can keep up”, he sneered, as he turned and headed for the clubhouse.

The brothers looked at each other in shock, then tore off after their president. Shadow had no idea, that his next decision, was going to completely change his life!

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