SAMPLE Rescuing Tiffany - Stone Knight’s MC Book 4

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Chapter 16 - Shadow

The first thing the brothers did, was load up the bikes. The moving truck had hooks in the ceiling and walls, so it was easy to wrap straps around the bikes, and secure them. Shadow’s and Sniper’s bikes were the only two, the rest of the brothers had ridden in the back of the truck. Apparently, they left their bikes at the motel they were staying at, and Mario’s men were getting a trailer and heading up to grab them.

Shadow felt much more secure, knowing he was heading back with the brothers. If he needed backup, he now had it. The brothers were also packing quite a bit of firepower, so they were pretty much ready for anything. But he wasn’t surprised to see the dynamite sitting in a box in the corner.

It was decided Dragon and Sniper would sit in the front. Dragon had no fear, and was the best driver in dangerous situations, whereas Sniper was the deadliest shot. The two of them were their best bet. The rest of the brothers would ride in the back. The floor wouldn’t be that comfortable, but they’d all be hidden away. If they ran into trouble, they’d open the back doors, and fire from there.

The boys had already thought things out, and had purchased some huge pieces off steel. Once the bikes were loaded, they attached the steel to the inside of the truck, about a foot from the doors. This would give both the bikes, and the brothers protection. If a shootout happened, they now had cover.

Finally, they were ready to head out. There was a light that was turned on in the back of the truck, and all the brothers sat down and leaned against the side. Tension was high, and the brothers were quiet. It was going to be a good four or five hour drive, and it was going to be pretty boring.

Shadow sat near the front, with Tiffany curled up between his legs. She was terrified, and he was trying to give her some comfort. The truck rolled along, and the vibration was killer on their asses. He could tell Tiffany was expecting the worst, and he couldn’t seem to get her to relax. He could feel her shaking in his arms.

“When I went to war, I was terrified”, he told her. “Sure I’d had lots of training, but it wasn’t like being in the field. The adrenaline rush, the need to do something, it gets to you. What I used to do, is grab hold of my dog tags and hold on. They grounded me, and made me remember the reasons why I was there.”

He pulled them out of his shirt, and lifted them over his head. She was staring at them in fascination, when he carefully placed them over her head. She started to madly shake her head and try to give them back, so he placed his hands over hers.

“As long as you have these, you never have to worry. They’re a part of me, and I’ll always be with you. I’ve got your life in my hands, and I won’t let you down”, he vowed.

She stared up at him a minute, as tears leaked from her cheeks. Then she turned and got on her her knees. She placed her small hand on his chest, and pushed up. Shadow was shocked, when she placed her soft lips against his own, and kissed him. He moved his hand to the back of her head, and held her there. He kept the kiss light and soft, not wanting to frighten her, and was relieved when she relaxed into him.

After a minute, he pulled away, and smiled down at her. She had the dog tags in her hand and she was clinging to them. Thank you, she mouthed to him, then she sat back down.

When he looked to his brothers, they were all wiping at their eyes, brushing away imaginary tears.

“That was just beautiful”, Dagger said, then all the brothers laughed.

“Fucking bikers”, Shadow said, as he pulled Tiffany closer.

Then all hell broke loose, as shoots were fired at the truck.

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