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Chapter 12 - Tiffany

Tiffany watched, as Sniper brought in a couple bags, and set them on the floor. After routing through them, he handed a medical kit to Shadow. Shadow moved back to her and sat on the floor.

“Can you see if there’s any soup in the kitchen, that we can heat up. Tiffany probably can’t get anything down that’s solid”, he told Sniper. When Sniper looked over to her, she nodded in agreement. He smiled, then headed away to see what he could find.

“I’m pretty sure this is going to hurt baby girl”, he told her, as he lifted her arm and removed one of the makeshift bandages. It wasn’t too bad, except in the places where the dried blood had stuck it to the skin. He was quick at cleaning it, applying an ointment, and replacing the bandage with a bit of gauze and a proper wrap. He did that to her other wrist, and then the same to her ankles.

When he was done, he looked at her throat. It was bruised extremely badly, and the inside looked raw, he told her.

“Can you get anything down”, he asked.

“Liquid”, she mouthed to him.

“Did he do this as soon as he took you”, he asked. She nodded in agreement.

“Okay”, he said. “There’s a ton of muscles in the neck. I’m pretty sure he damaged several of them when he strangled you. If that’s all it is, then you should heal, but we’ll need a doctor and some X-rays before we know for sure”, he explained.

She raised an eyebrow at him in question, wondering how he knew all that. He smiled at her then.

“I was a Navy Seal. In basic training we’re taught basic field medicine, because sometimes we’re hurt and there’s no one to help us. Sniper was a marine, so he had some medical training as well.” Suddenly, a pad and paper was set down beside her.

“Found it in a drawer”, Sniper said. “Soup will be ready in a minute.” Then he turned, and left as quietly as he had come.

Is that why you were the one to come get me, she wrote on the pad. Then she flipped it around so he could read it.

“I volunteered”, he told her. “With my training, I knew I was your best choice.” She nodded at him, then looked down. Warm fingers on her chin tilted it back up. “I’m glad I came baby girl”, he told her. “There’s no place I’d rather be.”

He held her eyes for a minute, then looked away, as Sniper placed a bowl of soup in front of her. Both him and Shadow had their own bowl of soup, along with some sandwiches. She greedily slurped at the soup, happy to have something in her belly. It hurt to swallow, but it was so good, she didn’t care.

Sniper cleaned away the bowls, and when he came back, he had a cell in his hand. “Preacher wants to talk to you”, he said. “He knows you can’t talk, but he wants you to listen.” She nodded, so he handed her the phone.

Preacher’s voice caused tears to run down her cheeks. “Hey little sister”, he said quietly. “I’m so glad you made it out okay. You can trust the men I sent to you, they’ll bring you safely to me. I wanted to come, but the brothers told me I couldn’t bring the dynamite, so I decided to stay back.” She smiled at that one. “You’re gonna be okay. The brothers will get you here, and you’re gonna stay with me for a while. I’m so sorry sis”, he said as his voice broke. “This is all my fault.”

She closed her eyes in anguish, her big brother never broke, but here he was, breaking while he was talking to her.

“Not your fault”, she whispered into the phone. Then cringed at the pain that it caused.

He was quiet for a minute. “You listen to the men”, he then ordered. “You do everything they tell you, and you stay safe”, he practically roared into the phone. “I love you”, he growled.

“Love you too”, she forced out. Then the phone was taken off of her. Shadow swiped at something on her lip, as he angrily handed the phone back to Sniper. When he showed her, she was surprised to see blood on his finger.

“No more talking for you”, he demanded. “You want a shower”, he asked. She nodded immediately, at the thought of getting clean. “Sniper, see if there’s any Saran Wrap in the kitchen”, he yelled. She blinked at him, having no idea why he’d need Saran Wrap.

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