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Chapter 4 - Shadow

Shadow sat at the bar of the rundown establishment, he heard The Outlaws frequented. There were currently three of them sitting at a table in the corner. They had their cuts on, but he would have known them anywhere. The were drinking heavily, swearing loudly, and grabbing any girls ass that got close. They were the kind of guys that give all bikers a bad name, and Shadow hated them on sight.

When the waitress refused to go anywhere near them anymore, one of the bikers pushed out of the booth and headed for the bar. This was what Shadow had been hoping for. He had purposely sat at the end, so when the biker stopped, he ended up right beside.

“Shit waitress”, Shadow said, as he tipped up his beer and took a sip.

The biker glanced in his direction. “Yeah, bitch won’t come near the table.” The bartender chose that moment to come over, and Shadow lost the bikers attention. The bartender filled the order, and told the biker what he owed him.

“I got it”, Shadow said, as he pulled out the money, and pushed it towards the bartender.

“Obliged”, the biker responded. “Hammer”, the biker introduced himself.

“Shade”, Shadow told him.

“Military”, the biker asked.

“Ex Navy”, he told him.

The biker nodded. “Join us for a drink”, he asked, as he tilted his head towards the table. Shade nodded, and grabbed a couple beers to help carry them to the table.

Hammer introduced him to his buddies, Skull, Drake and Blade. The men were rough and crass. The rest of the night was spent drinking, laughing and talking about the women they’d banged. Shadow hated it all. It was getting late, and Shadow sensed the bikers were ready to leave.

“You got a place to crash”, Hammer asked.

“Nah”, Shadow said. “I was just gonna check out the motel I saw off the highway.”

“We got plenty of empty rooms at the clubhouse”, Hammer invited. “You interested.”

Shadow smirked. “I could crash there.”

The men nodded and headed out, with Shadow following. They admired his Harley for a minute, then they were on their way. Shadow was surprised when they pulled up to a building surrounded by barbed wire.

“What is this place”, Shadow asked. While they waited for a biker to open the gate.

“This used to be a correction facility for boys. Minors who were too young for jail, were at one time sent here. We bought it for a song about a year ago”, Hammer told him proudly.

The gate opened and the men rode through. They backed their bikes into a couple free spots in front of the building, then headed inside. The front room was huge, and open. It looked like the men had built a bar across the back, and there were tables scattered all over the place.

“Who the fuck is that”, a huge older biker asked, as he crossed the room and headed for them.

Hammer stepped forward then. “Bull, this is Shade. He’s ex navy, and he’s passing through. He didn’t have a place to stay”, he explained.

“You ever hear of The Outlaws before”, Bull growled.

“Ran into some about a year ago, about six or eight hours south of here”, he said. “They a chapter of your club”, he asked.

Bull looked pissed. “That would have been my brothers club”, he said. “A rival club took them out about six months ago.”

“Fuck, sorry man”, Shadow said. “That’s rough.”

Bull brushed him off with a wave of the hand. “Blood for blood”, he said with a gleam in his eye. “The president killed my brother, so I took his sister. Pretty little thing”, he smirked. “I tried to kill her, almost did too, but the girls got something about her. I decided that I’m making her mine instead. I think it will hurt the fucker more, if he knows I’m banging her regularly.”

“You got her here”, Shadow asked in feigned surprise.

“Fuck ya”, he said proudly. “You want to see her”, Bull asked.

“Fuck ya”, Shadow answered.

Bull laughed at his answer. “You’re alright”, he said. “We may have a spot for you here”, he told him. Shadow hid his cringe.

Finally, things were coming together. But, Bull had mentioned almost killing her, so Shadow was worried about her condition. He followed Bull and Hammer up the stairs, and thanked god he had gotten here when he did.

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