SAMPLE Rescuing Tiffany - Stone Knight’s MC Book 4

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Chapter 2 - Shadow

Shadow ran after Preacher, with his brothers right behind him. He was extremely worried about his prez, and had no idea what kind of state of mind the man was in.

“Stop”, he roared at Preachers back, but the man ignored him and continued on. Finally, Shadow got close enough to grab his arm and spin him around. Preacher caught him with a fist to the chin, but Shadow held his ground.

“Just wait one fucking minute”, he growled at the prez. “If this was one of us, you’d be calling church, and telling us to calm the fuck down. So take a fucking minute, sit down, and let us help”, he ordered.

Preacher stared at him a minute, then his shoulders drooped, his head dropped, and he whispered brokenly, “I have to get her back.”

“I know brother”, Shadow said, as he placed his hand on his shoulder. “And, everybody here will help make that happen.”

Then, he pushed his prez towards the room they held church in, and made sure he sat down. After yelling at a prospect, and telling to get a whiskey, he made sure Preacher drank it, before they got started. Noah, or Sniper, as he was recently named, was allowed to join them, as his military training would be an asset.

Steele took over the meeting then. “When the fuck did you get a sister”, he asked.

Preacher finally let a half smile grace his lips. “My dad fucked around on my mom when I was eight, hence the baby sister. She lives with her mom, who’s a bitch, so I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like. She doesn’t approve of the biker lifestyle. But regardless, me and Tiffany have stayed close. We see each other as much as we can, and we talk on the phone almost every couple days. She’s my baby sister”, he finished brokenly.

“Who was on the phone”, Dragon asked.

“That was her mother”, Preacher told them. “She was the one to call and tell me Tiffany was taken.”

“Does she know who took her”, Steele questioned.

Preacher looked at Dragon for a minute, then finally said, “The Outlaws.”

“Fuck that”, Dragon roared. “We killed them all after they took Ali. We put at least a dozen bullets in the president out in the woods”, he said as he slammed his first on the table.

“Right”, Preacher agreed. “But the president had a brother, who has started up a new chapter. He’s the one out for blood now, and he took my baby sister. I took out his family, so he’s taking out mine.”

“So she’s dead”, Shadow asked in horror.

“Not yet”, Preacher said. “Which is why we need to ride now.”

“We go in there with guns blazing, you’re sister will be executed on the spot”, Sniper said. “That’s always what happens with terrorists. They take out the target, at the first sign of trouble”, he explained.

“True”, Shadow instantly agreed. “You need one man to go in, friendly like, scope out the place, and get her out. Then he needs to ride like hell, and get her here. The war needs to happen on our turf”, he said. He turned to Sniper, the only other person with a military background, and silently asked his opinion.

“I completely agree. It’s the best way. We could have a few brothers waiting back a bit, as protection on the ride back. But the rest of the club could be preparing things here. We have time to arm this place to the nines, and get the girls some place safe”, Sniper told them.

Preacher nodded his head, looking a lot more in control now. “That’s actually a good idea”, he agreed. “But the question is, who goes in after her?”

“I do”, Shadow instantly decided. “I’m a trained Shadow Warrior with the Navy Seals. I can go in looking to prospect, and get her out that night. I promise no will will know until it’s too late, that she’s gone”, he growled. “I’m the best chance you got.”

Preached eyed him a minute, then nodded once. After that, all heads were lowered, as the brothers got all the intel they could on The Outlaws. But Shadow only had one thing on the brain, saving the poor girl, and bringing her home to her brother. He would make that happen, or he’d sure as hell die trying.

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