SAMPLE Rescuing Tiffany - Stone Knight’s MC Book 4

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Chapter 11 - Shadow

Shadow held the girl as close to his chest as he could. She was cold and she was hurt, and he had no idea how she wasn’t a sobbing mess. Maybe it was the adrenaline rush, and once they stopped she’d break. Bull was a dead man when he saw him again, what he had done to the girl was inhuman.

He continued down the road, getting closer to Sniper. He hoped that by taking back roads, The Outlaws wouldn’t find them. He knew he was being unrealistic, but maybe they’d stick to the highways first. He had bought them some time, but he needed more. The girl needed rest and medical attention, and he needed to make time for that.

Finally, he saw one small light in the distance, and knew right away it was Sniper. One light could only mean it was a motorcycle, and it wasn’t moving. Shadow didn’t relax though, knowing the bikers couldn’t be too far behind him. He pushed his bike faster, and pulled up beside his best friend a minute later. Sniper smiled over at him, and he couldn’t help but smile back.

“Thank fuck you made it out”, Sniper said, in obvious relief. “You have any trouble?”

“Some”, Shadow admitted. “But nothing I couldn’t handle. I jammed the gate when I left, but I’m sure they won’t be too far behind me”, he told him. “You find somewhere close we can go for a bit? The girl needs medical attention, rest and food”, he told his friend.

“Yep, there’s a cabin up ahead, and it looks like the owners are away. If we go to a motel, they’ll find us for sure, so it’s our best bet”, he said. “We can call the brothers from there.”

“Lead the way”, Shadow said, agreeing with him. Sniper turned his bike around, and took off down the road. Shadow kissed Tiffany on the head, and took off after him. The only indication that she was awake, was when she tightened her grip on the back of his t-shirt. She didn’t move once during the whole conversation, so Sniper really hadn’t gotten a good look at her.

He watched as Sniper slowed, then took a small dirt road up ahead. Shadow slowed as well, then made the same turn his brother had. He was glad the road was packed dirt, and not gravel. Gravel always messed up the paint job on a bike, the tiny rocks getting kicked up in the air scratched like crazy.

After a couple turns, Sniper stopped in front of a small cabin. Shadow pulled in beside him, and shut off his bike. Then he lowered his head, as he wrapped both his arms around Tiffany.

“We’re stopping here for a bit. The man with us is Sniper, and he’s a friend of you’re brothers and mine. I need to check you over, and I need to fix up those wounds”, he told her. “Can you walk baby girl, or am I carrying you?”

He felt her loosen her arms and legs, but then tense up, so he made the decision for her. He slung his leg over the bike and stood, taking her with him. She relaxed back against him, and he was glad, he liked holding her. He moved to the cabin, and Sniper had the door open already. He nodded at his brother as he walked through. He headed straight for the couch and laid her down. A minute later, Sniper was beside him.

“How bad”, his brother asked quietly.

“Bad”, Shadow told him, as he pushed the hair out of her face, which had covered her neck.

“Fuck”, Sniper said, and he knew the brother had gotten a good look. Sniper then moved out of Tiffany’s line of sight and mouthed the word rape to him. Shadow could only nod sadly. Then Sniper turned on his heal, said something about getting the bags, and went back out the door. Shadow knew his brother was pissed, and had left so he could calm down, and he appreciated that. When he looked down again, Tiffany was looking up at him.

“I’m gonna fix you up baby girl”, he told her. “You’re gonna be just fine”, he promised, as he stroked her hair. “And I’m gonna make sure of it.”

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