SAMPLE Rescuing Tiffany - Stone Knight’s MC Book 4

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Chapter 3 - Shadow

Shadow twisted the throttle, and forced his Harley faster down the highway. He had some of his brothers at his back, and they stayed with him, no matter what speed he went. Sniper, his best friend rode beside him, and he appreciated that. He was calmer, knowing the brother was there.

Behind them were, Steele and Dragon, then Navaho and Dagger, and finally Trike and the newest prospect Raid. Apparently, Raid had been Sniper’s spotter in the marines, and when Sniper got out, Raid wasn’t far behind him. Shadow really liked the marine, and had a feeling that soon they would be as close as him and Sniper were.

Shadow had fought with Trike, over his decision to come. Trike had only gotten married the previous day, and Shadow really wanted him to stay with Misty. Unfortunately, Misty was growing some backbone. She had shoved her finger in Shadow’s chest, and growled that when she needed help, the club had been there for her. Now someone else needed help, and she wanted Trike included.

Shadow had been riding for six hours, when the cut off for the exit they discussed in church came up. Trike, Dagger, Steele, Navaho and Raid all saluted him, as they slowed and took the turn off. He glanced at Sniper, who was the only brother still with him, and he nodded back. Shadow concentrated once again on the road, and pushed his bike as fast as it would go.

With the help of Mario, they had discovered that The Outlaws had a clubhouse about eight hours ride away. They decided at the four hour mark, most of the brothers would break off and find some shitty motel to crash in. Shadow and Sniper would ride on for another two hours, then he would break off as well. Shadow would then ride for the last two hours on his own.

On the ride back, he would be moving fast, and would most likely have Outlaws on his tail. This way he could pick up backup on the way, and the Outlaws wouldn’t be expecting it. He was sure trouble would be following him, and the brothers were all armed and ready.

They knew Tiffany had been gone just over four days, but they had no idea what condition she would be in. The Outlaws took her to kill her, but Preacher hadn’t heard anything more, so they were hopeful the girl was still alive. But that didn’t mean they hadn’t hurt her. When they had gotten Ali back, she was a mess, so Shadow was expecting the worst.

Two hours passed quickly, and soon Sniper was slowing down, and pulling over onto the shoulder. Shadow followed him, and stopped behind the brother. Then he powered off his Harley and stepped up to Sniper.

“You ready for this”, Sniper asked in concern.

“Ready as I’ll ever be”, he replied. “If she’s alive, I’ll get her out”, he swore.

“Good enough. You run into trouble, you call, and I’ll head to you. I can call the brothers on the way. Don’t pull any Lone Ranger shit, play it safe.”

“Got it”, Shadow agreed. “I’ll get in and out, and be back with the girl before you can blink”, he said.

Sniper then held out his hand and waited. Shadow shrugged out of his cut, and handed it over, trusting his brother to keep it safe. They had decided that Shadow would be asking to prospect, and without his cut, he would look the part. Also, Shadow hadn’t been with the club long, so there was a good chance they didn’t even know about him.

The brothers embraced and pounded each other on the back. Then Shadow stepped back, as Sniper pulled back out, and took the exit just ahead of them. He watched his brother until he disappeared, then he climbed back on his Harley and started it up. Minutes later he was flying down the highway again, and he had no idea what he was riding into.

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