SAMPLE Rescuing Tiffany - Stone Knight’s MC Book 4

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Chapter 14 - Shadow

Exactly two hours later, Sniper was pushing back through the door. Shadow sat up straighter, and nodded at his brother. He had tried to get a bit of sleep, knowing he was going to need it. He looked down to see Tiffany stirring as well. She slowly opened her eyes, and when she looked up and saw him watching her, a small smile spread across her face.

“You should keep sleeping”, he told her, as he smiled down at her. He pushed the hair off her face, and ran his finger down her cheek. She shook her head no, and sat up, but he was happy to see that she stayed close.

Sniper moved towards them, and placed a paper bag on the coffee table. He reached inside, and pulled out a straw, setting it on the table.

“My sister Misty got really sick once”, he said. “Her throat was so swelled up, it was hard to swallow. The doctor told us to give her boost. It’s a meal replacement drink. It would give her all the nutrients her body needed, and it would fill her up”, he told them. Then he pulled out a can, opened it, and placed the straw in it.

“It’s chocolate”, he said, as he handed it to her. “That was my sisters favourite.” Shadow watched as she took the drink from Sniper, and tried a bit. Her face lit up, and she smiled at him, making Shadow instantly jealous. Thank you, she mouthed to him.

Sniper nodded at her, then turned to Shadow. “The Outlaws are everywhere out there. We may be able to get through, but it’s going to be difficult. I don’t really want to take any chances”, he told him.

Shadow nodded for a minute, then picked up his cell. He hit a button, then waited a minute. Steele picked up on the third ring.

“Shadow, where are you”, the brother asked.

“Still at the cabin”, he told him. “Sniper says the roads are patrolled heavy with Outlaws. We need a way out. You think you can rent a cube van. You can get up here without being noticed, and we can hide the bikes and ourselves in the back.”

“Can do”, Steele told him. “It’ll take a couple hours. You safe where you are?”

“Should be”, Shadow told him. “Can you track my phone”, he asked.

“Definitely”, Steele said. “Hang tight brother.” Then he hung up.

“Smart”, Sniper said. “I think that just may work.”

Shadow smirked, hoping it would. He looked at Tiffany, and saw she was still curled up beside him, sucking on her drink. With her shower, soup and now boost in her, she was looking better. Her colour was coming back, and she was perking up.

“A couple hours baby girl”, he told her. “Then we’re back on the road to your brother. I suggest you get a couple more hours sleep. The rest will help”, he told her.

“I’ll take the chair”, Sniper said. “I’ll hear them before they turn down the lane.” The brother then stretched out in the arm chair, propping his feet up on the coffee table. He laid his head back, crossed his arms over his chest, and closed his eyes.

Shadow stood Tiffany up, then laid down on the chesterfield, placing his back tight to the back. He held out his hand to her, and was thrilled when a second later she placed her tiny hand in his. He pulled her down, until she was laying with her back tight to his chest. He placed her head on his arm, and rested his chin against it.

He waited a minute to see what she would do. A second later, she slid her hand back into his, and pulled it tight to her stomach. In another minute he heard her breathing even out, and knew she was asleep.

He glanced over to Sniper, to see he was wide awake. The brother winked at him, then closed his eyes again. Shadow smiled slightly, then closed his eyes too. Things were about to get damn complicated.

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