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Chapter 15 - Tiffany

Tiffany woke to Shadow gently stroking her face, and calling her name. She blinked a couple times, then stared up at him. He really was a handsome man, and she knew she was falling for him. She just hoped that he felt the same way. She really wanted to see him again, when this was all over.

“The trucks here baby girl, it’s time to go”, he told her. He helped her sit, and it was then she heard doors shutting, and feet pounding on the gravel.

“You’re sure it’s your club”, she wrote on her pad. Fearful that it may not be.

“God dammit Shadow, get out here. Trike and Dagger brought dynamite”, Sniper yelled from outside.

She watched as Shadow chuckled, and his face lit up. “Yeah, those are my brothers”, he said. “Come meet them.” Then he was hauling her up, and heading for the door, towing her along behind him. She was a little unsure, but this was her brothers friends, and they were all here because of him.

Shadow stopped at the bottom of the porch steps. The truck was bigger than she expected, but it had a moving company logo on the side, and a pull out ramp, that had already been lowered.

“Hey brother, glad to see your safe”, one of the bikers said as he approached. He gave Shadow a half hug, and a pound on the back, while she watched from behind them. When they broke apart, Shadow pulled her hand, so she came forward and tucked her into his side.

“I’ll like you to meet Preachers little sister Tiffany”, he told the whole group. She shyly gave them a half smile. They were huge men, and together were a bit intimidating.

Shadow pointed out the man he had hugged first. “Baby girl this is Steele. He’s your brothers Vice President.” Steele smiled down at her.

“Nice to meet you honey”, he said quietly, instantly putting her at ease.

“Then there’s Dragon, Navaho, Trike, Raid and Dagger”, Shadow told her, as to pointed to each man. They had each smiled and nodded at her, as their name was mentioned. It instantly transformed them from scary bikers to scary teddy bears.

She watched as Dagger stepped forward, and reached for her hand. She shied away a bit, and moved further into Shadow’s body. She was still a bit scared, after her experience with The Outlaws. Dagger didn’t seem fazed at all, just dropped his hand, and kept smiling.

“Preacher never told us how pretty you were”, he said. “They must have been crazy to let an angel like you out of heaven.”

She blinked up at him, not having a clue what to say, then she heard the growling start beside her. Immediately Sniper was beside her, pulling her away from Shadow.

“Let’s just stand over here a minute, shall we”, he said. Then she watched, as Shadow launched himself at Dagger, and took him to the ground. Steele moved to stand on her other side, when the bikers rolled too close to his feet.

“It’s like that is it”, Steele asked Sniper, and she watched as Sniper nodded back.

“I think she’s his one”, Sniper told him. Confused, she looked up at Sniper, but then heard Shadow bellow from the ground.

“Yes, she’s my one. Now both of you get the fuck away from her”, he snarled, as he pushed Dagger away from him and stood up. “And no more cheesy pick up lines Don Juan”, he yelled down at the biker. Then he marched over to her, and pulled her back into his side. She curled in, and looked up at him.

“What do you mean, I’m your one”, she mouthed to him.

“It means Preachers gonna kill him”, Sniper said. “He just declared you as his”, he explained.

She looked back up at Shadow, wanting him to say something else. He sighed, then placed his palm on her cheek.

“It means, that the first time I saw you, my heart literally stopped. I’m falling hard and fast for you. I can’t really explain it, other than to say I’m drawn to you, and need to have you close all the time”, he told her.

She stared up at him, as tears rolled down her cheeks. Not knowing what to do, because she couldn’t talk, she threw herself at him. He caught her, and held her close. She felt the same way, and she was over the moon that he did too. She leaned back and mouthed me too to him, and his smile made her heart flutter.

“Well this just got interesting”, Dragon said. “Come on brothers, we have a funeral to organize”, he said as he moved back to the truck.

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